Time to Choose White Label Casino Affiliate

1. What is a White Label Casino Affiliate?

2. How Does White Label Casino Affiliate Work?

3. White Label Casino Affiliate Program: How to Choose the Best One?

4. How is the White Label Casino Affiliate Program Established?

Gambling on the Internet exists for already thirty years. The growth of the industry causes the growth of the number of websites that do not allow the promotion of gambling. More and more businesses give up on the ways to bypass bans in Google Display Network and Facebook and choose to invest money in affiliate programs.

A casino affiliate program is almost the only way to make an effective promotion at a rather low cost.

You cannot promote an online casino? Sign up for a consultation with specialists from Smart Money. They will teach you how to become a casino affiliate. All you need to do is to fill out a form with contact information.

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What is a White Label Casino Affiliate?

An affiliate program is a special software that helps casino owners to organise promos on websites with similar themes and attract new customers.

Tracking the traffic. In any advertisement, there is a special tracking code in the form of an image or a link, which tracks:

  • how many visitors came to your platform, and where did they come from;
  • actions of gamblers on the website;
  • how much time did users spend playing;
  • how much money did your customers bet, win or lose.

However, all information is collected in an anonymous mode, that is, personal data is not transferred to anyone and is not collected by the program itself.

How Does White Label Casino Affiliate Work?

Owners of gambling establishments have to work with webmasters since it is not enough to become a partner of a casino of the higher level. It is always like this when you are working with the White Label model. You need to do a lot of stuff to reach success!

The point of the high-quality promotion is to spend a small amount of money on advertising and get as much revenue from it as possible. And here you will benefit from the statistical and analytical capabilities of affiliate programs.

In most cases, the webmaster receives a percentage of the amount of money that players who came to the website thanks to his advertising left in the casino. Some businessmen find it easier to count on the lost amount of money and others ― on the replenishment of the deposit. Sometimes they are paid just for the amount of traffic they have brought or the number of registrations.

White Label Casino Affiliate Program: How to Choose the Best One?

There are several criteria on the basis of which an affiliate program is selected. First of all, you should pay attention to the set of features that it can provide. Try to find some reviews or test how well this script takes into account transitions and how correctly it evaluates the actions of gamblers on the website.

The amount of money that you will spend on advertising and the amount that you will earn through an affiliate program depends on things, which we have mentioned above.

White Label casino affiliate programs revenue

The manufacturing company

Affiliate scripts are created by:

  • narrow-focused teams that specialise in affiliate programs for casinos;
  • providers who produce a complete set of software for online gambling establishments.

On the one hand, software from an independent team is more accurate in tracking the traffic. When people are using such affiliate programs, misunderstandings between them and a webmaster take place extremely rare.

On the other hand, the software that was created by a large company works well with other programs of these developers. And if you decide to purchase a turnkey solution from a single developer, you will face software errors much rarer.


The White Label casino affiliate program can be tooled specifically for working with game projects on the Internet. But together with this type of software, there is also “one man army” ― affiliate programs that are suitable for any business.

For sure, they are more preferable. But it is not so easy to purchase them. Manufacturers do not want to work with illegal gambling projects or help in money laundering, even indirectly, so they advance many requests for casino websites.

If your project does not meet the requirements yet ― it is not a problem. You can use cross-functional affiliate programs.


An affiliate program can be compared to a famous god Shiva who has many hands. It should be able to keep watch over users, count their number and the amount of money they spend, and collect the information on their age, interests, and geography. Therefore, the more functions were installed in the affiliate program by its developer, the more accurate selection of traffic you can do.

How is the White Label Casino Affiliate Program Established?

White Label casino affiliate program installation with Smart Money

Affiliate programs are a script, a piece of the code that you need to write to the basis of your gambling platform. Sometimes it is enough to purchase an affiliate program and integrate it into the casino on your own. In other cases, you will not be able to do it without the help of a specialist. It all depends on the software that is already installed on your website.

You will find the largest selection of affiliate programs in the offer of Smart Money. Each of our clients has a personal manager, so you will get a reliable support at every stage of the creation and the development of your gambling project.

Contact us if you need online casino software from well-known vendors. If you want to have unusual customised software or order a turnkey solution ― just leave this task to technical professionals.

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We can also offer our clients to rent a White Label casino affiliate program.

Write to us in any way that is convenient for you:

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  • in Skype: sm.pay;
  • via the feedback form.
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