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  • Casino Equipment: The Best Smart Money Solutions
Equipment for Gambling Halls
Equipment for Gambling Halls
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Computers for Gaming Clubs
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Casino Equipment: The Best Smart Money Solutions

1. Buy Slot Machine: Brief Historical Overview

2. Internet Terminals for Casinos: Types of Gambling Components for a Land-Based Club

3. Smart Money Casino Equipment for Sale

4. Conclusion

Gambling is an integral part of the entertainment industry. Despite numerous prohibitions and unwanted attention from the authorities, casinos continue operating and bring very good profits to their owners.

What is needed for the proper gambling business organization? In addition to the lots of legal registration nuances, it is worth paying the closest attention to such an aspect as casino equipment. Choosing high-quality furniture, reliable terminals, vivid slot machines, and other attributes is one of the most important factors that affect the users’ impressions and your establishment's reputation.

High-quality casino equipment

The Smart Money team offers you to get acquainted with the most common casino equipment types for land-based halls and explore the main nuances of choosing a high-quality product.

Buy Slot Machine: Brief Historical Overview

Even historians do not know exactly when the first gambling establishment appeared. The analogues of modern dices were discovered in Egyptian tombs. Ancient Chinese thinkers promoted gambling as a way to develop wisdom and ingenuity.

According to historical information, the first hall, remotely resembling a modern casino, has been operating in Venice since 1638. The establishment was opening its doors for aristocrats arriving at the annual carnival.

An interesting fact: the gambling house was opened with the help of government apparatus and government money. This was the first known attempt of state control in the gambling industry. Here is another interesting fact, the casino gaming equipment functioned in the Church's premises.

Later, gambling halls began to open throughout the Old World until 1873 (the date of the official gambling games ban in Europe). The only country that had not joined the global ban was Monaco. Moreover, the world-famous Monte Carlo attracts thousands of players from all over the world even today.

In the 19th century, casinos and saloons began to appear and spread in the United States very rapidly. New halls were actively opening until 1932. Since that time, the only gaming zone has been operating in the United States, the state of Nevada, with world-famous Las Vegas.

Russia and Asia joined the gambling industry later than other countries. A separate area known as Macau was allocated for casinos and other gambling establishments in the PRC. The massive distribution of gambling projects in Russia was reported in 2009. Later, the gambling business was restructured. It lost its national format and became available only in four closed zones.

Internet Terminals for Casinos: Types of Gambling Components for a Land-Based Club

Internet terminals for casinos

The gambling business does not tolerate negligence and attempts to save money because every detail of the project must be well-established and worked out repeatedly. It refers not only to the legal side of the issue or the staff qualifications. Very often, the decisive role in startup success is played by casino equipment.

Before you start organizing a gaming hall, you should familiarize yourself with the main types of casino equipment and related components necessary for the correct site performance.

Casino equipment and furniture types and classification

Software components and electronic devices

Internet terminals for casinos 

Casino terminal is a modified version of a stationary computer. This casino device will allow you to enter the network and search for the necessary information.

We offer you to buy both the gambling equipment itself and various integration software. The most popular gambling games are available on our site, from "one-armed bandits" analogues to vivid roulette in the live-broadcasting format


You can always buy fully equipped computer devices from Smart Money:

  • system unit

  • monitor

  • power supply

  • mouse

  • headphones

  • keyboard

In addition, printers and scanners are also available for purchase/rental

Video gmes

You can buy casino slot machines that work without using a random number generator from our company. Such slots resemble a colourful virtual video, the plot of which can be watched for lots and lots of hours with great pleasure. We also offer gambling machine rental as an alternative to the purchase


This casino equipment is designed to control the gameplay. Traditional budget models have only a few buttons, and more advanced options have a full-fledged keyboard.

You can order devices of such three formats as:

  • traditional console

  • set-in device

  • multi-unit device


An identical device is familiar to many people thanks to home computer games. This manual device replaces the basic options of keyboard gameplay controlling

Payment Terminals

You can buy not only Internet terminals for casinos but also specialized commercial equipment. Its main function lies in accepting payments

Gamebox System

This service is designed to support the " vital activity" of the entire gambling establishment. This is a set of administrative components with different access levels

Casino Lottery Equipment

Conducting lotteries is a legal type of entrepreneurial activity. To start your own business, just buy a special terminal device. Smart Money offers powerful internet casino terminals for regular and instant draws

Card Tables

You will need only cards to play the simplest games. However, special card tables were developed to ensure maximum comfort and the possibility of several players participating.

The classification of this furniture type is quite blurry, but our team identified several main differences:

  • Shape (round, rectangular, semicircular or oval)

  • Size (it is defined by the number of seats. There are classic models, from 4 to 10 seats and tables for playing baccarat, which can fit up to 14 users)

  • Design (antique, ultra-modern, classic, with additional elements in the form of ashtrays, footrests, etc.)

  • Cloth colour (traditional dark green, blue, red or black, other modernized variations)

  • Mobility (stationary, folding, with a special pad for poker)

Roulette tables with characteristic numerical marking belong to a separate category.

Game Attributes

Roulette Ball

The indispensable condition is in the fact that the material of the product must be non-magnetic. As a rule, it is ivory, Teflon, or high-strength plastic alloy

Playing Cards

These playing attributes are made of plastic or semi-plastic. During the production of decks, 12 quality control procedures are carried out


These are vivid tokens of various values. The chip resembles a coin and has a standard 39 mm diameter. Most often, it is made from a plastic alloy or durable ceramic with a multi-coloured coating that protects it against deformation


The first mention of this game attribute can be found in legends and tales of 2000 BC. This game element is traditionally made of ivory or acrylic today

Roulette Wheel

This is a high-precision mechanism, consisting of an external protective housing and a rotating element, a separator. The traditional diameter of this device is 32 inches

Smart Money Casino Equipment for Sale

The main advantages of working with our team include:

Huge Experience

Our company has been working on the gambling market for more than 15 years. During this time, we have developed and implemented several hundred successful projects. Grateful feedback from our partners is the best confirmation of our competence.

Large Selection of Equipment

You can always buy casino slot machines, furniture, payment terminals, computer equipment, and a set of software for your gambling establishment here. We offer slot machines for sale as well as services for setting up and debugging administrative systems. We cooperate with designers, experienced marketers, and professional lawyers. Buy casino equipment from Smart Money to maximise your earning capabilities.

Vast Geography

We are not limited by geographical boundaries and are ready to offer a whole range of solutions for both domestic business and businessmen oriented to the European market.

Individual Approach

Do you want to buy slot machines or rent casino equipment? It is easier than ever! You just need to leave a request to our manager. We guarantee free consultations on all issues related to gambling business organizing, as well as recommendations on gaming zones designing and comprehensive support in case of ordering a turnkey service. Our efficient casino equipment rental is accessible to beginning and experienced operators.

Our experts will start working on your project at any stage of its formation. We guarantee not only entering the market in the shortest possible time but also high payback indicators (when ordering marketing promotion, a gambling location can bring net profit after 2-6 months from the moment of opening).


Providing slot machines for sale is the main specialization of our team. The Smart Money specialists are ready to provide any assistance in matters of developing a business strategy, gambling establishment design, equipment supplying and debugging, and project promotion.

Our catalogue contains only the best solutions for ground-based locations and virtual services. You can buy slot machines and other always-available products from leading suppliers and a series of exclusive developments. Free demos of our gambling equipment for sale are provided for those who want to test gaming platforms. 

Start creating one of the most successful business projects of our time right now! Our contacts:

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