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Updated 13.02.2023

Buy Amusnet (EGT) Software — the Best Solution for a Successful Gambling Business

Amusnet (EGT, Euro Games Technology) is a well-known online casino software vendor. It is recognized by thousands of operators and players across the globe, and the company is doing everything possible to maintain an impeccable reputation.

EGT provider

Experts of Smart Money will be glad to explain why you should buy EGT solutions for your casino. From us, it is also possible to purchase or rent software for a gambling project of any format.

Amusnet (EGT) Provider: Information on the Brand

It was founded in 2002 in Bulgaria and over the years of its existence, the developer has achieved meaningful results: today, its products are on high demand in 65 countries.

The EGT provider creates not only slots but also card and table games and the administration software for both land-based and online locations. All solutions of this manufacturer are always in demand because they focused on the needs of customers and current trends of the gambling industry.

The Main Advantages of Software From EGT

There are several features that make products of the brand stand out from the rest:

  • reliability;
  • security;
  • the highest quality;
  • ease of integration;
  • profitability.

The floor space of the firm’s buildings is 12 thousand square metres. The brand owns administrative, warehouse, and exhibition premises. It even has a restaurant.

Solutions of the Company

Software from the EGT provider

The Amusnet (EGT) provider produces software products of several types.

Range of Games

The manufacturer offers:

  1. Slots with extensive functionality. Solutions with an increased number of paylines are extremely in-demand.
  2. Card games. It is worth noting that EGT providers one of the best versions of poker, roulette, blackjack, and baccarat.
  3. Lotteries. This brand offers software for bingo and keno.

Administration Software

Operators of gambling projects highly appreciate 3 services:

  1. Global Solution TV — software for land-based lottery terminals, thanks to which casino owners can monitor and adjust the operation of devices in real-time.
  2. Octopus Casino Management System — network management software.
  3. Spider Casino Management System — a security system.


The brand has developed a system according to which 4 types of jackpots are formed (depending on the card suits). Prize funds are collected from bets placed by all players of the same network, and any user can receive a reward, regardless of the size of his deposit.

Advantages of Slot Games of the Provider

EGT slot games: advantages

If you want to launch a casino with games that will definitely generate high profits, we would recommend you to buy Amusnet (EGT) solutions.

There are several arguments in favour of this choice:

Evaluation criterion

Advantages for operators

Users can download casino games to their computers or play directly in browsers

Owners of online casinos do not lose customers because of the specifics of the launch of slots.

Although the number of online users is huge, and it is constantly growing, there are still gamblers who prefer downloadable games

Simple plots

The EGT provider relies on classic themes and it is a safe choice for the attraction and retention of visitors to gaming sites

Cool graphics

The manufacturer monitors new trends in the gambling industry and implements them into its developments. Thus, the design and graphics of slot games are always up to snuff.

Those gamblers who like a good picture will definitely choose EGT solutions

High-quality background music

According to the provider, the music and sound effects should bring out pleasant emotions and create the illusion of presence.

However, those who like to mute are not offended as well since the audio can be turned off by pressing a special button.

To provide customers with an extensive set of solutions to choose from, it is worth buying EGT games

User-friendly interface

Gamblers will not have to waste time studying the control system of slot machines: everything is simple and clear.

Even beginners will be able to understand the interface, which means that you will lose neither clients nor money

Bonuses and jackpots

A well-thought-out loyalty program and 4 types of jackpots will help you to promote a casino with EGT games and earn a high profit


Users can place bets in any popular currency. It expands the geography of the audience of your online casino

An additional bonus for those operators who are working in ex-USSR countries is that the Amusnet (EGT) software and all games have been translated into Russian. This means that gamblers will feel comfortable when launching slots in your casino.

The Main Things About the EGT Software

  • The EGT provider produces gambling products of the highest quality. Its solutions are reliable, and the transparency of its work is confirmed by numerous certificates issued by independent laboratories and awards received at gambling exhibitions.
  • This brand enjoys the confidence of players, and you will definitely attract new customers by installing the solution of the manufacturer who has a name for honesty.
  • If you have doubts about the profitability of such a purchase, it will be possible for you to rent the service from Smart Money. This is a favourable offer for those operators who want to make sure that the software is cost-effective and will pay off fast.

You can check if Amusnet (EGT) solutions will appeal to your customers by installing free demo versions of slot machines. Thus, you will inspect the conduct of gamblers and quickly understand which game can bring the highest profit. Then, it will be possible to order either separate products or a ready-made online casino with suitable software.

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