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Updated 13.02.2023

Innovative Solutions from iovation for Casino Fraud Protection

The producer iovation (TransUnion Company) entered the market with a highly ambitious goal to make the World Wide Web a safe place for commercial operations. The developer achieved this aim. The firm created a large-scale database of information about secure virtual business structures.

iovation protection software: connection

Smart Money offers you to connect the iovation software to protect the casino on attractive terms. We guarantee professional technical support, prompt solution of organisational issues, and attractive discounts.

Why do Operators Prefer the iovation Software?

The company traces its history from 2004. For over 15 years of work, the brand has achieved impressive results:

  • 54 billion secure financial transfers;
  • 83 million warnings about unauthorised actions and behavioural anomalies;
  • 700 thousand identified and cancelled suspicious transactions per day.

The benefits of the solution to connect the iovation software to protect the casino:

  1. Fight against fraudsters. The company's portfolio includes two exclusive solutions created based on machine learning technology.
  2. Multilevel identification. The system of ID verification for casinos from iovation detects any suspicious behaviour automatically: from multi-accounting to changing geolocation data.
  3. Simple interface. The system has a large selection of templates with adaptive settings.
  4. Automatic work. The iovation casino security software is configured only during the connection process. It practically does not require further intervention, performing the specified operations in automatic mode.
  5. High functionality. The iovation casino security is designed for the simultaneous processing of several thousand requests. The software guarantees a stable response regardless of the load on the platform.
  6. Professional support. Representatives of the firm guarantee a prompt reaction to customer requests and 24/7 support.
  7. Affiliate network. The iovation casino fraud protection has been chosen by thousands of online operators from all over the world.

Components of the Product

iovation casino security software: components

The brand has created a unique multi-component solution based on advanced technological achievements. The large-scale work of specialists resulted in two unique programs.

Anti-Fraud Instruments

The iovation casino security software consists of two mutually reinforcing components:

  1. Fraung Force. The tool is designed to check linked gaming accounts and assess the history of user devices automatically.
  2. Sure Score. The system is based on a patented neural network. The iovation casino security software tracks money transactions and develops custom templates to predict the reactions of users before the game starts.

Verification System

The product includes such solutions:

  1. ClearKey. The product records "positive" gadgets into a single database of a gambling operator. The iovation casino fraud protection detects any discrepancies between the indicated and true data instantly.
  2. LaunchKey. The purpose of the module is to simplify the methods of interacting with players and adjust the re-authorisation process for a reliable audience.

Having decided to connect the iovation verification for casinos, the company's client receives an innovative tool that can recognise the unauthorised actions of a user before the start of the game and a withdrawal request.

The opportunities of the product:

  • the detection of multiple logins from different accounts registered on one device;
  • the identification of a single account used on different gadgets;
  • the assessment of user devices’ history for suspicious transactions;
  • the check of players' gadgets for interaction with unreliable accounts and devices;
  • instant messages about changing gamblers’ geolocation;
  • the identification of the facts proving casino chat abuse;
  • the record of limit violations;
  • the reports of security policy neglecting.

Reasons to Connect the Verification for Casinos from iovation

The company's solution is a multifunctional product with a large number of adaptive modules. The product is based on the technology of neural networks. Thanks to this peculiarity, it requires only the initial configuration. All further work of the system is performed automatically, excluding human-factor errors.

Elements of the system

Authentication program

Two typical templates are available to operators:

  • biometrics assessment and documentary confirmation of the user's identity (the program is designed to provide high-risk web resources);

  • "one-touch" login (the service can be used as a program for re-identification of registered players or used for platforms with a low user flow)

Confirmation of login from a mobile device

The iovation ID verification for casinos generates a list of user devices used for logins automatically. The operator can control the sign-in process without reference to geolocation markers

Login based on the results of a statistical risk assessment

The software provides a relevant security system for a loyal audience, facilitating subsequent visits to the website and avoiding the need for regular re-checks

Two-step identification

Adaptive templates are available to casino owners. The main functions of these tools lie in the protection of the network connection and the facilitation of the login procedure for verified clients

Fight against Intruders

ID verification for casinos from iovation

The system of ID verification for casinos from iovation can recognise fraudsters at the stage of registration and initial connection.

A complex of effective tools and services will allow you to eliminate risks which will be described further.

Capture of Gaming Accounts

Built-in modules guarantee the stable operation of services, which are responsible for assessing the safety of the first and repeated visits to the gambling portal. Moreover, instruments for monitoring the actions of registered users are available to operators.

Misuse of Applications

The iovation casino fraud protection implies a communication channel for a new audience and competitive conditions for cooperation with VIP clients. The main task of the module is to support the smooth operation of a customer support team.

Bonus Abuse

The goal of the product is in improving the interaction with the premium segment and identifying attempts to exceed the established limits.

Work with Credit Cards

The module is responsible for monitoring and detecting false cancellations and interruptions of transactions, predicting and preventing attempts of unlawful change of the current limits.

Additionally, the system has built-in tools for identifying inconsistencies in bank data provided by the player during the registration procedure.

Customer Lending

The instrument provides a detailed assessment of the credit history of each user. In addition to predicting risks, it creates optimal conditions to interact with the website for gamblers (personal limits, loyalty programs, bonuses, lending services, etc.).

Marketing Campaign Violations

After purchasing the security software, the operator will gain access to tools allowing him or her to manage new accounts and stimulate reputable users.

Improper Use of Mobile Services

This separate block is built into the system. It signals about the unauthorised use of personal gadgets.

The system instantly informs the operator about such actions:

  • the login to a personal account from several gadgets;
  • attempts to register multiple accounts using one device;
  • the interaction of a mobile device with accounts suspected in illegal actions.

"Synthetic" Accounts

Thanks to the constant self-learning process, the iovation casino protection software can recognise any combination of real and fake information. The technology detects current anomalies. It can build markers to predict the likelihood of creating "synthetic" accounts.

The Main Things about the iovation Software

  • The developer owns the largest database of online businesses with a positive reputation. After the purchase of the brand’s software, operators will get a multi-component product with lots of customisation options and access to a unique partner network with thousands of users.
  • The company offers original innovative solutions. The manufacturer's portfolio includes exclusive solutions for identifying casino visitors and unique modules for preventing fraud and unfair play.
  • The iovation casino security software works automatically. Moreover, it is constantly being improved. The system requires only initial debugging. It eliminates human-factor errors and creates patterns of possible behavioural anomalies based on available data.
  • It is possible to connect the iovation verification for casinos on favourable terms from Smart Money. We guarantee confidentiality, professional support, audit and organisational services, and good discounts.

You can buy turnkey casino platforms, gaming content for every taste (from slots to arcades and live games), as well as solutions for organising a land-based business from our catalogue.

Besides, Smart Money proposes ready-made products and services for the development of exclusive HTML5 slot machines.

Implement your business ideas with the Smart Money team today:

  • Telegram: @spinwin
  • e-mail:
  • Skype:
  • feedback form.

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist


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