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Updated 13.02.2023

Reasons to Purchase the Casino Fraud Protection Abilott

Airnow Cybersecurity (Abilott) is a British developer with over 10 years of experience. It offers clients interactive multi-purpose instruments with good payback indicators. You can automate many processes and launch your website in the shortest possible time with the help of the casino security software Abilott. The time needed to start your project will be reduced by 20–30%.

Abilott casino security software and id verification

We offer you to connect the Abilott software to protect the casino on favourable terms. A secure deal, legal and technical support are guaranteed.

How to Connect the Verification for Casinos from Abilott?

The software solutions from the British developer are multifunctional products. The tools are adapted for use in various business sectors:

  • electronic accounting;
  • non-commercial government projects;
  • network trade;
  • telecommunications;
  • gambling industry.

Extensive experience in various commercial areas allowed the company to create a broad partner network, which includes such well-known brands as:

  • Skype;
  • Equifax;
  • Appscatter;
  • Gamesys;
  • Security Scorecard.

The casino security Abilott is segmented into two interactive, complementary products — legal control programs and scalable anti-fraud components.

Moreover, it is possible to order complex package solutions or purchase individual services. For example, a supplier provides support in the start-up licencing processes (this service is relevant for buyers of British licences).

Stages of Connecting the System

You can purchase the software by contacting the supplier or buy the solution from an intermediary. In the second case, the operator can count on assistance in collecting documents, quick resolution of organisational issues, access to a demo version of the product and comprehensive technical support (the provider offers round-the-clock communication with clients).

Interview with the customer

Employees of the firm check the client for knowledge of the legal norms of running a start-up and the nuances of organising business processes according to ISO standards

Consultative work

The firm proposes a good selection of information materials. Besides, it reviews the functionality of the corporate system

Gaming start-up accreditation

The manufacturer evaluates the technical characteristics, adapts the resource for the implementation of GAP management services

The expertise of a commercial structure

The online project is being checked by independent experts paying special attention to the security of financial sources

Connection of the platform

The developer is responsible for organisational and technical issues. The company assists the client until the website structure complies with ISO 27001 standards

Standardisation of Gambling Projects

Abilott protection software: standardisation

The casino security software Abilott was created as a set of variable working templates. The program is responsible for creating a stable business structure and the opportunity to distribute services legally, focusing on local legal regulations or the requirements of a particular offshore jurisdiction.

Audit Program

The task of this service is to improve the business certification procedure. The developer offers convenient reporting and data segmentation services. Analytical tools allow operators to control current commercial processes, predict risky operations, and generate relevant algorithms for further expansion of projects.

The casino security Abilott generates step-by-step recommendations for customisation and adaptation of the project according to the prescribed standards. The norms of the British regulator are applied as a basic template. Adjustment of the system for local sales markets is presented as adaptive "superstructures" for a static foundation.

PCI DSS Compliance

The connection of the Abilott casino fraud protection instruments contributes to the processing of streaming data following international information security standards.

The tasks and features of the product:

  • protection of financial and personal information;
  • multilevel encryption of streaming data;
  • checking the competence and reliability of employees who have access to user data;
  • generation of individual access keys;
  • assessment of the credit history of users (inquiries to banking institutions and electronic services);
  • identification of inconsistencies in the information provided;
  • protection against intellectual property theft.

Cyber Essentials Scheme

This is a set of templates with step-by-step instructions for conducting tenders and safe work with affiliates.

The features of the instrument:

  • control over the transparency of investment sources;
  • assessment of the distributors’ reputation;
  • legal expertise of traffic sources;
  • verification of partners according to sanction bases;
  • compliance of advertising tools.

GDPR Principles

Operators choose the Abilott casino fraud protection to enter the largest gambling market — Europe. All materials and services included in this product have been updated following the latest regulatory amendments of 2018.

The offers and opportunities of the system:

  • information materials;
  • adaptive templates with flexible interface settings;
  • feedback from the supplier (telephone line, e-mail).

Video Content Evaluation

Testing of real money games is carried out based on templates adjusted for local legal regulations.

The Abilott casino protection software analyses the current situation in the world and issues recommendations in the following areas:

  • content selection;
  • personalisation of settings;
  • methods of satisfying customers’ needs in the target region;
  • options for expanding the business using built-in bonuses.

Interactive Anti-Fraud Tools

Abilott anti-fraud tools: features and options

The system of ID verification for casinos Abilott is constantly self-learning and improving. Based on the behavioural reactions of players, the module generates algorithms for working with new participants and protecting the business from any anomalies.

The intention to connect the Abilott verification for casinos will protect your project from attempts of unauthorised admission to the backend.

The features of the module:

  • generation of original keys;
  • creation of accounts with different access levels.

Special attention is paid to monitoring the legality of employees’ actions (including remote personnel).

Available options:

  1. Control over the content. The system analyses the quality of sessions from stationary equipment continuously (round-the-clock tracking of the number of visits, the duration of the game, the size of deposits, the amount of losing bets).
  2. Tracking downloaded applications. The system of ID verification for casinos Abilott has a built-in module for working with mobile applications. The tasks of the instrument include the monitoring of network points and user devices, checking the history of connected equipment, and blocking attempts to play slot machines by users with a negative reputation.
  3. Cyber threat imitation. The software deliberately creates peaks in system loads. Based on the results of the check, the program offers several options for eliminating errors.

The Abilott casino fraud protection is an interactive service with a worthy analytical base. It can find hidden risks and forecast possible actions of all participants (gamblers, affiliates, potential investors).

Peculiarities of the instrument:

  • several options for generating documents (express tables, graphs, abstract lists, etc.);
  • formation of the reporting base in a real-time mode;
  • round-the-clock analysis of streaming data;
  • control over the actions of players preferring large bets is the priority task;
  • schemes for eliminating the detected anomalies.

The Main Things about the Protection Software

ID verification for casinos Abilott is a well-thought-out and reliable solution for propelling online projects to new heights.

The product has the following benefits:

  • Continuous learning. The firm has developed an innovative solution that can be adjusted to the set parameters and requirements of the local regulatory body automatically.
  • Versatility. The software can be used in various business sectors — from accounting to telecommunications and network trading.
  • Comprehensive analytical services. The vendor proposes a broad assortment of tools for business assessment, identification of legal inconsistencies, and adapting enterprises to generally accepted standards (ISO 27001).
  • Imitation of cyberattacks. Connect the Abilott software to protect the casino and assess the technical performance of the project under critical loads.

Leave a request to Smart Money managers to connect the Abilott verification for casinos. We guarantee a prompt response and competitive conditions.

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Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist


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