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Updated 13.02.2023

Golden Cup Franchise: Launch a Profitable Business

The developer of Golden Cup is a new participant on the Russian-speaking betting market, which has focused on the development of the land-based business. The company offered investors a new approach to the equipment for gambling establishments, allowing them to make money round-the-clock 365 days a year with minimum upfront investment.

Software from the Golden Cup provider

You can find out more about the brand's offers and buy Golden Cup software on the most beneficial terms by turning to Smart Money. We will deal with all organisational issues and provide legal support. You just have to sign a franchise agreement and start realising a profit.

What are the Benefits of the Golden Cup Franchise?

To buy Golden Cup software and hardware is a great way to create your land-based betting shops with minimum initial capital. Products of the brand are cost-effective, can be installed in cafes, restaurants, commercial centres, hotel lobbies, and other locations with high attendance.

Advantages of the decision to buy Golden Cup software:

  1. Minimum investment. The launch of one land-based location will cost about 700 thousand rubles. It is cheaper than to open an online casino or a betting shop with a cash register and wage and salary workers.
  2. Small staff. To service a unit of equipment, you need to hire only 2–3 people.
  3. Round-the-clock support. A personal manager will be glad to help you to purchase, customise, and maintain the system. The company has provided several communication channels and guarantees a prompt round-the-clock response.
  4. Hours of operation. The bookmaker's office from Golden Cup operates 24/7 and provides a stable response without prevarication or delays.

Seller’s Warranty

The manufacturer offers gambling software for continuous broadcasting of sports events. It supports multiple money transfer options and automatically generates detailed analytical summaries with forecasts and the results of competitions.

The seller states that:

  • this software will help operators to attract more than 30 new customers per day;
  • an average cheque per game will be 500 rubles;
  • all solutions are designed for the all-year uninterrupted operation in the round-the-clock mode;
  • the total annual revenue from a piece of equipment can reach 5 million rubles.

Betting Business with Golden Cup: the Scheme of Operation

Betting business with Golden Cup: operation

The supplier guarantees the high competitive performance of its developments and pays special attention to monitoring of the betting industry. The company tracks the number of the sold units of equipment to prevent the market glut.

Golden Cup franchise: requirements for a new betting shop


The franchise agreement involves an independent search for a location to open a gambling establishment. The selected premises must comply with legal regulations (the legislative provision of the Russian Federation № 244)

Adherence to the rules

The parent company requests a set of documents confirming the compliance of the selected premises with the established legal standards. All data on the betting shop will be entered into the licence

Execution of the document

After the location of the betting equipment is agreed, you will need to conclude a franchise agreement with the provider and a lease agreement with the owner of the premises

Employee list

The franchise agreement must include information on the personnel who will work and be responsible for the equipment

Product Range of the Russian Developer

The manufacturer offers equipment that is adapted to the style of the rented premises:

  1. Bio Style. The machines will fit well into the interiors of restaurants and hotel complexes. The devices are made in black colour with a wooden texture.
  2. Classic Style. A multi-purpose option that is suitable for furnishing rooms in a classic style. The body of the product is woodgrain. The gold-coloured lining is used as a decoration.
  3. Pavilion Center. This model has mostly black tones and a glossy finish. This is a good choice for shopping spaces and entertainment centres.
  4. Hi-Tech Style. The body of the devices is made in black and white with glossy and chrome-plated parts.

Why do Operators Want to Buy Golden Cup Solution?

Products of the brand are a unique offer that has no analogues.

The purchase of Golden Cap equipment provides operators with the following advantages:

  1. Short payback period. Given the minimal costs for installing the system, the betting shop will start bringing the net profit already at the end of the first year of operation.
  2. Arm's length terms. The developer monitors the amount of sold equipment and prevents market glut.
  3. Speed of launch. All operators need to do is to find suitable premises. The delivery and configuration of the equipment will be done as quickly as possible: it will take only several days from the conclusion of the Golden Cup franchise agreement to the reception of the first visitors.
  4. Excellent production capacity. The technical basis makes it possible for you to play round-the-clock all year round without any failures of the system. The software provides uninterruptible broadcasting regardless of the volume of requests.
  5. Wide range of offers. The software is tooled not only for the acceptance of sports bets. Gamblers can launch any games for money: blackjack, hold’em, bingo, keno, horse racing, and other entertainment.
  6. Comprehensive support. The company offers the services of a personal manager, professional advice in legal and accounting spheres, prompt technical settings, and educational content for administrators of the betting network.

The Main Things About the Golden Cup Franchise

Franchise from the Golden Cup company

The betting equipment and the Golden Cup software is a good alternative to the decision to launch a betting shop or an online bookmaker’s service.

Among the positive aspects of such a choice, there are:

  • Fast launch. It takes several days to buy and configure the system. Operators do not need to develop their brands, organise advertising campaigns, and obtain licences.
  • Speed of the network expansion. The developer guarantees a daily influx of new users (more than 30 people per day).
  • Minimum investment. The Golden Cup franchise will cost about 700 thousand rubles. Already in one year, the return of one betting shop can reach 5 million rubles.
  • Professional support. Your manager will be in touch with your 24/7 to solve all problems related to the administration and maintenance of betting products.
  • Competitive environment. The provider pays close attention to the demand for betting services and takes measures to prevent market flooding.

You can place an order for Golden Cup betting products in just a few minutes ― all you need to do is to contact Smart Money managers and tell them everything about your wishes and preferences. We guarantee comprehensive support, help you to resolve legal issues, and control the system's performance.

The Smart Money catalogue contains profitable solutions for gambling startups: multi-currency payment gateways, security systems, content from the world’s leading providers (Microgaming, Amatic, NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, Belatra, Ezugi, etc.), and exclusive HTML5 developments.

There is also an opportunity to order a turnkey casino, a bookmaker franchise, and a website where you can find a slot machine in VR and live formats.

Smart Money will help you to bring your ideas to life! Our contacts:

  • e-mail:
  • Skype:
  • Telegram: @spinwin
  • the feedback form.

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist


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