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Updated 24.07.2023

Ash Gaming’s Casino Software: Buy the Excellent Offer

The brand is known for its overwhelming success in such a niche as the development of B2B products, which was appreciated by the Playtech concern. It acquired 100% of the shares of a promising vendor for $23 million.

Ash Gaming casino software: excellent offer

Smart Money offers its clients to test all solutions for free and purchase them on the most beneficial terms.

We provide a transparent and fair deal, legal support, and assistance in a system setting.

The Supplier’s Assortment

The seller offers:

  • video poker;
  • bingo drawings;
  • desktop versions;
  • an extensive set of fruit-themed products and entertainment with different plots (for example, there is a slot machine with cumulative prizes, solutions with 3–5 reels, and emulators with additional plots).

The brand was awarded the title of “Best Representative of Small and Medium Business” in 2011. The company's developments attracted the interest not only of Playtech but also other market leaders.

Characteristics of the supplier’s offers

Production format

The first products of the company supported Flash technology. Later, they were converted to the HTML5 format, and customers received an opportunity to play in a browser window without the need to install additional components

Visual effects

Impeccable design and the original picture (with 3D graphics) are the calling card of the Ash Gaming online casino provider


In addition to the unique mathematics of games, the solution has an expanded set of options:

  • personalisation of limits;
  • simultaneous launch of several game sessions;
  • detailed statistics;
  • the history of bets;
  • lines with hints

Configuration of bonuses

Ash Gaming’s turnkey casino contains a convenient scalable model of the target audience reward program.

Features of the responsive template:

  • correction of the volatility indicator;
  • formation of a progressive jackpot;
  • extra time;
  • free spins;
  • a large selection of bonus images;
  • additional gaming locations;
  • personalised settings for the VIP segment;
  • services for organising competitions

Mobile sector

The gambling software by Ash Gaming is compatible with desktop and mobile OS and has the same responsiveness and image quality. There is no need to install any additional components

Back Office of the System

Ash Gaming gambling software: back office

The solution is characterised by good functionality and a user-friendly interface. Among the backend features, it is worth highlighting some of them:

The Target Audience Management Service

The functionality of the program contains:

  • options for registering new customers;
  • services for managing user accounts;
  • tools for encouraging active punters.

Analytics and Reporting

The provider has developed a multi-level reporting system with adaptive rendering parameters.

The module generates real-time summaries in such sectors as:

  • financial flows and accounting;
  • the functionality of the platform;
  • the highest quality of the work of staff;
  • the efficiency of customer service;
  • development prospects;
  • relevance of advertising materials.

Marketing Tools

Characteristics of the brand’s product:

  • customisable models of loyalty programs;
  • adaptive bonuses (welcome rewards, extra time of game sessions, money for the registration of new visitors, etc.);
  • tools for working with distributors;
  • a generator of advertising materials.

Security Assurances and Guarantees of Fair Play

Having received the status of a subsidiary, the manufacturer began to implement gambling projects on behalf of the industry’s giant. This is one of the main signs of the brand's impeccable reputation.

Security assurances of the vendor:

  1. Prestigious licences. They are issued in the UK and Malta.
  2. The eCOGRA certificate. The agency checks the compliance of platforms with international legal standards and their transparency.
  3. The GAMESTOP certificate. The enterprise fights ludomania and monitors the implementation of the ban on access for minors.
  4. Permits of other regulators. Businessmen can work under Australian, Canadian, and German licences.

Empowering Deliberate Gaming: How the Studio Ensures a Safe and Fair Environment

The creation of trustworthy and secure conditions for its consumers remains the provider’s utmost priority. Ash Gaming takes its commitment to fair play seriously, implementing various measures:

  1. Safeguarding consumers. The vendor applies robust tools for user protection, ensuring a secure space. Strict age verification processes are in place to allow only legal adults to access entertainment services.
  2. Compliance with regulations. The company diligently adheres to all relevant laws and industry standards. Working closely with authorities fosters transparency and provides fair gaming practices for users.
  3. Empowering clients. The studio equips its titles with tools that help punters with managing their gambling habits. Deposit and session time restrictions, along with self-exclusion options, enable users to set boundaries and control spending.
  4. Support and education. The company offers training resources to customers, allowing them to recognise signs of problematic behaviour. Additionally, the firm provides links to assistance organisations for those in need of help.
  5. Mindful game design. When creating slots, the studio prioritises conscious gambling. The experts introduce such features as reality checks and pop-ups, gently reminding players of their session’s duration and expenses.
  6. Work with employees. The company invests in continuous education for its personnel, raising awareness about fair play practices. The specialists can identify and assist users displaying signs of problematic gaming.
  7. Constant enhancement. The vendor diligently reviews and evaluates its user protection mechanisms, seeking opportunities for improvement. Thanks to considering consumer feedback and staying abreast of advancements, the brand remains at the forefront of conscious gaming initiatives.

Why it is Worth Connecting the Gambling-Oriented Software by Ash Gaming

Ash Gaming turnkey casino: reasons to buy

There are several reasons for buying the brand’s offers:

  1. Legal work. The supplier offers Maltese and UK sublicences.
  2. Statusness. Ash Gaming’s casino software is released under the name of Playtech.
  3. Quick start. The manufacturer’s portfolio includes a platform with an adaptive backend and a good set of administrative services. The first visitors can be received right after the conclusion of a contract and customisation of software.
  4. Access to the largest sales market. A good reputation and licences from the world’s leading offshore jurisdictions allow entrepreneurs to legally distribute their services in Europe.
  5. Effective customer attraction. The provider has implemented a convenient marketing module and adaptive ways to retain the audience.

Types of Cooperation with the Supplier

Businessmen can choose between 2 options:

  • buy solutions under the White Label agreement.
  • order individual software components.

The company guarantees 24/7 tech support.

The developer can be contacted directly or via a qualified intermediary.

By choosing Smart Money, businessmen get:

  • quick solution of organisational problems;
  • free testing of the system (during 10 days);
  • advice on all technical issues;
  • support during the conclusion of an agreement with the seller;
  • assistance in debugging the system;
  • prompt failure recovery;
  • round-the-clock availability of customer service specialists.

The Main Things about Offers of the Brand

The company’s developments give entrepreneurs the following prospects:

  • A successful start. An opportunity to work under the Playtech name is a great benefit for administrators.
  • Wide product range. By purchasing a turnkey platform, customers get access to a line of proprietary solutions with stunning graphics and many built-in bonuses.
  • Entrance to the European market. The manufacturer’s work is controlled by the world’s leading regulators.
  • Variability of integration. The buyer can order a turnkey solution or separate components to scale an already existing business.

Smart Money cares about its customers and provides a detailed consultation and a test version of the website.

From us, you can buy or rent products on the most beneficial terms: good bonuses for regular customers, assurances of confidentiality, and comprehensive support at all stages of work.

We also offer ready-made content, exclusive HTML5 games, as well as equipment for offline locations.

Launch a startup of your dreams with the Smart Money team!

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist


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