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Updated 13.02.2023

4Stop: Casino Fraud Protection with Professional Instruments

The project 4Stop is a combination of reliability, technological effectiveness and adaptive backend that simplifies risk management processes. The manufacturer assures that its products will help operators ensure secure transactions and optimise all business procedures comprehensively.

Casino security tools from the 4Stop developer

You can order the 4Stop casino security tools from Smart Money.

Contact our manager to get the opportunity to test the gaming platform and connect the 4Stop verification for casinos on beneficial terms.

Success Story of the Vendor

The German IT brand has about 10 years of experience. In addition to offering competitive business ideas to the audience, the developer achieved international recognition in a relatively short time.

The company employs over 200 professionals today. The firm headquartered in Germany. Besides, it has a sub-office in North America (the USA). The results of the brand’s operation are impressive: over 700 enterprises from around the world have successfully integrated the software into their projects.

The security system from this brand is a multi-purpose solution allowing operators to manage the following business processes:

  • an independent assessment of an iGaming start-up;
  • control over the platform's conformity with international legal norms;
  • work on the arrangement of a unified user identification system;
  • instant processing of external requests;
  • interaction with analytical tools and reporting documentation.

7 Arguments for Connecting the 4Stop Verification for Casinos

The 4Stop casino security instruments can bring such advantages to gaming website owners:

  1. Ready-made business templates. A set of adaptive protocols is available for creating user profiles and financial models of the iGaming market.
  2. Risk prediction. The 4Stop ID verification for casinos integrates the acquired information into a global network automatically. As a result, operators will be able to build effective business expanding strategies on its basic.
  3. The increase in the value of the audience. The vendor offers a unique set of tools for reprocessing spurious results. The goal of the product is to improve the methods of working with gamblers and increase the customer lifetime value rate.
  4. High speed of response. The 4Stop casino security software is connected using the technology of seamless API integration, allowing entrepreneurs to start working immediately after adjusting the basic settings.
  5. Data management. The provider proposes a wide range of tools for audience clustering and creating reporting tables. Moreover, casino operators can order services for processing external requests and analysing reports by independent specialists.
  6. Flexibility. The connection of this solution is beneficial for enterprises of any format: direct sellers of real money games or providers of additional services (financial aggregators, banking institutions, independent web developers).
  7. Security assurances. The technical base of the product is consistent with the regulatory protocols of advanced countries. The system interacts with external information exclusively via HTTPS protocols (the company is the holder of the TLS 1.2 certificate).

The Functionality of the System

4Stop verification for casinos: functionality

The team of developers compares the 4Stop casino protection software with a DNA code. Each element of the chain carries certain information and functions. Moreover, the structure of the system can be transformed. Missing “cells” may be easily integrated into operating mechanisms.

The ID verification is a multifunctional product:

Features of the solution


Working with biometric personal data

The product analyses the biometric information provided during the registration of a new player and detects even the slightest discrepancies

Analysing geolocation

The supplier has provided a module that captures and records the IP addresses of gamers used to visit the gaming website

User device identification

The protection instruments promptly record any suspicious actions associated with user hardware:

  • one gadget used for logging into different accounts;

  • the use of different devices for logon;

  • changing the user's geolocation;

  • attempts to play slot machines using malicious codes

Correspondence of telephony channel and e-mail address

The purpose of the module is to control linked accounts, check the history of personal devices, and assess the gambler's reputation before the start of the session

User check

The system of ID verification sends requests to banks and electronic services to assess the financial reputation of each new user of the platform

Risk prediction

The program has a good set of built-in templates for modelling the current situation and assessing the prospects for business development


The software ensures multi-level check of each participant in the system.

Based on the collected material, the owner of the virtual establishment can form a hierarchy of users and create blacklists for each category of customers (players, distributors, webmasters, etc.)

The system includes many useful services. Check them out below.

Legal Regulation Tools

The supplier has access to an extensive database of sanctions lists. The operator can check each new client and partner.

An additional service is an independent expert assessment.

Cooperation with Recommended Suppliers

The system has a convenient built-in platform ensuring secure direct contact with professionals: content developers, marketers, webmasters, and designers.

Large-Scale System Audit

The program allows businessmen to evaluate all operational aspects and speed up information exchange processes significantly.

The features of the module:

  • an adaptive news feed (viewing events in real-time);
  • quick generation of reporting tables (information on the requested parameters is displayed in one click);
  • access to professional analytical services;
  • a wide range of parameters for customising the interface;
  • several variants of alert signals (a personalisation option is available for each of the components);
  • fast operation regardless of the load on the platform.

Fraud Management

All algorithms of the module are fully automated because the 4Stop casino fraud protection is built on machine learning protocols. It requires only initial debugging excluding manual intervention during further work.

The functions of the program:

  • notifications (alarm routing);
  • the creation of working diagrams based on associative logic;
  • profiling of financial flows;
  • customisation of blacklists.

Information Security

The program instantly detects information security breaches and prevents future unlawful activities.

The software ensures protection against:

  • the integration of malicious code into the structure of the gaming platform (spam, viruses, phishing scripts, etc.);
  • information leakage;
  • cyber-attacks;
  • intellectual property theft;
  • technical failures in the internal modules of the system and incompetent actions of the personnel.

Independent Expert Evaluation

The producer ensures professional support and offers comprehensive maintenance services for online projects:

  • work with a personal manager;
  • advice on technical issues;
  • an independent audit of the system;
  • control of product performance in real-time.

The Main Things about the Security Solutions

4Stop casino fraud protection: where to buy

The development of the German supplier is based on machine learning technology. The product reacts to unauthorised actions instantly.

  • It is possible to add new components or upgrade the system to meet the current needs of the business without disrupting the functionality of the platform.
  • The software was highly appreciated by the owners of gambling websites and providers of related services (financial aggregators, gaming software manufacturers, private webmasters).
  • The company offers templates for expanding businesses. The system has built-in adaptive models for predicting risks and analysing the effectiveness of all working environments (from the safety of financial flows to the quality of customer service and the profitability of cooperation with distributors).
  • In addition to the 4Stop casino fraud protection, the operators receive high-quality technical support. The supplier proposes independent platform audit and professional maintenance.
  • Smart Money offers to connect the software 4Stop to protect the casino. Our team will organise high-class support and prompt resolution of legal issues.

The Smart Money catalogue contains vivid novelties of the iGaming market. You can buy live content, mobile casinos, and turnkey solutions from us.

Besides, our company proposes bookmaker franchises for sale and a broad selection of products for offline businesses.

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