The most effective promotion method
While Google blocks gambling sites' ads, online casino affiliates bring thousands of dollars every day. This is the most profitable way to attract new players today. Are you looking for the best casino affiliate? Order a script from Smart Money. This is a reliable casino affiliate program which can help you move your business to a new level of income.
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What are Casino Affiliate Programs?
These are modern programs that are embedded in the site code. They monitor the actions of users on the platform applying special markers (where they came from, how much time they spent on games, and how much money they spent).
Markers are attached to the dynamic links. Affiliate partners place them on their sites. Such a link can be embedded not only in the text, but also in the picture, and even video.
Affiliate Programs Benefits
Casino affiliate programs will allow you to advertise your gambling business to many potential players.
They attract an audience that is familiar with gambling.
Such programs increase the position of online casinos in the search engines.
They have almost unlimited potential for traffic growth.
Casino Affiliates. How to Earn?
  • Casino affiliates accrue interest for each new player to webmasters who post links on their sites.
  • The gambling club benefits from being visited by new people.
  • The more functions the script has, the more earnings it may bring. Therefore, the best casino affiliates are profitable to both you and your partners.
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What are Online Casinos Paying Their Partners for?
This is a model of work in which partners receive fees for every click on a link, banner or video
According to this model, the advertising platform receives fees for particular actions performed by users on the site: registration, deposit account replenishment, opening of games
Casino pays its partners a flat fee for 1000 ad/banner demonstrations
Online casino affiliate programs are very popular among webmasters, so they are willing to place advertisements on their sites. The main thing is to offer the attractive conditions.
If you still doubt whether to install an affiliate program,
rent a script!
The Smart Money specialists can integrate a test version of the affiliate program on your website, and you will make sure that partnership with online casinos may speed up your traffic and revenue growth.
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