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Updated 26.07.2023

Kambi Casino Software: Premium Entertainment for Sale

Today, we are going to talk about a brand that produces high-quality and cost-effective products that can be used by entrepreneurs to grow rapidly. The manufacturer offers reliable B2B solutions and is actively using innovative technologies.

Kambi casino software: premium entertainment for sale

From Smart Money, it is possible to buy the Kambi casino software and quickly implement a successful project.

The Unified Gambling System

The brand provides premium services for B2B operators. The developer offers a platform that is adaptable to the needs of users, allowing them to connect the gambling software by Kambi, create a sportsbook website, and organise lotteries from scratch.

Let us consider the main features of the system:

The Provision of Services in Regulated Markets

By purchasing the Kambi casino software, operators get access to the regions with a high level of customer involvement and a short payback period.

The company obtained permits in the following prestigious organisations:

  • the UK Gambling Commission (the combined permit);
  • the Gambling Commission of Alderney (legalisation of gambling activities of the 2nd category);
  • the Maltese Gambling Authority (the Class 4 licence);
  • the Romanian National Gambling Agency (the Class 2 permit).

Such certification allows entrepreneurs to expand the geography of their activities (with an emphasis on European markets).

Advantages of casino licences:

  • the acquisition of a permit for the Kambi turnkey casino in the jurisdiction of Malta allows businessmen to legally work in the .com domain zone;
  • a licence of the United Kingdom allows businessmen to quickly enter prestigious betting and lottery local markets;
  • a Romanian certificate opens access to the promising region of Eastern Europe.

Offers of the manufacturer are also approved by the regulators of Spain, Estonia, Italy, and Denmark. Having obtained a permit in one of the above-mentioned jurisdictions, entrepreneurs get a chance to expand the functionality of their gaming sites.

Good Technical Basis

In the process of the development of solutions, the Kambi online casino provider uses an omnichannel strategy. It improves the interaction of elements of the “server–operator–gambler” chain. Multichannel technology works with special access points that are built in the script.

The undeniable advantage of the omnichannel option is the increased performance of the Kambi turnkey casino and other establishments that were created on the basis of the platform. The system can help entrepreneurs to grow rapidly not only on the Web but also in the land-based sector. They will be able to manage a sportsbook website, an offline betting shop, and other types of projects at the same time.

Ways to Attract and Retain the Core Audience

The developer offers a well-thought-out strategy for effective interaction with the audience.

The algorithm is based on 3 components:

  1. Marketing campaigns. Advertising, creation of PR content, and cooperation with affiliates ― all this helps business owners to attract the solvent target audience to their gaming sites and earn good money.
  2. Segmentation of users. Analysis of the behavioural factors and preferences of gamblers in order to offer different categories of visitors to play their favourite slot machine in the best conditions.
  3. Loyalty system. It includes a set of bonuses for each group of customers: multi-table tournaments, progressive jackpots, random free spins, loyalty points, and repayment.

This approach motivates gamblers to visit casinos more often and ensures the high profitability of gaming sites.

The Platform’s Content

Kambi gambling software: platform's content

The brand chose 3 business areas: casinos, betting, and lottery drawings.

It is worth considering each of these categories in more detail:

Kambi casino software

Characteristics of the product:

  • it is relevant for browser and mobile versions, as well as land-based locations;
  • integration of video content from the world’s leading providers (Novomatic, Greentube, and many others);
  • a large selection of entertainment (arcades, RNG slots, table and card games, and live sessions);
  • simple integration into other systems;
  • convenient backend

Sportsbook software

Characteristics of the solution:

  • uninterrupted operation in offline and online sectors;
  • support for stationary equipment (terminals, game cabinets, bingo halls);
  • focus on the US betting market (the brand concluded contracts in Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, and other states);
  • tools for managing user accounts;
  • a wide range of event lines (with a high margin for operators and frequent updates of the odds)

Lottery software

The product’s description:

  • a complete set of services regulated by the government;
  • tools for organising drawings every day, 5 times a week or monthly;
  • connection of additional video content (slots, arcades) to increase the conversion;
  • support for offline lottery terminals (self-service versions and the single cashier option);
  • business intelligence, cross-reporting, and dynamic diagrams

Reliable Protection of Offers

It is worth connecting the gambling software by Kambi for its well-thought-out security policy. The vendor takes into account the risks associated with fraud and malfunctions of IT systems.

If one server fails (due to some technical problems or massive attacks), all flows of information are automatically redirected to another storage. The vendor often makes a detailed analysis to prevent malfunctions and eliminate deficiencies.

Kambi's AI Solutions for Gambling

The provider harnesses the power of advanced tools to offer advanced prognostic analytics. By exploring wide amounts of data, AI-driven algorithms precisely forecast potential outcomes of sporting events.

This empowers bookmakers and their clients to make more well-considered decisions and upgrade the overall betting experience.

Consider other advantages of the vendor’s up-to-date improvements:

Personalised betting recommendations

Kambi's AI solutions leverage machine learning to deliver unique wagering offers to users.

By analysing individual betting patterns and preferences, the system tailors suggestions that align with each user’s interests.

This level of personalisation enhances customer satisfaction and also increases involvement and retention rates

Deliberate gaming tools

Recognising the importance of a conscious approach to gambling, Kambi integrates AI-powered instruments to identify and support players at risk of developing problematic betting behaviours.

By exploring user activity, the system can detect signs of excessive gaming and provide timely interventions

Odds optimisation

AI solutions continuously analyse market trends and wagering patterns to adjust coefficients in real time and ensure competitive pricing

Improved customer support

Advanced tools streamline the interaction with clients. AI-powered chatbots can efficiently handle common queries, offer instant responses, and escalate complex questions to human employees when necessary

How to Launch the Gambling Software by Kambi

Entrepreneurs have a choice: to work independently or with a trusted partner ― Smart Money. The second option speeds up the project implementation and releases customers from several problems, such as the selection of jurisdiction, installation of technical components, etc.

It is also possible to integrate Kambi casino software using OpenAPI ― tools for the packaged implementation of the product (it includes the website engine, video content, as well text and audio files). The option can also be used to install systems on already existing platforms.

Security of the connection is provided due to the information transfer via encrypted channels.

Worldwide Recognition

Kambi certificates: worldwide recognition

Many prestigious organisations noted the high level of reliability of solutions:

  1. eCOGRA ― a British organisation that tests software components. Kambi solutions were tested for the level of protection, compliance with the principles of fair play, the honesty of using the elements of randomness (built-in RNG, systems for the compilation of odds, etc.).
  2. ISO 27001 ― a generally accepted security standard that companies that have access to the private information of partners and operators must meet. Online casino owners who gather confidential data on gamblers must also undergo the test.

The vendor’s software is approved by the World and European Lottery Organisations and is recognised as a safe product. At the beginning of 2019, the brand presented its solutions in Argentina, having received membership in CIBELAE (South American Lottery and Betting Corporation).

The company is also a member of IBIS. The program is dedicated to the intellectual betting system developed by the International Olympic Committee. It is used to check the honesty of bookmakers when they accept bets on international events (Olympiads, world championships, etc.).

The Main Things about Kambi Products

  • The developer holds licenses of 6 jurisdictions and guarantees entrepreneurs a full-fledged operation in the European market.
  • The gaming system has a strong technical basis, which protects it against all kinds of threats. High performance is supported by reliable hosting.
  • The integration of components is based on the use of OpenAPI technology, which allows operators to quickly connect components and timely update their platforms.
From Smart Money, you can buy products from the Kambi supplier.

On our official website, you will also find sportsbook offers, VR casinos, as well as marketing services.

Become a successful market participant with the experts of Smart Money!

Hans Adrian

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist

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