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Advantages of cooperation

Significant time savings

You do not have to spend a lot of your time searching for suppliers. We offer interesting and time-tested products

The best content

Solutions from developers that have earned an impeccable reputation in many countries of the world are available to our clients

Vivid design

We follow the latest trends of the gaming industry and are ready to present modern, stylish and attractive solutions to you

Good reputation

Our popular games have stood the test of time and become famous all over the world. Do not risk, choose only demanded products

Ready-made license

You do not need to collect and prepare a package of necessary documentation, and wait for the approval of a special commission

Reliable payment systems

We offer only the best financial instruments. The reliability of our payment systems is a guarantee of your success

Buy a White Label casino

Individual project, quick start-up and payback


Purchase White Label Casino Solutions: Fast and Safe Project Launch With Smart Money

1. The Essence of the White Label Casino Program

  1.1. Responsibilities of Operators

2. Why it is Beneficial to Buy a White Label Casino

  2.1. The In-House Brand

  2.2. Speed of the Launch

  2.3. Financial Saving

  2.4. Scope of Obligations of the Seller

3. Restrictions When Working Under the White Label Scheme for White Label Casino Providers

4. How to Create White Label Casino Solutions and Achieve Success

5. The Main Things About the White Label Scheme

For a beginning casino operator, it may be difficult to independently open a casino. An independent entrance to the market is possible if you have vast knowledge and a huge initial capital. White Label casinos are a good alternative that requires a minimum upfront investment.

Creation of a White Label casino

We offer the finest White Label casino software from the world-renown content creators in the iGaming industry. Find out how the White Label scheme works and become an owner of your own business in the shortest time possible. From Smart Money, you can buy a White Label casino and get a discount and prompt support on any technical and legal issues.

The Essence of the White Label Casino Program

Let us start with the very definition of the White Label term. By concluding an agreement with the selling company, entrepreneurs receive a ready-made, well-functioning business scheme with a full-fledged technical basis, and all they need to do is to create design, logo, and a marketing program. After that, they can enter the iGaming industry and open White Labeled online casinos.

Components of a White Label gambling establishment:

  • an integrated platform;
  • a license and all the related permits (gambling certificates, confirmation of the accreditation of White Label casino providers, and the results of technical monitoring of the White Label gaming project);
  • the game content (users can pick any slot machine and enjoy card emulators, live entertainment, and other games for real money, as well as the betting software, lotteries, and sweepstakes);
  • payment gateways (a White Label gambling platform should support as many payments processing methods as possible);
  • a server and hosting;
  • technical support services (round-the-clock monitoring of the performance of a White Label gaming site and free updates of the system and the catalogue of casino solutions).

Responsibilities of Operators

Having regard to the presence of an already prepared technical and legal framework, an entrepreneur saves a lot on White Label casino cost and releases himself from several issues related to debugging of the business and its organization.

Casino operators are responsible only for the following aspects:

  • administrative work (checking of reports, monitoring of the activity of audience, control of financial flows, payments processing);
  • marketing program (development and implementation of strategies that can help casino owners to attract gamblers);
  • retention of users (working with affiliate networks, implementation of bonuses into a White Label casino platform, organization of tournaments);
  • customer support (operators should support the work of communication channels and create a section of the White Label gaming site in the FAQ format since the main support is provided by the parent company).

Why it is Beneficial to Buy a White Label Casino

Among the undeniable advantages of the described scheme for casino operators, it is worth mentioning:

The In-House Brand

Unlike a franchise agreement, the decision to launch a White Label casino does not restrict the operator's right to promote his own name. Such a program provides for the purchase of technical input, while the design and logo remain the area of responsibility of the entrepreneur. The best White Label gambling solution is the one that you can brand yourself and under professional guidance.

Speed of the Launch

The program is more beneficial than other options due to the speed of entrance to the market. The integration of White Label casino software into the platform does not take a lot of time. The only faster way is a franchise agreement but in this case, casino operators will not be able to work under their own brand.

When you start an online casino, it takes from several days to 2 months (everything depends on the speed of the creation of exclusive design and logo).

Financial Saving

The development of an engine and purchase of the standard software can cost several hundred thousand dollars. The cost of the White Label casino software is much lower even with the monthly commission fee. Moreover, operators receive from the manufacturer free technical and legal support. White Label gambling software is regularly updated by the parent company for free.

Another trigger for the creation of a White Label casino: the price of a gaming platform already includes the cost of a permit.

Scope of Obligations of the Seller

After you start an online casino, the parent company deals with technical, organizational, and legal issues.

Area of responsibility of the seller of a White Label casino

Technical basis

The seller of casino White Label solutions provides operators with a complex gaming platform with the range of built-in administrative services. This system can be launched immediately, and it only requires the basic configuration in accordance with the needs of the buyer

Legal infrastructure

The parent company offers beginning entrepreneurs legal support and an opportunity to work under a sublicense in the iGaming industry

Financial channels

The developer not only provides the gambling platform with secure financial aggregators but also processes transactions via his merchant accounts

Customer support

The seller undertakes obligations for the legal and technical support of clients. The firm monitors the White Label casino platform in general as well as the crucial components of the system to ensure the optimal interaction for both enterprisers and consumers.

To play casino games, several communication channels can be used (telephony, chats, instant messengers, e-mail). Also, gamblers can get prompt consultations on any issues related to the interaction with a gaming site and online casino software

Insurance for big winnings

Under the White Label scheme, the payout of prizes is distributed as follows:

  • big jackpots are paid by the seller of a White Label casino platform;

  • the main payments and those that are related to the bonus program are made by the buyer

Marketing strategies

A large selection of tools for the attraction and retention of the target audiences is implemented into the gaming platform:

  • adaptive templates of loyalty programs;

  • bonuses in White Labeled online casinos;

  • types of prizes;

  • internal ratings of users;

  • a strategy for those who work with the VIP segment

Restrictions When Working Under the White Label Scheme for White Label Casino Providers

Working under the White Label scheme

Despite all the positive aspects, this program also imposes some restrictions on the entrepreneurs:

  1. Standard set of online casino software. Operators receive a fixed range of products: games, payments processing instruments, and analytical tools. The purchase and connection of additional elements (such as White Label casino app) can be discussed on an individual basis and are paid additionally.
  2. Fixed administrative settings. Any changes to the backend of White Label gambling site other than the basic ones (for example, settings of reports or the display format of the catalogue of games) are not allowed. Only the corporate seller is engaged in debugging and customization of online casino software.
  3. Limited ways of promotion. White Label casino providers take care of their reputation, and therefore, they strictly control advertising programs and strongly recommend operators to make use of a fixed set of services: coordinated strategies for working with social networks and a private partner base.

How to Create White Label Casino Solutions and Achieve Success

Taking into account the fact that the gambling industry is growing rapidly, many companies offer support services for White Label online casinos.

Smart Money experts believe that White Label casino suppliers must be chosen with reference to the following criteria:

  1. Working hours of the seller. To start an online casino, the developer should have not less than 5 years of working experience and provide information on his company in the public domain or upon request. Feedback of partners and customers that can be found on social networks will be quite helpful.
  2. Type of a permit. The brand must provide information on the number and validity period of its gambling certificate, as well as an opportunity to verify the information by checking the sanction lists and the database of the offshore jurisdiction that issued the permit.
  3. The game content. It is better to choose companies that offer online casino software and games from famous brands: Microgaming, Greentube, Belatra, Ezugi, Playtech, and NetEnt.
  4. Marketing tools. Given some restrictions on advertising campaigns, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the list of available services in advance so that you can choose the most effective options.
  5. The range of additional services. Apart from the basic contract, the seller can offer related services. For example, educational resources, audit services, consulting, assistance in developing an exclusive design, payments processing, etc.

How to start a White Label casino? The best way to avoid unnecessary expenditures and minimize the risk of fraud is to work with a trusted intermediary. Select online casino software titles exclusively from trustworthy distributors who are characterised by the the impeccable image and trust from gamers and internet start-up owners. Such programs will bring you recognition and a stable income.

Leave an application to Smart Money managers and learn more about the technical and legal nuances of running a gambling business.

The Main Things About the White Label Scheme

White Label turnkey casino solution

If an independent project launch is not an option for you, then the White Label program will be a good alternative that saves time and allows you to enter the market with a small initial capital.

Advantages of such a White Label casino platform:

  • Legal operation. Operators get not only the technical basis but also an opportunity to work legally under a sublicense.
  • Financial saving. Even with the monthly access fee that should be paid to use the gambling platform, entrepreneurs will pay several times less when working under a White Label scheme than for the independent entrance to the market.
  • Comprehensive support. The seller deals with all the organizational and legal issues, controls the White Label gaming project's performance and has obligations to protect it against financial risks (for example, payments of large jackpots are made by the parent company).
  • Financial infrastructure. The provider connects verified and secure settlement gateways, controls payments processing, controls the processing of payments and secures clients against fraud.
  • The speed of launch. After you sign a contract, from 2 weeks to several months will pass until you attract the first users to the gaming platform. Everything will depend on the speed of the development of a unique design and logo.

Smart Money can not only help you to choose White Label casino providers but also offer relevant options for business startups of any format in the iGaming industry.

We work with trusted developers (Amatic, Microgaming, Greentube, Evolution Gaming, EGT and others), offer an extensive set of White Label gaming solutions for casino operators, and guarantee safe transactions. Check out the White Label casino cost by texting or calling our consultants.

Become the owner of White Label casino software already today! Our contacts:


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Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist

Updated 13.02.2023
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