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Updated 13.02.2023

Linkly (Premier Technologies) Casino Payment System: Buy High-Quality Software

It is hard to imagine a successful gambling project without a reliable and secure service for conducting money transfers.

The Linkly casino payment system (formerly Premier Technologies) meets all quality criteria and is responsible for the accuracy and transparency of financial transactions.

This well-thought-out and easy-to-manage product can be ordered from Smart Money.

About the Brand

Premier payment system for online casinos

Linkly (Premier Technologies) is a prestigious Australian company with vast experience and offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Singapore. The developer is focused on the creation of complex solutions for an online business.

The most in-demand solutions of the manufacturer:

  • Linkly (Premier Technologies) online casino payment systems;
  • cloud contact centres.

In addition to the gambling sector, the brand serves clients from such industries as financial, insurance, banking, and logistics. Clients of the company are both the largest organisations in the world and small start-ups. Many of them have been working with Linkly (Premier Technologies) for over 15 years.

The vendor pays special attention to reliability, the flexibility of solutions, and high-quality customer service.

Features of the Merchant Suite

Merchant Suite is the Linkly (Premier Technologies) payment system for gaming sites. This is a gateway that provides operators with a maximum level of comfort. Thanks to it, entrepreneurs can reduce expenses related to working with debtors and high volume transactions.

It is worth connecting the Linkly (Premier Technologies) casino payment service for the following reasons:

Full-scale deployment

When developing software, the manufacturer is focused on omnichannel technology. That is why the integration of the casino with the Linkly (Premier Technologies) payment system is possible for both the online sphere and the land-based sector.

This approach is very convenient for those operators who work both on the Web and in offline locations

Support for popular payment methods

The system processes:

  • transactions from debit and credit cards (Visa, Maestro, MasterCard);
  • financial operations via e-wallets;
  • bank transfers;
  • payments via call centres, phones, and e-mail.

It is worth buying Linkly (Premier Technologies) casino payment systems to be able to make payments in one click

Simple integration and management

Customers highly appreciate the simplicity of installation, the intuitive Merchant Suite interface, and a set of administration tools.

Most of the processes (acceptance of payments, timely updates, response to threats) take place automatically without the intervention of operators

Business intelligence

The system offers a wide range of reports:

  • detailed statistics (graphs, diagrams, etc.);
  • analytical summaries;
  • detailed business plans;
  • reports on financial operations;
  • analysis of regular actions and subscriptions

Multicurrency environment

Linkly (Premier Technologies) casino payment system supports the most popular currencies. Gamblers can place bets using dollars, euros, pounds sterling, Chinese yuan, etc.

Payments in digital money (bitcoins) are also available

Security of the Solutions

Premier casino payment service: security

Linkly (Premier Technologies) payment systems for online casinos are distinguished by a high level of security.

All products released by the manufacturer comply with PCI DSS (international security standard in the financial industry). This allows the company to process more than 6 million transfers annually. In 2019, the Linkly casino payment system carried out 150 million transactions via credit cards for about 30 thousand counterparties from all over the world.

To provide a high level of reliability, the supplier annually undergoes an independent QSA audit. The software also undergoes quarterly ASV scanning.

It is worth connecting Linkly payment systems to your online casino because of the wide range of innovative technologies used by the provider to guarantee security.

The brand uses:

  • cryptographic encryption tools;
  • anti-fraud systems;
  • internet gateways of the SIG category;
  • cloud modules;
  • IVR technology (interactive voice response).

These elements protect programs against malicious intervention and technical failures.

Integration of a Casino with Linkly Payment Systems

To connect the Linkly payment methods, operators need to conclude an agreement with the company. It can also be a tripartite agreement if customers plan to use the services of an intermediary.

Smart Money is the official distributor of the brand. From us, entrepreneurs can buy the supplier’s solutions on the most favourable terms. We provide installation of the payment module and efficient maintenance of the connected system.

An important nuance is that the vendor provides a free demo version of the product for 30 days. It is enough time for a comprehensive assessment of the software performance. The test version of the solution can also be received from Smart Money.

The integration of Linkly payment systems involves the use of seamless API tools. They provide a fast connection of payment software without affecting the source code.

Premier Contact Point

To improve the technical service of online casino visitors, operators can use the services of the developer's international call centre. This approach saves the money of entrepreneurs at the start when it is necessary to quickly provide players with professional support.

Premier Contact Point is a set of cloud-based call centres, which includes incoming, outcoming, and mixed traffic. Business owners can use voice communication, e-mail, SMS or webchat. Customers receive high-quality and informative service.

Advantages of working with the call centre:

  1. Cost efficiency. Operators reduce the cost of maintaining staff (administrators, technicians, and agents).
  2. Round-the-clock service. The support service operates 24/7. Operators can monitor the work of the team of specialists and manage workflows in real-time.
  3. Professional approach. It is quite difficult to independently organise good customer service, especially for beginning entrepreneurs. The Premier option offers a close-knit team that will solve any problem of casino visitors.

Premier Contact Point includes the most essential functions that are necessary to provide high-quality support. The Agent Desktop component has also been introduced into the service. It displays information on gamblers and makes it possible to initiate, transfer, and record calls.

Agent Desktop is not integrated with other server systems of the operator (CRM, ERP, knowledge base) but works as an independent link. Premier Contact Point can be installed along with additional applications and communication channels (personal e-mail, SMS, and webchat).

The Main Things about the Linkly Software

Premier online casino payment solutions

Linkly (Premier Technologies) is a world-class developer that provides efficient payment solutions and cloud services.

  • Merchant Suite supports all popular payment methods: bank transfers, electronic money, plastic cards, and digital currency.
  • The system has such features as a multi-currency environment, detailed reporting, and simple and fast integration. The solution is suitable for both land-based casinos and virtual platforms.
  • Premier Contact Point is a unique call centre that provides for centralised customer service of the platform. Technical support optimises the operator’s costs and guarantees a better user experience.

To buy Linkly products, please leave an application on the official website of Smart Money.

From us, you can order reliable solutions for business scaling: betting script, casino software, interesting HTML5 games, and much more. We can also help you to obtain a license and promote your project.

Become one of the market leaders together with Smart Money!

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist


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