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Simple business licensing

Operate under a South American license or get an international permit in one of the best jurisdictions

Demand for gambling sites

Residents of South American countries take an active part in various gaming and betting online activities

Advanced payment tools

People from Brazil and other states have long been using cryptocurrencies and other up-to-date services

Fast payback of the project

As a rule, online casino operators working in South America get the desired profits just in 3-6 months

Popularity of mobile gaming

Opening mobile projects will allow you to reach a wide audience from the whole South American continent

Optimal business conditions

Many countries of the region provide loyal conditions for operators (adequate taxes, fast licensing, etc.)

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Gambling Business in South America — Smart Money Explains the Peculiarities

1. Online Gambling Regulations in South America

2. Benefits that Operators Can Get on the Online Gambling Market in South America

3. A Quick-Start of a Gambling Career with A Turnkey Casino in South America

4. The Main Things about Starting an Online Gambling Business in South America

South American gambling laws are not consistent since different countries have their own regulations. It particularly concerns the online industry. Most of the countries have their focus on land-based gambling facilities (Brazil — Rio and Sao Paulo, Colombia — Bogotá, Argentina — Buenos Aires, etc.). The internet sphere is rather profitable market for a beginner since there are not many competitors. If an operator wants to start online gambling in South America, it is essential to study the local laws as well as to inquire about the slightest peculiarities of this type of entertainment.

Smart Money want to present to you a detailed guide on the online gambling market in South America and explain why it is beneficial to enter it with your own project.

Online Gambling Regulations in South America

Online gambling regulations in South America

It is not easy to generalize online casino law in South America, since most countries (such as Ecuador and Peru) have a peculiar approach to the industry. Some have established regulations even on the provincial level. Therefore, when an operator wants to buy a casino in South America and focus on the local audience, it is essential to study the basics of the biggest markets on the continent.

South American region

Peculiarities of local gambling laws


It is one of the few regions that have a regulated online gambling market in South America. In 2016, the local gambling legislator called Coljuegos started blocking all unauthorized gambling websites, which means that people have to play at foreign-based platforms


Another interesting representative of the online gambling business in South America. While all regulated countries in the continent have national control of the industry, Argentina focuses on the provincial level but plan to shift the spotlight soon


The country is currently the closest to start issuing South America casino licenses. After the unsuccessful effort to approve the SB 186/2014 bill that would legalize the online gambling, the local government works towards the improvements since 2016


After Brazil, the next country that operators patiently wait to change its regulation is Paraguay. The local legislators are eager to allow registering the online gambling business in South America on their premises, so the future seems bright 

Even though it is possible to launch a South American gambling establishment on the internet with one of the local licenses, there is a much more efficient way out. New operators are welcome to offshore jurisdictions that issue operational permits on the territory of the Latin continent.

The reasons for establishing the gambling project in this region are actually impressive with how beneficial the business can be.

Benefits that Operators Can Get on the Online Gambling Market in South America

Online gambling markets in South America

There are no accidental operators in the online gambling market in South America. Smart entrepreneurs choose particularly this region because it is beneficial to develop a career here. But what are the main advantages of the start of a casino in South America?

The experts from Smart Money decided to analyze the possibilities of the industry in this region:

  1. High demand. Regardless of where your audience is from (Argentina, Ecuador, Brazil, Colombia), people on the continent adore online gambling. Increased accessibility due to mobile technologies makes online casino websites easy to enter and hard to resist. Moreover, the gambling apps have taken it even further, attracting a wider audience to this entertainment.
  2. The reputation of a leader. When operators open gambling in South America, they immediately become reputable representatives of the market, providing the website is legal. People love it when their money is safe. If you can supply them with what they want, their loyalty will be immense, and the popularity of your gambling establishment will be only growing.
  3. Entrance to the international market. A legal start of online gambling in South America immediately makes an operator a participant of the international market. It means that he receives access to cooperation with world-renown banks, providers of software, and worldwide recognition among players.
  4. Access to innovative gaming methods. Modern online casino software in South America includes the usage of virtual and augmented reality. These innovative technological innovations were perfectly adapted to the gambling industry and immediately started bringing insane profit. Live casinos also appeared to be successful in the region, especially with the total quarantine measures.

Considering favourable prediction of the online gambling law in South America in 2020 and numerous advantages of the operation in the region, this destination becomes an incredible start of the career for new operators. But the lack of experience can become a huge problem for such entrepreneurs. Luckily, there is a perfect way out of this situation.

A Quick-Start of a Gambling Career with A Turnkey Casino in South America

A lot of new operators abandon their gambling projects simply because they get stuck on a certain stage and do not know how to continue. That is all because the gambling business is a particular sphere that requires a special approach. The experts at Smart Money are aware of the possible problems that can occur in a new operator.

So, we offer a convenient turnkey casino in South America that includes:

  • a complete transfer of all responsibilities from an operator to the company’s experts to eliminate the possible mistakes;
  • effortless cooperation with the most demanded vendors of online casino software in South America (Greentube, Amatic, Microgaming, Aristocrat, Igrosoft);
  • professional technical support in maintenance of your internet gambling business in South America;
  • installation of the most popular transaction ways to ensure your clients have no problems depositing to your website (MasterCard, Visa, MercadoLibre, Boleto, Elo);
  • a thorough elaboration of an advertising campaign according to South American gambling laws;
  • special approach to the development of a design for your gambling business in South America with the consideration of the latest trends in the area of operation;
  • the straightforward process of licensing to end up with a legal online betting in South America or any other gambling project.

As you can see, the experts at Smart Money will be responsible for almost every single step of the organizational process. It makes our turnkey casino in South America an attractive offer for new operators that are eager to focus on the audience in this area.

The Main Things about Starting an Online Gambling Business in South America

Starting an online casino in South America

As you can see, in order to open gambling in South America, an operator has to work hard and have substantial knowledge of the region. Good for such entrepreneurs, that is what professional assistance exists for.

In order to make the launch of South American gambling straightforward and efficient, an operator should keep in mind the following notions:

  • one of the most efficient way to start a casino in South America is to obtain a license of a foreign jurisdiction;
  • the benefits of buying a casino in South America include high demand for the entertainment, instant reputation of a market leader, entrance to the international market, access to innovative gaming methods;
  • the most popular manufacturers of casino software in South America are Greentube, Amatic, Microgaming, Aristocrat, Igrosoft;
  • a turnkey casino in South America is one of the most efficient quick-start options currently available.

Remember, an operator can easily open gambling in South America. It is only about how efficient the organizational process is. If you still have any questions about the casino law in South America or any other related issues about the local market, contact the Smart Money customer relationship centre to receive the necessary answers or to discuss the order.


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