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Ensure absolute anonymity of your clients' data and their financial information — order a bitcoin casino solution at Smart Money!

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  • Prestigious Business: Buy a Turnkey Bitcoin Casino from Smart Money
Benefits of Bitcoin сasinos

Safety of payments

Blockchain technology will allow you to make secure and fast payments, regardless of the amount and time of the transfer

Complete anonymity of data

Financial and personal information of users will be protected from third parties and various potential risks

Minimum bets

Your players will have the opportunity to make small bets. This feature will protect them from rash actions and financial losses

Amazing speed

Unlike payments made using other financial systems, Bitcoin transactions are performed instantly (or in a few minutes in some cases)

No commission fees

The system does not need intermediaries. That is why there are no commission fees charged by banks and financial organisations

Stable operation of the system

The risk of technical failures, human factor errors and hacker attacks is minimised thanks to the unique technology

Creation of a Bitcoin casino

Individual project, quick start-up and payback


Prestigious Business: Buy a Turnkey Bitcoin Casino from Smart Money

1. What is a Bitcoin Casino

2. Key Features of Bitcoin Platforms

3. Advantages of Bitcoin Casinos

4. Why Gamblers Choose to Buy a Bitcoin Casino

5. Types of Bitcoin Platforms

6. Characteristics of Bitcoin Slots

7. How to Launch a Bitcoin Casino

8. The Main Things About Crypto Casinos

The use of digital currencies in the gambling industry is becoming more and more popular. This is one of the main trends of the years to come.

Turnkey bitcoin casino

Any forward-looking developer will offer a bitcoin casino for sale as an alternative to standard turnkey projects. The ready-made solution has good performance and a high level of personal data protection.

Leave an application on the official website of Smart Money to order a blockchain product.

What is a Bitcoin Casino

The gameplay of such a virtual gaming site is in many ways similar to a standard online casino. A distinctive feature is the payment method. Bitcoin casino software supports cryptocurrency. Mostly, it is BTC (bitcoins) — the most reliable and freely available currency.

Many websites on the market accept payments in both bitcoins and other digital currencies — ETH, LTC, TRX, XRP, and USDT. There are also projects that offer customers a choice: they can pay in BTC or use traditional money (dollars, euros, etc.). Such a crypto casino for sale can include both options if it is supported legally. Owners of gaming sites understand: the more payment options are on the web resource, the more users want to play in the casino. That is why such a combination of a crypto casino solution with fiat payment means is an amazing start-up idea.

Key Features of Bitcoin Platforms

Distinctive features of the bitcoin casino software are the following:

  • Cryptocurrency is the main payment method. To gamble in such a casino, players must register a bitcoin wallet and learn how to use it.
  • The high level of security. For those entrepreneurs who are worried about the security of their business, it is a good idea to buy a bitcoin casino site. Transactions are not bound to a bank or a specific payment system — components with the risk of technical failures and malfunctions. Bitcoin wallets are protected by innovative cryptographic tools.
  • Working on the basis of the crowdfunding principle. Users invest their funds in casinos. They not only can play their favourite slot machine but also earn money on the development of the project. Crowdfunding is often used in economics. In gambling, this principle is best implemented in BTC casinos.
  • Anonymity. Finances of operators and personal data of gamblers are securely hidden. The company does not need to request the player's bank information, and users really appreciate this approach.
  • Speed of transactions. A Bitcoin casino solution implies that all deposits and cashouts are instant. This becomes a serious advantage in favour of crypto-based platforms. When operators buy Bitcoin gambling software and integrate it, they secure fast transfers of all data and involved assets.

Advantages of Bitcoin Casinos

Advantages of Bitcoin casinos

The first bitcoin gambling location appeared 5 years ago when the digital currency was just beginning to gain popularity among gamblers. During this period, thousands of players and casino operators have appreciated the benefits of working in this format.

Let us describe the benefits of the decision to launch a bitcoin casino:

  1. International expansion. Such gambling establishments attract a solvent audience worldwide. With a well-established Bitcoin casino solution, users can spin the reels and withdraw funds from any spot of the Earth. This feature increases the profitability of a casino platform.
  2. Quick launch of the project. You can start a bitcoin casino in 3 weeks while launching a traditional online gambling club will take 2 months. Time savings can be explained by the fact that there is no need to connect payment providers to work with standard money (dollars, Chinese yuan, euros, etc.). Cryptocurrency casino solutions will be already making a profit while its counterpart is only in development.
  3. Low competition. The niche is not yet as filled as the market with standard online casinos and online poker websites. Operators can create the best bitcoin casino and take a rightful place in the developing industry.
  4. High manufacturability. Cryptographic encryption tools are classified as innovative methods that help to protect online gambling projects. The cryptocurrency casino software is stuffed with various safety measures. Transactions are recorded on the blockchain, and it is physically impossible to delete these records. When operators purchase a Bitcoin gambling script or a turnkey crypto casino solution, they can be sure that their business is safe, and users get the reliable protection of their BTC wallets.
  5. Confidentiality. Gamblers are more likely to choose gaming sites the administration of which asks for a minimum of personal data. What users want the most is to stay incognito. Bitcoin casinos are actively supporting this trend.

Why Gamblers Choose to Buy a Bitcoin Casino

In addition to anonymity and reliable asset protection, gamblers are attracted by the following features of crypto casinos:

  1. Fast transactions. To replenish the account or withdraw the earned funds, users will need only a few seconds. The bitcoin casino software provides high-speed money transfers that are not bound to the issuing bank.
  2. Playing with minimum bets. One bitcoin consists of a million Satoshi, and each of them costs approximately 0.02 dollars. Crypto casino software is extremely flexible. Gamblers can place small bets per spin. This is a great option for those who want to play for a long time with a low budget.
  3. Minimum deductions. Transfers to BTC casinos are distinguished by low commissions or no fees at all. Transactions are not connected to financial systems. Accordingly, you do not need to pay interest to the bank and to the provider of payment software.
  4. Interesting offers. Exciting tournaments with gamblers from different corners of the world are one of the many opportunities that crypto casinos offer.

Types of Bitcoin Platforms

BTC casinos are divided into several categories:

Platforms with investments

A traditional type of a casino. To start playing, a gambler needs to replenish his account with a few bitcoins.

The size of the entry fee depends on the policy of a particular gambling resource

Casinos without deposits

The service provides an unknown number of Satoshi to all registered players. These are enough funds to try your hand at the chosen entertainment and earn a small amount of money

Resources with bonuses

In this case, a manufacturer offer good prizes for a first deposit or performance of certain actions on the website (play 10 games, pass the first round, collect 15 points for being active, etc.)

Characteristics of Bitcoin Slots

To open a bitcoin casino, operators will need to have the appropriate game content.

Key features of video entertainment for a blockchain gambling establishment:

  • support for cryptocurrency payments;
  • multilingual environment (at least 12 different languages, taking into account the wide geography of users);
  • adaptation for mobile versions (support for such operating systems as Android, iOS, etc.);
  • simplified registration and verification (just enter your login and password);
  • the colourful design and interesting themes of games.

How to Launch a Bitcoin Casino

Launching a Bitcoin casino: license and software

A BTC casino can be connected independently or with the help of professionals. The first option is more complicated. It requires to choose and buy Bitcoin casino software individually and deal with other concerns by yourself. For example, operators need to take care of the acquisition of a permit.

Possession of a license increases client loyalty to the casino. In Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, and other developed countries, it is necessary to have such a document, regardless of whether operators are planning to buy a turnkey bitcoin casino or launch an online poker website.

Entrepreneurs will also need professional software, a range of bitcoin games, and hosting for the gaming site.

The best way to launch a bitcoin casino is to connect a product from a well-known provider. Smart Money offers turnkey solutions with a license, an impressive portfolio of entertainment, and settings that will help casino owners to effectively attract and retain players.

The Main Things About Crypto Casinos

BTC gambling establishments are a promising and prestigious direction in the iGaming sphere.

  • The product supports fast digital currency transactions that are not controlled by any bank. It allows users not to pay commissions and not to provide personal data.
  • The advantages of this solution also include anonymity, a high level of security, and relatively low competition in the industry.
  • Depending on the method of replenishment, there are projects with a first deposit, bonuses for activity, and websites without deposits.

Bitcoin gambling locations allow operators to enter large markets without additional expenditures. You can order a bitcoin casino for sale from Smart Money. We also offer a sportsbook script, software for online poker, a turnkey bitcoin casino, and games from well-known providers (Evolution, Microgaming, Gaminator3, Amatic, and others). Find the finest Bitcoin casino software for sale at our enormous library of content.

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