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Updated 13.02.2023

Connect GreenMoney: the Best Payment Systems From the Smart Money Catalogue

GreenMoney software is a good opportunity to provide players with a unique financial tool, expand the sales geography, and increase the level of loyalty thanks to the impeccable reputation of the manufacturer.

The company appeared in the financial market about 10 years ago. Its main task is to help clients to save money on the maintenance of bank and credit cards and make any type of payments without additional fees.

GreenMoney payment system for gambling projects

You can find out more about the system's capabilities and connect GreenMoney on the most favourable terms by turning to Smart Money experts.

We are ready to deal with all organizational and legal issues, provide comprehensive support, and guarantee you an absolutely transparent and safe transaction. Regular customers are offered pleasant discounts and bonuses.

How the GreenMoney Payment System Works

The GreenMoney payment gateway is a unique multi-purpose product that can be named as an alternative to credit cards.

The aim of the system is to provide financial transaction collateral in various industries:

  • tourism;
  • pharmaceuticals;
  • electronic commerce;
  • startups with a high level of risk (the list includes beginning bookmakers and websites where gamblers can choose a slot machine in accordance with their preferences).

The product is designed for the interaction with American and Canadian audiences and works within the innovative system based on E-Check.

The GreenMoney software allows you to play in a casino after drawing an electronic check for the required sum of money. Operators of gambling platforms receive a unique code through which they withdraw funds directly from the gambler's bank account. Such a scheme dispenses clients from the need to pay mandatory bank charges for using credit cards.

Another feature of the system is that the participants in the transaction are not required to provide their contact information (for making payments, it will be sufficient to have the number of the drawn check). This approach allows you to distribute services even in the territories of those countries where gambling is strictly prohibited.

Features of Tariffing in the GreenMoney Program

GreenMoney program: tariffing plans

You can connect GreenMoney for electronic commerce of any format.

The provider offers several service plans for operators with different income level:

The pricing schedule for beginning investors

Gold Plan

The service is offered to those enterprises who have slender income and assumes a fixed monthly fee:

  • 2.90% + 0,25 dollars — payment for each executed transaction;

  • 9.99 dollars for monthly maintenance of the program;

  • 49 dollars for using a branded application;

  • 150 dollars — the size of a refundable deposit.

Price for the connection is 199 dollars

Tariffing of enterprises with large turnover

Green Premium

The package of services will cost 299 dollars (a single registration fee).

Monthly maintenance of the platform includes:

  • 2.40% + 0,20 dollars — a fee for each transaction within the system;

  • 19,99 dollars — monthly payment for the service package;

  • 149 dollars — the cost of an application;

  • 150 dollars — a refundable fee

Green Pro

The registration fee is 799,95 dollars.

Commissions that are included in the tariff:

  • 2,10% + 0,15 dollars — transaction fee;

  • 499,95 dollars — annual package of services;

  • 150 dollars — price of an application;

  • 150 dollars — a refundable deposit

Offers for enterprises with a high level of risks

Venture UHR

Opening of a venture account in the system will cost 199 dollars.

Monthly commission fee of the platform includes:

  • 4.95% + 0,50 dollars — payment for one transaction (regardless of the size of the transfer);

  • 30 dollars — monthly penalty;

  • 49 dollars — payment for using an application;

  • 150 dollars — a refundable deposit

Venture Pro

The registration will cost 400 dollars.

Monthly maintenance of the package includes:

  • 3.95% + 0,50 dollars — payment for the each operation maintained;

  • 19,99 dollars — a fixed commission fee (every month);

  • 250 dollars — fee for the installation of a branded application;

  • 150 dollars — a refundable deposit

Why Entrepreneurs Choose the GreenMoney Software

GreenMoney payment software: advantages

The development of this manufacturer has several features and advantages that make it stand out against the background of the solutions of competitors:

  1. Speed ​​of transactions. The service processes requests within 24 hours. As a rule, people get the money transfer on the day it was sent. Similar systems that use the E-Check technology carry out transactions within 5–6 days.
  2. The adaptability of the system. Given the growing popularity of the program, the developer is doing everything possible to connect GreenMoney to any administrative panel. Today, financial aggregator is actively used in online stores, digital pharmacies, gaming sites, and other virtual services.
  3. Billing channel. The GreenMoney software allows you to transfer money with a code that is sent to your e-mail. This way of communication is recognized by the company's clients as the most convenient and effective one.
  4. Security accreditation. Personal information of users is entered into the system via a special secure API gateway.
  5. Loyal commission fees. The average investor must pay up to 4% of his annual revenues to the bank that has issued a credit card. Those who decide to buy the GreenMoney payment system can work without this item of expenditure, receiving money directly from the player's bank account.
  6. Market coverage. The connection of GreenMoney is an excellent way to enter the American market. This system is customized to serve users from the USA and Canada.

The Main Things About the American Payment Gateway

The GreenMoney software is the advanced technology, user-friendly interface, and significant savings on the maintenance of credit cards.

Advantages of such a purchase:

  • Access to the largest commercial markets. The payment gateway is designed for large-scale work in the international market with a focus on the American audience.
  • Speed ​​of processing of external requests. An application for a transaction is considered within 24 hours, regardless of the time of day or the transferred sum.
  • The adaptability of the product. The payment aggregator can be installed on any commercial platform: online stores, virtual poker rooms, gaming sites, online pharmacies, and others.
  • High level of security. Special secure channels are used to process information. During the connection of the system, encrypted API gateways are used.

To learn more about the technical characteristics of the program and quickly connect GreenMoney, please contact Smart Money. We offer a secure purchase, transparent transaction, and comprehensive support.

Benefits of working with our team of specialists:

  • access to the best games (software from Microgaming, Betgames, Amatic, Ezugi, Vivo Gaming, Gaminator3, and other providers);
  • constant updating of the game content;
  • professional consulting on any issues;
  • round-the-clock customer support.

From us, you can buy the GreenMoney payment system and order ready-made turnkey casinos, products for the betting business, and solutions for land-based gambling establishments.

For any questions, please contact us:

  • by e-mail:
  • on Skype:
  • via the feedback form.

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist


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