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Updated 13.02.2023

Bookmaker Software Delasport: Buy Top Wagering Solutions at Smart Money

Delasport is one of the gambling industry's leading providers of premium solutions which are specifically created for the casino and bookmaker business.

The manufacturer recommends not only multifunctional software for betting Delasport but also extensive problem-solving plans. There are a licence, concise client support and a unique algorithm able to resolve the issues of possible risks.

Bookmaker software Delasport: top wagering solutions

The developer is proud of close cooperation with the largest industry brands:

You can get detailed knowledge on the technical characteristics of the company’s production examples and buy betting software Delasport on competitive terms at Smart Money. We guarantee a safe transaction, loyal prices, constant system updates and flexible discounts.

Characteristics of the Provider

This business was founded in 2010 and managed to enter the worldwide arena in record time. The location of the company’s central office is Gibraltar, plus there are ground offices on a variety of other territories.

Delasport’s betting software received its certification at the hands of the regulating group, which is also based there.

The presence of an official certificate opens up such prospects:

  • distribution of gambling services with the domain name com.;
  • less complicated system of accreditation of gaming enterprises;
  • the reduced financial overload of the digital commerce;
  • extensive partner network;
  • the loyalty of paying users.

Conditions for successful collaboration

Purchase of specialised services

Delasport’s betting software guarantees maximum market coverage. A multitude of regular matches and unique odds calculation algorithms can be accessed.

The product can be used as an element for scaling existing sites or as a separate service that does not depend on any others

Betting software Delasport White Label

The supplier’s suggestion is a ready-made platform, prepared to go immediately after creating a unique design and logo.

The company guarantees a prompt response and provides an outcome to administrative issues:

  • being in charge of possible risks;
  • marketing program;
  • after-sales service;
  • monitoring the effectiveness of trading plans

Software for Betting Delasport: Branded Offers

Software for betting shops Delasport is only one of the most effective ways to gain a foothold in the gaming market and get a stable influx of loyal customers.

Software for betting Delasport: branded offers

One of the most outstanding things that this system can offer is the number of service options the client can choose:

Handicaps for Multiple Markets

Delasport’s wagering software belongs to a few select platforms that let the two game formats to run simultaneously:

  1. European Handicap. The version has a bet on a draw, and events are displayed with its relation to the region where the competition takes place
  2. Asian Handicap. Deals are formed on the principle of double wager: you can either win or, alternatively, lose. Bets on a draw are not accepted. Current events are sorted chronologically.

The operator can alternate the Delasport software between handicaps anytime they like, or choose one of the options as the version that they prefer.

Quote Processing Centre

The company has formed a specialised division that analyses upcoming competitions and monitors any available industry sources.

The work of the analytical centre lets you compile a unique list for each presented event. The odds from the player are adjusted in dependence on a margin determined by the bookmaker and are managed through an upgraded risk control algorithm.

Product features:

  • adjustment of lines during the event;
  • show/hide leagues, completed matches and other thematic information;
  • formation of reporting summaries on payments and played bets;
  • successive updates.

Corporate Live Centre

Delasport’s products maintain the option of wagering in the live mode. This means that the user will have a chance to witness frequent broadcasts of the sports events.

Program features:

  • monthly line covering 200+ events;
  • regular system updates;
  • high rate of change of quotes;
  • continuous online update of statistical summaries (the option of Live Centre is available exclusively for soccer lineup).

Casino Products from Delasport

Users can play arcade games, run traditional slot machine equipment and card emulators, bet on video poker, participate in sessions with live dealers.

The platform integrates releases from the best industry providers. An additional advantage of working with the system: the operator can connect third-party software.

The expansion of the range of the site is regulated by an additional agreement, and the seller group provides comprehensive assistance in finding new manufacturers and integrating selected solutions.

Bookmaker Software Delasport in Mobile Format

The developer is very attentive to worldwide tendencies and has an aim to present releases with a guarantee of the maximum positive response. For example, all betting software at Delasport is made specifically to include playback on phone operating systems.

Advantages of the mobile version:

  • full copying of the options that can be found in the desktop version;
  • adaptive design with automated settings for specific device parameters;
  • variability of functioning (the product opens in a browser. As an alternate option, you can locate it in downloaded apps);
  • unique quotes for all active lines;
  • convenient administrative services for tracking financial history.

Brand Services

The brand's library contains highly specialised bookmaker software Delasport designed to enhance the efficiency of business processes and cover the maximum amount of target audience:

Management of Risks

Over 40 professionals who keep an eye on all the biggest events, game odds and the most popular betting options around the clock, are employed at the brand’s subsidiaries. This way of operating allows the group to form an optimal working strategy and suggest users the most popular games.

Customer Support

When you purchase products from the company, you can transfer all the user assistance issues to the seller's employees.

The following communication channels are provided:

  • email;
  • chatbots on the supplier's official website;
  • dedicated telephone line;
  • messenger.

Marketing Strategies

The manufacturer suggests a number of services to promote partner brands:

  • the organisation of ad promotions;
  • formation and launch of promotional offers;
  • control of the optical layout connected to the resource;
  • promotion of a new betting group in the publications;
  • work with cooperative networks;
  • assistance in the growth and implementation of additional plans of action.

Interactive Safety System

Delasport’s betting software is protected against any unauthorised actions by an innovative module with an implemented KYC option.

The program is designed to promptly perform the following tasks:

  • automatic user verification at each login;
  • identification and blocking of suspicious accounts (accounts with a negative credit history, attempts to play by minors, blocking access to the site for users from regions that prohibit gaming);
  • control over the financial activity of registered gamblers;
  • formation of adaptive behavioural models;
  • fixing and rejecting financial operations likely to evoke suspicion.

Integration Variants for Delasport’s Branded Goods

Delasport betting software: integration variants

Delasport’s betting software can go through full incorporation in the following ways:

  1. API connection. Seamless technologies and encrypted communication mediums improve the installation of the software, making it as quick and safe as possible. Depending on the necessity, the components are easily carried over to a different hosting.
  2. XML feeds. The channel is provided for scaling existing projects and allows you to connect certain elements, for example, only live broadcasts or a pre-painted line.
  3. Platform demo. The seller offers a free trial connection for up to 30 days. The operator can independently evaluate the technical characteristics and features of the administrative running of the system without the slightest chance of losing money.

The Main Things about Software for Bookmakers Delasport

This widely known corporation is offering a huge range of wagering production, as well as a variety of services that assist internet operating companies.

Benefits of collaborating with the company:

  • Legal status. The supplier's products are certified by one of the largest gaming regulators — the Gibraltar Gambling Commission.
  • Work variability. The operator can buy certain categories of products to scale existing start-ups or get access to a completely ready-made gaming platform under a White Label agreement.
  • Range of additional services. Clients can order specialised products at Delasport, alongside a multitude of related assistance: the control of risks, help in developing a strategic plan on the market, connecting an innovative arrangement that protects safety and analytical programs.
  • Wide live line. The operator’s platform makes the real-time event streaming option possible and offers 200+ monthly games.
  • Presence in the mobile market. The supplier has adapted all developments to run on personal devices. The system provides two channels of interaction: access to the site through a browsing application and playing through it.

Hurry up to purchase products from the brand on the most appealing terms! We guarantee good discounts, regular updates, assistance in practical debugging of the algorithm and prompt customer maintenance.

Joining forces with Smart Money means:

  • access to the latest innovations in the gambling market;
  • a large selection of wagering technologies;
  • ready-made turnkey casinos;
  • modern systems of protection;
  • payment options;
  • other acts of assistance for profitable and promising business.

Join the successful Smart Money family right now.

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist


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