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Updated 13.02.2023

BitGo Payment System for Casinos: Buy the Financial Module 

It is difficult to imagine the full-fledged operation of online casinos without an effective payment module. A good product must support a wide range of basic tasks. Moreover, a really decent module should apply innovative IT developments and tools.

BitGo payment system for casinos

If you want to expand the functionality of your gambling platform with the help of high-quality and progressive software, pay attention to the payment service from BitGo. You can order the product from Smart Money in a few clicks.

Focus on Digital Technologies

The brand BitGo is well known for its impeccable developments in the field of cryptocurrencies. The company became interested in digital technologies in 2017. This interest was facilitated by both the active position of CEO Mike Belshe and the increased popularity of Bitcoin.

BitGo is the only developer focused solely on working with institutional investors. These are representatives of e-commerce, retail, telecommunications, insurance and, of course, the gambling industry.

The use of digital currencies is a global iGaming trend of the coming decade. Therefore, operators willing to remain demanded should connect the payment service for casinos BitGo.

The installation of the casino payment system BitGo will allow you to test all modern technologies to the full. The manufacturer is using them for different purposes:

  • Instruments for protecting the payment module and a gaming platform from unauthorised access by third parties. Cryptographic encryption tools ensure the safety of data and financial assets of an online casino.
  • Cryptocurrency transactions. This is a new direction in the international settlement system. The BitGo team was one of the first to pay attention to this trend and provide universal software. The payment system for online casinos BitGo can perform financial operations in more than 15 popular digital currencies. This tool can let an operator expand the geography of users significantly.
  • Convenient electronic digital signatures. They will speed up and simplify the workflow, as well as transfer many formal operations to the Internet space. Documents and files with digital signatures cannot be falsified or stolen.

Reasons to Connect the BitGo Wallet for Casinos

BitGo wallet for casinos

Connecting the casino payment system BitGo is beneficial for many reasons. Here are some of them:



Multicurrency support

The integration of payment systems BitGo with casinos will allow operators to work with all popular currencies.

Users can make transfers in dollars, euros, Russian rubles, pounds sterling, Chinese yuan and other currencies

Low commission fees

One of the main criteria for choosing a gambling platform is loyal commission charges.

The payment system for online casinos BitGo will let you adjust the percentage of deductions for intermediary services independently. The developer provides flexible settings for this purpose

Fast translations

The integration of casinos with the BitGo payment systems guarantees instant depositing and withdrawing of money, regardless of the clients’ or servers’ location


Intervention by fraudulent organizations, hackers, and dishonest players is not possible due to the technological and operational protection.

All products of the brand are certified according to international SOC 2 (Service and Organization Controls) standards

User-friendly interface

The management of the system is a quite simple process. The supplier has provided a convenient and clear admin panel.

In case of difficulties, you can always contact the technical support team

The Huge Potential of the Payment Module

The installation of the casino payment system BitGo can save the operator from many problems associated with the organisation of payments.

The main tasks of the module are as follows:

  1. Support for more than 100 payment methods, including debit and credit card transfers, e-wallet payments, banking operations, online vouchers, mobile payments, transactions performed using digital currencies.
  2. Two-factor authentication for all accounts. The connection of the casino payment systems BitGo will let you identify any user as fast as possible and detect potential attackers automatically.
  3. Support for batch transactions to reduce expenses. This approach can also save your time allowing you to make instant money transfers.
  4. Control of users and their wallets for compliance with internal policies and procedures.
  5. Identification of risk payments and their subsequent verification for compliance with the laws of a particular country.
  6. The creation of multi-signature accounts. They are considered more secure than regular wallets. To make a withdrawal, a gamer or operator will need to provide a digital signature, because a standard 8-digit password is not a very reliable means of protection.
  7. Reporting. This service includes detailed analytics about all financial transactions performed within the platform, comprehensive tables, summaries and graphs that will accelerate the decision-making.

How to Connect the BitGo Casino Payment Service

BitGo casino payment service

To install the casino payment system BitGo, you do not need to make any changes to the source code of a working gambling resource. The supplier provided a good seamless API integration. Therefore, the integration process will take just a few minutes. Everything is simple, fast and safe.

Before connecting the BitGo wallet to a casino, an operator needs to sign a preliminary agreement with the company. It includes all the main nuances of cooperation, for example, the cost and terms of the installation, available currencies and additional services.

Then the provider should check the gambling platform for protection against fraudsters and the presence of vulnerable zones. If everything is in order, the operator can proceed to the integration of the product. The connection and testing are the tasks of the specialists. The customer only needs to receive the finished product. 

The Main Things about the Payment System

  • BitGo is a famous developer offering multitasking digital technology solutions.
  • An operator can buy the payment software or order an electronic digital signature to simplify the work with documentation.
  • All products of the brand support many currencies and have advanced functionality. Absolute safety of transfers is ensured due to using generally accepted SOC 2 standards.
  • The connection of the BitGo wallet for casinos is a simple procedure thanks to well-thought-out software tools.

To order the solution from BitGo, contact Smart Money managers.

We are engaged in the development of turnkey online casinos. Our company guarantees an individual approach to each client and lots of additional opportunities.

Bring your gambling project to a completely new level with Smart Money:

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist


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