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Updated 13.02.2023

Finstrum Payment Service

Partnership Offer

Finstrum International S.A. offers you options for cooperation with new payment service Finstrum®.

Find out more about the service on our website:

Finstrum® technology has been developed and is managed by the company Finstrum International S.A. based on the financial operations licenses (funds processing and factoring) issued by the Republic of Panama government.

Electronic voucher Finstrum® can be used by any voucher holder for financial online operations including Internet purchases, exchange for electronic currency, payment for online casino bets and obtaining the winnings.
Finstrum® electronic voucher is the best payment method for Internet clubs present on the market.


Finstrum is compatible with the most popular and well-known entertainment systems:

  • Superomatic
  • Playtech (Maxima casino)
  • 1 Class Casino
  • Gaminator
  • Win Win
  • Betman casino
  • Amatic (Flagman)

What You Get With Finstrum:

- Modern legal payment platform which helps you to expand your business;

- You focus on your main business development, while we deal with all aspects of payment management for you;

- You get not only modern software product, but also the advanced legal support from best industry specialists;

- Best online systems are already connected to the payment service;

Why Are We Different?

Practical aspect

- Electronic voucher is a payment method and not a payment system;

- It can be used to make payments for products and services online without additional registration on service provider’s website (which is quite convenient for gaming in online casino at an internet club);

- Anonymous;

- Electronic alternative for money;

Besides, installing the necessary programs takes less than a day because it can be done remotely. Our highly-qualified specialists know how to integrate online casino payment systems and electronic vouchers, launch and test software in a matter of hours.

Legal aspect

- Legal in relation to the Law of Russian Federation and the Republic of Panama, unlike all other offshore electronic money systems present on the Russian internet clubs market;

- System operator — Finstrum International S.A. — obtained two licenses for funds processing and factoring, which allows to operate electronic vouchers on a legal basis;

- Vouchers can be sold using cash register equipment if it’s necessary for agent/subagent;
Convenient for geographical agent

- Agent’s/subagent’s operation on the territory of Russian Federation is legal, as system’s Principal has all necessary permissions and licenses;

- Agent and Principal sign agent agreement register transaction passport and make actual settlements. Principal has an account in rubles in foreign bank, that’s why purchasing of foreign currency is not necessary for settlements;

- System can establish official agreements for promotion of its website with internet clubs, allowing the club owner to justify website bookmark in the favorite browser bookmarks, as well as icons on desktop, etc.;

- Each voucher has a printed QR code, allowing to simplify funds deposit and withdrawal operations (QR code recognition is possible with webcam or a hand-held scanner);

- Finstrum® electronic voucher can be sold automatically, using special equipment — electronic kiosks — and through agent’s/subagent’s cash desk using the special check thermal printer and QR code scanner.


- Allows to pay for services online without additional registration. For example, online casino accepting vouchers allows to start playing at once after input of voucher PIN number (instant play) and automatically adds winnings to this voucher. Opening of a player’s account, when a client needs to remember login, choose password and have an email, is not necessary.

- Web interface of Finstrum® payment terminal allows user to apply voucher for payment for the most popular services in RF – mobile operators and Internet providers.

- To make the procedure of voucher payment easier, user can scan a QR code printed on voucher, with a help of a simple webcam. QR code has encrypted voucher requisites, that’s why it’s no longer necessary to type them manually!

- Finstrum specialists provide a 24/7 technical support via phone, email and Skype.

Commercial Offer

With reference to the foregoing we offer you the following trends for mutually beneficial cooperation.

1) Connecting your internet café to Finstrum® payment service with a wide range of gaming platforms;

Benefits for you:

  • You get a modern legal payment platform on the base of which you will be able to develop your business; 
  • You focus only on the development of your main business – we take personal charge of making payments;
  • You get not only a modern software product, but a highly professional legal support from the best specialists of the branch;
  • Different gaming systems are already connected and in the process of connection to our payment service (both popular and established on the Russian market, and new exclusive products);
  • You will be to decide on the set of gaming systems, that your internet café will be dealing with, taking into consideration their price, popularity in a definite area, functionality and etc.;
  • In case you need to change the gaming system, you will not need to buy new equipment or to retrain your staff; the procedure will take a couple of minutes, and the payment platform will remain the same! 
  • Know-how! If you own several cafes or a chain, you can make voucher sales outlets friendly to each other. In that case voucher sold in one of your cafes can be converted into cash in another friendly café. 

2) Engaging agents and representatives to promote the system on local markets.

  • We are open to cooperation and looking for local agents and representatives to popularize the service on local markets.
  • Our agents get decent compensation composed of percentage profit gained for attracted customers.

3) We are also ready to consider other forms of collaboration that have connection to the range of services provided by Finstrum ® payment service. 

Equipment Needed for Aagent’s/ Aubagent’s Aales Outlet

Making payments over the agent’s/ subagent’s counter 
Item Range of use Price
1. Check printer Star TSP143 Device allows to automatize the print of vouchers, checks for voucher loading and withdrawal of funds. It is installed on agent’s/subagent’s workplace. 22 000 RUB
2.  MS 1690 Focus
Device allows to recognize the QR-code on the voucher. It simplifies the work of cashier when dealing with customers. 15 000 RUB
Total: 37 000 RUB

In unattended mode (automatically controlled) 
1. Electronic terminal SD-09
Sizes: 1550*700*410
Touch screen display 17'' 6 mm
Hard drive 120 GB
Processor Intel Celeron 1,8 GHz
Power supply 450W
Check printer Сustom VKP 80
Cash acceptor CashCode SM
Cash dispenser Puloon LDCM 2000

Device allows to automatize the voucher sales process, voucher loading and withdrawal.

Software is provided by Finstrum International S.A.

220 000 RUB 

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist


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