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Updated 13.02.2023

Alpha Casino Fraud Protection: Safety Instruments for Sale

Inexperienced operators often face threats of hacking and data theft. The gambling industry attracts scammers. The low quality and poor protection of gambling projects make them easy prey for scammers.

Casino security software from Alpha Protection

The Smart Money team advises you to order the casino security software from Alpha Protection. This product can ensure the safety of information stored by a gaming platform and protects an entrepreneur from the risks of ruining his or her reputation and losing user traffic.

The Tasks of the Software

It is worth connecting the Alpha software to protect the casino due to its wide functionality. The solution is applicable both for the virtual gambling sphere and offline establishments. The manufacturer's product guarantees the security of source code, confidential data, and server hardware.

The essential functions of the solution are as follows:

  • fighting multi-accounting, unlawful appropriation of an account and other manifestations of non-transparent play;
  • high-quality risk management of transactions (replenishments and withdrawals, money transfers, bonus payments);
  • protecting resources against piracy and theft of intellectual property (base of gamers, exclusive developments, solutions for VIP clients);
  • blocking hacker attacks, destructive script injection, and spam;
  • control over the access of minors to slot machine websites;
  • combating internet bots (they are often used for traffic cheats and withdrawals of funds in the form of bonuses or cashback);
  • detecting weaknesses in the structure of the program code and eliminating problems.

The Specifics of the Product

The system of ID verification for casinos from Alpha Protection ensures comprehensive multi-level security of the gambling platform. The software strengthens the base script, checks the accuracy of data and the activity of gamers, partners, and competitors.

The casino security software from Alpha Protection consists of several command centres:

Security Assessment

This is a detailed risk assessment in a real-time mode. The service identifies potential intruders and blocks them instantly.

Reliable users get the opportunity to play the best entertainments with decent rewards

Security System

To ensure maximum casino security, Alpha Protection applies advanced technologies aimed at the protection of the original script.

They include cryptographic encryption algorithms, binary code creation, anti-fraud systems, and other innovative techniques

Risk Management

This service is used for multifactor control of payments with prompt identification of risky transactions. The software provides a manual analysis of transactions over $100.

Thanks to the module, the Alpha casino protection software can combat many financial problems of the operator: money laundering, conducting suspicious transfers, and theft of funds from gamers’ accounts

User Verification

To protect the gambling resource from fraudsters providing fake data, it is worth connecting the verification for casinos from Alpha Protection.

The system performs multifactorial check using biometrics and analysis of users’ age


Multilingual maintenance service is focused on solving technical problems.

The operator can contact a professional consultant regarding issues related to the integration of the program product, the set of working solutions, and the configuration of additional options in the software functionality

Why Is It Worth Installing These Security Tools?

Alpha Protection security tools: installing

If the entrepreneur decides to connect the Alpha software to protect the casino, he or she will receive a lot of additional opportunities.

The benefits of security products:

  1. Cross-platform support. The solution is suitable for both mobile casinos and gambling desktop websites, as well as for the integration in land-based terminals, and self-service gambling systems. The programming language does not affect the quality and speed of the software installation. The components of the system do not conflict with each other.
  2. The scalability. The system of ID verification for casinos from Alpha Protection is applicable for working with several commercially independent gambling projects. The entrepreneur will be able to manage websites located on different servers.
  3. The adaptability. To maintain casino security, Alpha Protection is constantly improving its solutions. The provider responds to changes in the legal framework, releases of new IT tools, and advanced fraud schemes promptly.
  4. The demo version of the product. The developer offers to connect the Alpha verification for casinos absolutely free for 30 working days to test it. This time is enough to assess the advantages of the software and make a decision regarding buying the Alpha casino fraud protection.
  5. Simple management. To understand the principles of software management, the businessman does not need to have special technical skills. Programs are updated automatically, without manual intervention. If the operator faces some difficulties, he or she can contact the support team.

How to Connect the Verification System?

The authentication system is a key component of the provider's software. The business owner can select the desired level of user validation independently.

The system of ID verification for casinos from alpha Protection consists of three levels:

  1. Basic check. Only a password is used to access an account.
  2. Two-factor login control. The user must enter a digital code received via a phone call or SMS additionally.
  3. Multilevel identification. The standard components are supplemented with the option of biometric face recognition or document authentication (identity card, driver's licence, etc.).

To guarantee casino fraud protection, Alpha is constantly improving the rules for user verification. This is especially important for legal operations in jurisdictions with a strict attitude towards gambling activities.

Performing significant financial operations and interacting with VIP-gamers require a high level of safety. The operator will be able to achieve it by connecting the reliable Alpha casino fraud protection software with multi-level verification.

The Main Things about the Casino Protection Software Alpha

Casino protection software from the Alpha provider

Alpha Protection is a supplier of high-quality multifunctional security products.

  • The firm focuses its activities on both internet establishments and land-based businesses, offering comprehensive solutions.
  • The software copes with bots, multi-accounting, piracy, hacker attacks, and other types of fraud successfully.
  • The product includes payment risk management, source script protection, and user identification. Good technical support is provided by the supplier.

Order the Alpha Protection software from Smart Money by contacting our manager.

In addition to security products, you can buy solutions for launching iGaming businesses. We propose turnkey gaming websites, mobile platforms, innovative VR projects with a vivid library of games, as well as many other options.

Contact our employees for more information:

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Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist


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