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Updated 13.02.2023

Buy CP-Money Software: the Best Financial Gateway for the Gambling Business

The CP-Money payment system is a multipurpose financial tool the aim of which is to provide for all types of online transactions. The service is actively used for:

  • purchase payments in online stores;
  • making payments for public utilities;
  • top up mobile numbers;
  • purchase of air tickets and services of transportation carriers;
  • making payments for entertainment services (cinema tickets and so on);
  • placement of bets and withdrawal of money in gambling establishments.

CP-Money software: payment system

You can get acquainted with the full list of technical characteristics and quickly connect and launch CP-Money payment system with the help of Smart Money. We take care of all organizational issues, guarantee secure integration, and offer discounts for our regular customers.

Features of the Financial Module

Interesting fact: initially, the manufacturer did not plan to cooperate with casino operators. However, the development came off so successful and effective that owners of online gambling platforms themselves decided to use the product for their needs.

Technical characteristics and capabilities of the service

Multicurrency support

The decision to launch CP-Money payment system multiplies helps operators to reach a wider audience — the platform not only allows to carry out transactions in any currency in the world but also offers good exchange rates (quotes are updated in real-time)

Security of financial and information flows

For information transfer, special encrypted channels and reliable remote servers are used.

The developer guarantees:

  • multilevel protection against viruses;

  • confidentiality of user data;

  • protection against system failures and other technical problems;

  • high speed of request processing

Cross-platform UI

The product is developed with the use of innovative technologies and is compatible with popular operating systems (Windows, Linux, iOS)

Built-in audience retention program

The CP-Money payment system offers not only favourable exchange rates.

Program members are offered:

  • personal special offers;

  • cash bonuses;

  • a well-thought-out cashback system;

  • coupons;

  • thematic draws

Data storage

Data on transactions, the number of requests, quotes at the time of payment or replenishment of the account are kept in the cloud storage in an encrypted form where third parties cannot access.

The system automatically saves and archives all information received. Each operation is assigned a unique key code

How the Payment Gateway Works

CP-Money software for casinos: features

There are websites where you can choose a slot machine for free but in order to start a game session for money, it is necessary to pass the multi-level verification system and provide the casino operator with your personal data (scan of the passport, bank statements, etc.).

The CP-Money payment system significantly simplifies the procedure. To play for real money, gamblers just need to download the client-side version of the program to their devices.

Features of the service:

  • access to relevant exchange rates;
  • user-friendly interface and easy navigation;
  • high response speed (it takes several minutes to process and carry out money transfers);
  • ability to view the history of transactions;
  • mandatory electronic receipt for each transaction;
  • round-the-clock customer support;
  • automatic saving of information even in case of the failed access to the Network.

Why Casino Operators Should Launch CP-Money Payment System

The decision to buy CP-Money software has several undeniable advantages:

  1. Installation speed. The system integration takes place in record time — it will take no more than 10 minutes to download and debug the product.
  2. Work in the international format. The service accepts any fiat money, offers favourable exchange rates, and automatically converts currency into local monetary units. All processes are automated and do not require manual adjustment.
  3. Electronic receipt and history of transactions. All clients of the system receive a receipt that confirms the transaction made. Moreover, all manipulations with the platform are recorded, archived, and transferred for storage to secure cloud servers.
  4. Time of transfer. The manufacturer guarantees a stable response at any time of the day, constant monitoring of the system's performance, and rapidness during the application processing. As a rule, it takes 2–3 minutes to complete a transaction and notify the client about the outcome of the transaction.
  5. Payback speed. Considering the possibility of working in the international format, access to internal exchange rates and a built-in promotional program for regular customers, we can say that the system pays off much faster than any other payment gateway.

The Main Things About the CP-Money Payment Aggregator

CP-Money payment aggregator: advantages

Acceptance of the in-game deposits through the CP-Money system is an excellent way to provide all players with absolute security, favourable exchange rates, and high speed of money transfers.

Advantages of the program:

  • Ease of operation. It is enough for casino operators to give players brief instructions on how to work with the platform. All other actions are performed by users through the client-side version installed on their personal devices.
  • Cross-platform. The product is adapted to any operating system, provides a quick response regardless of the connection speed, and automatically saves information even in case of the failed access to the Network.
  • Multicurrency. The system accepts payments in any fiat currency and automatically converts the money into local currency at the most favourable rate.
  • Response speed. To access the internal services of the platform, you will need 10 minutes (maximum installation time). All operations require only 2–3 minutes, regardless of the access time.
  • Electronic receipt. Customers are notified of the transaction status with the use of a personal digital receipt. Moreover, users can request a detailed history of payments (all data on the interaction with the platform is archived and stored on remote servers).

To learn more about the technical characteristics of the product and order the integration of software into your gaming site, please contact the Smart Money company.

We guarantee prompt feedback, a secure transaction, and access to the best gambling releases on the market.

From us, it is also possible to order multipurpose payment services, interactive security systems, turnkey casinos, and software for the betting business.

Set up a secure and fast-payback project with Smart Money! Our contacts:

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist


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