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Entering the legal markets

Most African states have legalised gambling activities or are in the process of adopting appropriate laws

International gaming licenses

The Smart Money team will help you get a desired offshore gaming permit as quickly and simply as possible

Loyal potential audience

Africans like traditional online casino games, slots, VR and AR entertainments, as well as sports betting

Accessibility of gambling

The development of Internet technologies has made online gaming accessible to absolutely everyone in Africa

Low level of competition

The African gambling market is developing and expanding today. Therefore, the number of competitors is small

Start-up self-sufficiency

You will receive the desired profit after 3-6 months after the launch of your online project in Africa

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Opening a Gambling Business in Africa: The Benefits for Operators

1. The Gambling Market in Africa: The Offline and Online Sectors

2. The Advantages of the African Market

3. The State of Online Gambling

4. Why is it Worth Buying a Turnkey Casino in Africa

5. The Main Things about Working in the African Gaming Market

The gambling market in Africa is attracting the attention of local businessmen and foreign investors. The gaming industry of this continent is characterised by a favourable business environment.

Smart Money experts decided to study the features of the gambling market in Africa to help you understand how to launch your online casino in this region.

The Gambling Market in Africa: The Offline and Online Sectors

Gambling market in Africa: offline and online sectors

The most profitable gambling markets in the African region are as follows:

  • South Africa;
  • Tunisia;
  • Nigeria;
  • Kenya.

Is gambling legal in Africa? Lots of African countries have legalised online and land-based gaming activities. This decision helped them attract additional investments. 

Several African countries attract the attention of millions of tourists. Tunisia is a prime example here. The travel and gaming industries work closely together in this country. Stylish luxury casinos were built in many cities.

South Africa is another example of successful legalisation of the gambling business in Africa. Tourists and locals are allowed to visit land-based casinos and betting establishments. The gambling market in Africa generates millions of dollars in revenue every year. These indicators contribute to the development of the region.

As for the legality of online gambling, African gambling laws allow virtual casinos to operate in some states. At the same time, other countries have legalised the gambling business in Africa only partially. Nevertheless, a large number of gamblers visit popular online resources every day.

The Advantages of the African Market

Operators want to start a casino business in Africa for several reasons:

  1. The loyalty of the audience. Entrepreneurs wish to launch African gambling establishments due to the great popularity of various entertainments. People like games of chance and sports betting. This is a favourite leisure activity for many residents of the region.
  2. Low level of competition. The local gaming industry is evolving rapidly today. Experts predict a sharp rise in the popularity of the African market. Therefore, hurry up to buy a casino in Africa while the level of competition is not very high.
  3. The absence of restrictions. Most African gambling laws are quite loyal. Countries provide optimal conditions for operators. Moreover, many governments have little or no control over the online sector.

The State of Online Gambling

Online gambling in Africa: popular games

Some countries prohibit virtual gambling business in Africa. However, these states do not regulate the activities of foreign gambling resources.

This means that operators wishing to launch African gambling websites and work following the gambling law in Africa 2020 can register and license their companies in offshore jurisdictions.

The most popular online entertainments among African gamblers are as follows:

  • sports betting;
  • poker, baccarat, blackjack;
  • video slots;
  • bingo;
  • lotteries.

The Benefits of Mobile Gambling

The development of high-speed Internet and the popularisation of mobile gambling business in Africa have allowed a lot of operators to expand their target audiences. Learn more about the benefits and prospects of this gaming format.

Financial affordability

Even citizens with modest incomes can play their favourite games of chance using mobile devices


Residents of the most remote corners of the continent have the opportunity to participate in gaming activities.

Moreover, there are no dress code and admission fees

Simple gameplay

Casino software in Africa is marked by simple and exciting plots.

For example, to play video slots, just make a few clicks. Additional bonus features (gamble, Wild and Scatter) will make the game process more interesting

Round-the-clock operation

Virtual mobile establishments operate around the clock. 

In addition, the customer support service is ready to answer the users’ questions at any time

Why is it Worth Buying a Turnkey Casino in Africa

Turnkey casino in Africa: advantages

If you want to start a casino in Africa, but have a limited budget and time, you should consider purchasing a turnkey casino. This solution has a lot of advantages. Consider some of them:

  1. Saving your time. Many operators willing to buy casinos in Africa spend a lot of time looking for reliable suppliers. After purchasing a turnkey casino in Africa, you will not have to search for the necessary products yourself. It will be the task of real professionals.
  2. Assistance in licensing. Obtaining an African casino license implies collecting and preparing a large number of documents. The cooperation with experts can help you get a gaming permit in the shortest possible time.
  3. Saving financial resources. Turnkey casinos in Africa include good gaming products at reasonable prices. Reputable companies often organise promotions and offer discounts for their regular customers.
  4. The selection of gaming content. Get the best casino software in Africa (Amatic, EGT, Microgaming, Nextgen, etc.). The gaming solutions will interest everyone (video slots, poker, roulette, baccarat, lottery, bingo, etc.)
  5. Attracting and retaining customers. By purchasing a turnkey casino in Africa, you will receive an effective marketing program. It will help you popularise your project and get decent user traffic. At the same time, promotions, bonuses and cashbacks will retain the most promising customers.
  6. Informational support. Starting an online gambling establishment in Africa is a rather complicated process consisting of many stages. Professional information support is a must for operators. With the help of experts, you can learn more about the specifics of the market, its advantages and pitfalls, study the advantages of different software components, develop a further strategy for the development of your business, etc.
  7. Online casino protection. To start an online gambling business in Africa and gain the trust of your clients, it is necessary to protect your resource with reliable security systems. Cutting-edge instruments will help you detect potential scammers even at the registration stage. Besides, they will help you prevent bonus abuse, DDoS attacks and money laundering.
  8. Connecting innovative payment methods. Receive the advanced payment casino software in Africa. Up-to-date financial tools will allow you to work with bank cards, electronic payment systems, wallets and even cryptocurrencies. It should be noted that Bitcoin projects are in great demand in India today. They do not contradict the gambling law in Africa 2020. 
  9. Fast payback of the project. You will get the desired profit within 3-6 months after opening a gambling website in Africa. This is the average time needed for attracting regular, solvent consumers.

The Main Things about Working in the African Gaming Market

If you want to develop your own business in one of the fastest-growing gaming markets in the world, you should consider opening a gambling portal in Africa.

The African gaming industry has the following benefits:

  • casino law in Africa allows land-based operators to provide their services on a legal basis;
  • online casino owners can work under international licenses;
  • legal online betting in Africa is in great demand nowadays;
  • buying a turnkey casino in Africa is the most convenient way to launch a gambling establishment.

Smart Money cooperates with successful online casino owners around the world. We have over 10 years of experience. During this time, our experts have managed to win the trust of many clients.

The company is engaged in the development of turnkey virtual projects, the sale of casino software in Africa, business licensing, the connection of payment systems and the provision of other useful services. Our regular customers have the opportunity to get substantial discounts.

If you want to learn more about the casino law in Africa or start your own online project, please, leave a request to our consultants. We will be glad to provide the necessary information and answer our questions.

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