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Updated 13.02.2023

Casino Fraud Protection Bet IT Best: Reliable Security System for Sale

Bet IT Best is known for its well-thought-out gambling security software. The German brand applies innovative technologies and fraud detection methods to prevent malicious attacks promptly.

Сasino protection software from Bet IT Best

You can buy or rent an easy-to-install, adaptive and reliable casino protection software Bet IT Best from Smart Money. The product will guarantee the safety of confidential information, making your business attractive to investors and partners.

The Instruments for Managing Cyber Risks

The vendor has released adaptive software to guarantee Bet IT Best casino security.

The platform has the following features:

  • Comprehensive protection. The system protects not only websites but also server equipment. This approach allows the product to be used for many commercially independent projects belonging to the same owner. The connection of verification for casinos from Bet IT Best is especially beneficial for operators engaged in several types of gambling activities (lotteries, betting, etc.).
  • The prevention of attacks. The system records the anomalous activity of hackers even before the invasion, blocks incorrect and potentially dangerous applications, and eliminates the risk of systematic seizure of accounts. Successful experience in combating scammers allows a provider to create behavioural models of intruders and study their schemes for quick detection of fraudulent activities in the future.
  • Wide coverage of covert threats and infected files in hybrid networks. To ensure casino security, Bet IT Best has integrated into its software the functions of detecting and neutralising any interference in cloud storage at the HTTP/S, DNS, and IP levels.
  • The identification of hidden accounts. They are created by scammers and minors. If the operator does not detect the threat in time, he or she can lose a lot of money and suffer from serious government sanctions (up to licence revocation). The Bet IT Best casino security software detects and declassifies suspicious accounts. The entrepreneur will have no reason to doubt the transparency of operations performed on the website.
  • The fight against bots. They are used for getting low-quality Internet traffic in short terms, money laundering, and bonus abuse. The software can prevent such actions and informs the casino owner about potential risks.

The Technologies Applied by the Platform

The manufacturer follows innovations and trends in the field of iGaming software development. This time, the company focused on advanced IT practices that can help businessmen to avoid risk and make their online resources more convenient to control and operate.

The Bet IT Best casino security software includes the following technologies:

  1. Cookies. These files are well protected from external influences. They require a minimum of RAM. Cookies provide a more comfortable interaction of customers with the website, increasing its user traffic.
  2. Fraud monitoring. The system does not imply manual verification of money transfers. It can simplify the management of projects greatly. The Bet IT Best casino fraud protection monitors transactions, records anomalies, and blocks suspicious payments automatically in continuous mode. The service is often used in the financial sector.
  3. SIG (Secure Internet Gateways). These are special channels for reliable transmission of classified data between the server, the gambling platform and the gamer's device. The tool can solve lots of issues related to intentional corporate data leakage. A useful tip: it is better to connect the Bet IT Best software to protect the casino if the online establishment script is stored not on a regular server, but in the cloud storage.
  4. UDP, TCP, and DNS filters. They are able to prevent massive attacks on the gambling site. The software checks the following suspicious activities very carefully: visiting the website from a new device, too frequent or increased transaction, search queries from external sources that are atypical for a gamer, etc.
  5. API technologies. These tools will allow you to connect the Bet IT Best verification for casinos in less than half an hour. The installation does not depend on the language of the main programs. Additional components (payment gateways, loyalty systems, customisation tools, etc.) used to improve the performance of the gambling resource do not affect the speed of the integration too.

The Stages of ID Verification for Casinos from Bet IT Best

ID verification for casinos from Bet IT Best

Due to the increasing frequency of fraud associated with user accounts and their personal information, the company has developed an authentication module. Its main task is in separating ordinary visitors from possible scammers.

Gamblers who have passed the test successfully can play interesting real money entertainments with good bonuses.

The system of ID verification for casinos from Bet IT Best operates according to the following scheme:


Short description

Data collection during the initial registration

Not only the personal data of a user (name, age, country) are considered, but also the characteristics of his or her device (PC or mobile gadget) used to create an account.

The system of ID verification for casinos Bet IT Best records the domain, unique IP-address, date and time of the registration. This information is located in a virtual storage

Multifactorial analysis during subsequent visits to the slot machine website

When the gambler visits the resource again, the Bet IT Best ID verification for casinos compares the new data with the previously received information.

The characteristics must be one hundred per cent identical. If some inconsistencies are found (for example, logging in from another IP), the service will request additional confirmation of identity from the user to verify the legality of the situation

Advanced identification

This instrument is needed to interact with VIP clients or gamers who hide their IP addresses. It is also recommended connecting the Bet IT Best software to protect the casino and check players making large bets.

The above verification methods are supplemented by document analysis (the user’s photo is required) and a unique biometric face recognition option

Taken together, these steps will help you determine who your customers are and whether they impersonate other users. To get one hundred per cent casino fraud protection, Bet IT Best recommends using the maximum number of proposed authentication methods.

An important nuance: the collected information can be used not only to protect your gambling resource. It will also be useful when creating personalised solutions for each category of visitors (by age, country, etc.) classified using the identification tools.

Additional Benefits of the Security Software

The developer has ensured good performance of the software at maximum server load. When using the Bet IT Best casino fraud protection, the customer will get rid of such problems as the slowdown of operations or Internet disconnection. Requests are processed quickly: some actions take a few seconds.

The manufacturer has implied a simple integration with working gambling projects. The new code does not break the functionality of the original script. Moreover, it improves and protects it.

The software is suitable for online bookmaker projects. The principle of operation is the same as for online casinos here: the system identifies players in the shortest possible time, protects the code from cyber threats, and speeds up the information processing.

The Main Things about the Protection Product

Bet IT Best protection products for casinos

Bet IT Best is a well-known and sought-after developer offering high-quality programs for ensuring the security of gambling businesses.

  • The provider's software is focused on comprehensive website protection at all access levels. Particular attention is paid to preventing DDoS attacks and identifying encrypted accounts.
  • The product is based on anti-fraud systems, security gateways, cookies, and other advanced IT technologies.
  • The authentication of visitors can follow a simple or complex scheme. In both cases, not only the user is checked, but also the device from which the login was made.

Order the Bet IT Best protection products from Smart Money.

Besides, our team proposes software for online casinos and land-based terminals, the development of games with unique designs, as well as the assistance in licensing and promoting the company on the Internet.

Let Smart Money protect your business:

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