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Updated 13.02.2023

Buy Trusted Ready-Made Software for eSports Betting from NetShop

The timely and high-quality processing of digital information is an important element for the proper operation of a gambling site. If you want to provide better customer service and protect your web resource from hackers, take a look at the NetShop software for eSports betting.

Software for eSports betting from the NetShop provider

A multifunctional and safe product for successful work in the gambling industry can be purchased at Smart Money.

Brief Information about the Company

NetShop Internet Services is an international brand specialising in web hosting solutions. The manufacturer has been on the market since 2004. During this time, it managed to earn a reputation as a reliable and trusted partner.

NetShop ISP services and products are actively used in the IT industry. The brand also cooperates with representatives of such areas as financial technologies, banking, iGaming, Forex, and blockchain.

A decade of experience in the gaming industry makes the developer one of the most reputable partners for start-up creators, B2C and B2B managers, gambling providers and internet payment companies. The group cooperates with bookmakers, owners of online casinos and poker sites.

NetShop’s eSports betting software and its services include:

  • placement of wagering equipment;
  • rent of servers without OS;
  • private cloud;
  • preparation of technical documentation;
  • IT audit;
  • data centres.

Among the clients of the brand are Parimatch, Unisol Gaming, Livegames, Spadegaming and other well-known providers.

Professional Data Processing

NetShop ISP offers dedicated servers, racks, cloud hosting and managed data services.

The company's employees control NetShop eSports solutions through four data centres:

Cyprus, EU

There are 4 data processing facilities in Cyprus. They serve 300+ international suppliers predominantly from the European continent

Malta, EU

You can connect NetShop eSports solutions through 3 centres in Malta.

The facilities are housed in state-of-the-art facilities with a capacity of approximately 600 racks per 1,200 sq. m. They work through two main internet providers — GO and Vodafone

United Kingdom, EU

4 centres in the UK use fibre optic routing. National operator Tier 1 offers communication through a truncated internal cable network

Los Angeles, US

NetShop eSports solutions are worth buying for managers who plan to scale their business in the Asian market.

The state-of-the-art data centre in Los Angeles guarantees optimised routing to Asian countries. The company offers space for server equipment, co-location service and interaction with top suppliers from around the world

Security Issues

NetShop software: security issues

Offering website hosting and a wide range of information processing services, the company pays close attention to software security issues. Confidential data is securely protected during storage, transfer and use by the operator of the bookmaker’s office or online casino.

Creating eSports solutions, NetShop directs the main forces to comprehensive protection against DDoS threats.

The developer offers:

  • protection against hacker attacks and link flooding;
  • differential backups and data centres (help to stay online during a DDoS attack);
  • services of automatic copying and redirection of operations;
  • data encryption according to AES-256 and 2048-bit SSL protocol;
  • system analysis of data from several sources (for timely notification of attacks and their elimination);
  • real-time support from security experts.

NetShop software for eSports betting is powered by SpamExperts. This is a good email security solution used by hosting companies, bookmakers, and online casino operators.

The program features:

  • archiving of incoming and outgoing e-mail;
  • constantly updated intellectual protection mechanism;
  • filtering and rapid reflection of emerging threats.

Data centres are equipped with the latest power generators, cooling and heating systems, network devices and other high-quality technologies. This guarantees 24/7 operation (without weekends, power outages, etc.).

Daily checks, network and traffic monitoring tools ensure the uninterrupted operation of hub sites.

International Сertification

NetShop eSports betting software has received several prestigious certifications:

  1. ISO 2700. The manufacturer's products and services guarantee data security and uninterrupted operation. All information transmitted through server hardware is encrypted using a forced SSL connection.
  2. ISO 9001:2015. The standard establishes a unified quality management system necessary for effective customer service.
  3. PCI DSS. The developer offers reliable support for credit card transactions. The user's confidential information remains protected, so gamers are not afraid to play slot machines and place bets for money.
  4. SSAE 16 (type 2). The document sets the standards for reporting on the level and effectiveness of control in the service organisation.
  5. SOC. The standard for data centres. It contains a description and assessment of control procedures in the processing of financial information, as well as an opinion on the effectiveness of the selected control methods.

Gambling Business Licensing and Management Software

Entrepreneurs who decide to buy NetShop eSports solutions get access to certified products from the best software manufacturers.

NetShop is the official distributor of such solutions:

Microsoft SPLA

The original licensing program was designed for providers of gambling services and products.

The software allows you to organise a business with a secure cloud hosting, does not require forecasting and upfront start-up costs


The solution is aimed at entrepreneurs who offer cloud services to other customers or use virtualisation technologies for internal needs.

Thanks to VMWare technology, NetShop software for eSports betting can be installed and maintained at the lowest cost


Unified digital workspace platform. It increases the productivity and transparency of the work of bookmaker employees (analysts, administrators, support representatives) through a single user-friendly interface


The solution automates server control, creates sites and domain zones in a few clicks, launches email networks, stores and manages web files


A virtualisation solution that allows you to run several isolated operating systems on one dedicated server. These are VE or VPS type containers that mimic full-fledged server

Managers who decide to buy NetShop eSports solutions receive a free domain name for the entire period of cooperation. The bookmaker can choose an exclusive domain from 800+ submitted TLDs.

SSL Certification from the Provider

The company offers comprehensive encryption and protection for betting sites and online casinos. In 2020, about 80% of resources use encrypted traffic, so using advanced encryption technologies is a good way to ensure protection and stay on-trend.

When ordering NetShop eSports betting software, the operator additionally receives:

  • multi-brand and multi-purpose SSL/TLS certificates;
  • unlimited number of subdomains;
  • free SSL document for orders with a 2fyear billing cycle;
  • special certification marks for placement on a gambling resource;
  • fast paperwork (up to 10 days).

The Main Things about How to Buy NetShop eSports Solutions

NetShop eSports solutions: key notions

NetShop is a professional team specialising in hosting services and data management. The company cooperates with financial institutions, Forex exchanges, blockchain projects, as well as with representatives of the gambling industry.

The supplier offers:

  • Site hosting. The developer's server hardware is protected from any attacks, ensuring the maximum performance of the gambling site under critical loads.
  • Data management and processing. The provider has created 8 innovative data centres located in the US, UK, Malta and Cyprus.
  • Programs for licensing and effective business management. NetShop's eSports solutions include original Microsoft SPLA, VMWare, Citrix, cPanel & WHM partner products.
  • SSL certificates. All 2-year contracts come with a free SSL certification that can be completed in as little as 10 days.

You can buy supplier’s solutions at Smart Money after agreeing on the details with our manager.

We offer comprehensive software for bookmakers and eSports betting operators. Our catalogue contains production from, Gaminator3, Microgaming, Vivo Gaming and other famous manufacturers.

Create a respectable business with us.

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist


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