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Updated 13.02.2023

Casino Payment System from Alphapo: How to Connect a Financial Module 

The Alphapo payment system for online casinos is a unique development for ensuring cryptocurrency transactions. The service is designed for virtual enterprises. It can allow you not only to make transfers using electronic money, but also exchange it to fiat currency with the most favourable rate at the time of the transaction.

Casino payment system from Alphapo

You can familiarize yourself with the nuances of the product, order a free version, and connect the Alphapo casino payment systems from Smart Money. Our team is ready to provide consulting services and take responsibility for technical support of the project (integration, initial setup, troubleshooting, etc.).

The Benefits of the Product

The developer's goal is to help online businesses provide cryptocurrency transfers. The company coped with this task successfully. Moreover, it is improving its achievements constantly. Therefore, it is possible to install a casino payment system from Alphapo, both as the main and additional payment tool.

The connection of the Alphapo casino payment system can bring the following benefits to the operator:

  • a unique database with more than 30 cryptocurrency services;
  • withdrawal of funds and replenishment of wallets can be carried out in 25 fiat currencies;
  • application processing and money transfer can be performed in 3 seconds;
  • all savings and deposits of clients are held in special wallets;
  • the manufacturer guarantees round-the-clock smooth operation of the system;
  • the customer can save more than 70% of costs due to the minimum commission fees.

Integration of Casino Payment Systems from Alphapo: The Characteristics of the Project

Integration of casino payment systems from Alphapo

The connection of a casino payment system from Alphapo is an excellent opportunity to maximize the audience of your gambling website. The iGaming industry was the first to appreciate the benefits of using cryptocurrency. According to statistics, every second online institution in the world will work with electronic money by 2022.

The Alphapo casino payment system has several advantages:

A Variety of Cryptocurrency Services

A good selection of popular electronic systems is available to customers. The company uses its own base, which includes such solutions as:

  • Bitcoin;
  • Bitcoin Cash;
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin;
  • Tether.

The system interacts with 30 different cryptocurrency projects.

The Speed of Operations

As usual, a traditional bank transfer takes about three business days. Moreover, many institutions have some restrictions. At the same time, the online casino payment system from Alphapo guarantees a record time for processing and executing applications.

Completing a transaction takes no more than 3 seconds (regardless of the time and amount of the transfer).


The integration of casino payment systems from Alphapo will allow you to work with 25 popular fiat currencies. The client can choose the monetary unit for conversion independently. The service offers the most favourable exchange rate at the time of the transaction.


The developer guarantees absolute protection against any behavioural anomalies and external influences. The system prevents attempts of false rejection or interruption of transfers automatically.

To hold customers' savings, "cold" wallets are used. These are independent portable storage devices that require a network connection only for direct interaction.

Legal Operation

Although cryptocurrency can compete with the traditional banking system, there are no uniform rules for regulating this area. An operator who prefers to use electronic money can organize a business project on a legal basis without a licensing procedure.

Catalogue of Offers

The company's product is a universal tool suitable for ensuring the financial flows of any online enterprise.

Financial instruments of the Alphapo system


Short description

Payment channel

This is the most convenient and profitable option for holding deposit funds. The wallets of the users are not linked to specific timeframes or limits


A client's deposit is linked to a limited fiat amount. An additional nuance is the obligatory limit repayment by the due date

Service "Connect and Pay"

This is the internal depository network of the Alphapo platform. The solution is designed to control and simplify repetitive operations from a single user account

Where to Order the Connection of the Alphapo Casino Payment Service

Connection of the Alphapo casino payment service

You can explore the features of the system and order the integration of the product from Smart Money.

The procedure is performed as follows:

  1. Acquaintance with the service. Our experts provide detailed information about the technical characteristics of the products, the features of its operation, and opportunities for online business.
  2. Testing the system. The website operator can appreciate the benefits of the purchase in test mode.
  3. The conclusion of the contract. The Smart Money team is responsible for the full legal support of the project. We are ready to help you in such matters as collecting and preparing documents, selecting suppliers, licensing the gaming platform, creating your distribution network.
  4. The integration of software. You can connect the casino payment service from Alphapo in record time. The software does not require additional components. It can be used immediately after the installation.
  5. Customization. Our team will personalize the system according to the requirements of each client.
  6. Technical support. You can contact Smart Money managers to ask any questions regarding the launch and operation of a gambling platform. We can provide an initial adaptation of the project and propose full maintenance (performance monitoring, customer support service, free updates of the gaming system).


The payment system for online casinos from Alphapo is a practical and effective way to provide customers of the gaming platform with safe and fast cryptocurrency payments.

  • The integration of casino payment systems from Alphapo ensures access to more than 30 cryptocurrency services and up to 70% savings on commissions.
  • You can install the Alphapo casino payment system to exchange cryptocurrencies for 25 fiat monetary units. Moreover, the developer uses its own base and provides the most favourable rate at the time of the transaction.
  • You can connect the Alphapo casino payment service from Smart Money. We guarantee affordable prices, fast integration, personalization, and professional technical support.

You can buy software or rent iGaming solutions on the most attractive conditions. We are always updating the catalogue of our offers. Smart Money cooperates with reliable suppliers. A wide selection of exclusive products is available to our clients.

Smart Money services are characterised by an individual approach, a guarantee of confidentiality, and high-quality solutions for gambling websites of any format, as well as pleasant discounts for regular customers.

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