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Updated 13.02.2023

Bookmaker Software Singular: Betting Products for Ambitious Operators

Singular is a multinational company that cooperates with a close-knit team of programmers, designers, and testers. The developer's field of activity is the release of modern services for the rapid promo of digital schemes.

Bookmaker software from the Singular provider

The potential clients can find out more about the brand's products and order them at a competitive price at Smart Money. We handle organisational and legal issues, software debugging. Additionally, we provide regular updates.

Supplier Information

The manufacturer is an international enterprise with office branches in multiple countries of the world. The brand began its history in 2009 and almost immediately achieved stunning results by signing a major contract with the Georgian Central Bank and releasing new products.

The company’s work in the industry began in 2012. The first industry development was a virtual game of backgammon. A year later, the enterprise presented a space for gambling.

The first betting software Singular came out in 2014. Eventually, the company's stunning success led to the turnover increasing by more than 25%.

Today the major objectives of the company's evolution are:

  • online gaming space with built-in branded equipment;
  • gambling mediums for connecting third-party services;
  • virtual software;
  • assistance for retail companies (support and development of terrestrial network business).

Features of the Sportsbook

The Singular equipment is known for unique event lines and a good set of personal user settings.

Unique attributes and capabilities of the sports platform:

  • an extensive line with a large number of matches (team and individual competitions);
  • 2000+ markets (from regional to continental);
  • 40+ thousand inPlay events;
  • adjustable margin;
  • automatic update of quotes in real-time (at any moment of the session);
  • a large selection of live broadcasts;
  • an expanded set of tools for risk control (this includes a module for adjusting personal limits);
  • multi-level statistics (from the frequency of bets to the average bet size, as well as the volume of paid prizes).

Software for Betting Shops Singular: Variability on the Markets

Singular software for betting shops: variability

One of the features of branded developments is the software for bookmakers Singular, which is represented by two interactive platforms: one for digital commerce and another for the organisation of land-based shops.

Wagering Platform

The system is "sharpened" for remote acceptance of bets on the Web.

Virtual software has the following capabilities:

  1. Platform adaptability. The service can be manually configured to meet the needs of the audience and the legal regulations of local regulators.
  2. Cross-platform. The developer guarantees the uninterrupted work of the product on any operating system. The product is adapted to run on desktop, mobile devices, and OS platforms.
  3. Convenient interface. The solution combines thoughtful navigation, easy control and stunning visualisation.

Retail Platform

The company’s releases are designed to optimise ground operations.

Purchase benefits:

  1. Work variability. The platform is available for connection to any stationary equipment: slot machine systems, gamebooks, terminal devices, and settlement cabinets.
  2. Financial module. The software has a built-in interactive support system for physical bill acceptors and mobile cash registers.
  3. Dual interface. The product has an integrated dual visualisation program for gamblers and the project administrator.

Library of Additional Betting Services

The supplier's catalogue contains not only a traditional sportsbook with a good line and painting. The company offered several proprietary solutions that give brand partners completely new opportunities for development:


The purpose of the development is to control a multi-screen television system. The software for betting Singular involves two complementary modules: a display management program and a game content package (if desired, the operator can supplement the entertainment library with third-party products).

Another great benefit is that the software can be connected to an Android TV Stick.

Development features:

  • remote interaction with displays from a single administrative centre;
  • good quality broadcast of game events, schedules and advertising blocks;
  • there are options for self-generation of event playlists and sections with content.

Cash Desk

The production from this brand is designed to optimise the interaction between the cashier and the user.

Dual interface cash register software from "Singular"

For the player

The screen displays lists of current events, a table of chances for a successful outcome of the bet

For the cashier

This software updates real-time summaries of limit restrictions and the current number of available competitions

In addition, the supplier has released a mobile app to sell tickets remotely.

The functionality of the Mobile Cashier service:

  • simplified and accelerated conclusion of transactions;
  • automatic generation of tickets (there is an option "mass circulation");
  • support for any cash equipment via Bluetooth (barcode scanners, physical cash registers, thermal printers);
  • simple and fast installation on mobile devices.

CRM Program

The software has a proprietary program for retaining the target audience. One of the features of the product is the ability to use the development in digital commerce and as an addition to the platform for land-based enterprises.

Important elements and capabilities of the service:

  • 250+ types of bonuses (the operator can select a list of offers from available templates and offer users the opportunity to play for free, get extra time to complete a transaction, participate in internal tournaments of the network, withdraw money for attracting new customers, etc.);
  • bonus personalisation tools;
  • multi-level reporting;
  • options for self-restriction of the player (a service to support the principles of responsible playing).

Brand Affiliate Network

Having decided to buy betting software Singular, the operator automatically becomes a part of the manufacturer's affiliate program and receives a set of convenient tools for working with large partner corporations and private developers.

Features of the agency system

Variable RevShare Templates

Settlement transactions can be carried out based on the indicators of the total turnover of the enterprise or gross revenue for the selected period

Income distribution system

The product attracts an extended range of administrative settings and allows you to work in two modes:

  • prepaid cooperation;
  • transfer of money according to the executed contract

Automated statistics

Settlements with members of the affiliate network are carried out based on an automated "calculator" that takes into account online updates of reports on:

  • deposits;
  • the number of commissions for one transaction;
  • company turnover taxes;
  • GGR indicators

Single control centre

The BS offers a convenient administration system with two levels of access:

  • control panel for the establishment operator;
  • personal account with an extended range of settings

Customisable overdraft ratios

The system is designed to protect the platform from technical failures and sagging during maximum external load (peak hours)

Licence, Certificates and Responsible Gameplay

Singular licence, certificates, responsible gameplay

Bookmaker software Singular is a great option for entrepreneurs who plan to bring their products worldwide.

The company is the holder of a Maltese licence, which gives operators the following opportunities:

  • legal work in the domain zone .com.;
  • the lighter financial burden on remote commerce;
  • favourable conditions for cooperation with major partners;
  • worldwide recognition.

The products are certified by the largest industry agencies:

  1. GLI. International Control Centre for Gaming Platforms on the legality, objectivity and transparency of the entertainment. The tasks of the laboratory analysts include checking the software for the quality and safety of the built-in RNG, as well as bonuses.
  2. eCOGRA. An independent organisation that controls the reliability of gambling services. The agency often undertakes intermediary services between the operator and the target audience and resolves any disputes that have arisen.
  3. GDPR. International service for monitoring the level of protection of personal information. Clients of bookmakers on the enterprise’s platforms can be sure about the safety and confidentiality of personal data.

The Reasons Why Investors Prefer to Buy Betting Software Singular

The decision to buy branded software gives operators the following benefits:

  1. Adaptability. This supplier's offers have a wide range of settings for adjusting to the norms of local regulators and changing/expanding sales markets.
  2. Work variability. The manufacturer's portfolio includes two interactive solutions: one for online entrepreneurship and another for the land-based business.
  3. System performance. The brand's products are designed for uninterrupted work under critical loads and processing up to 250 thousand operations per second without loss of performance.
  4. Large selection of reporting tools. You can systematise information according to a variety of indicators — from general summaries of operations and betting frequency to detailed data about gamblers' preferences, profits for a particular period and the volume of transactions with a specific user. The visualisation system allows you to view real-time summaries in the form of tables and graphs and export reports to Excel.
  5. Corporate payment module. The system accepts any type of fiat money, supports usual ways of financial operations and is equipped with a convenient module for working with ground-based cash registers (the latter supports any ground-based systems from cash registers to thermal printers via Bluetooth).

The Main Things about the Sports Software from the Company

The betting software Singular is a combination of innovative technologies, impeccable visual elements, tremendous performance and configuration that is easy for users.

Benefits of partnering with a supplier:

  • Legal status. The activity of the brand is controlled by one of the most respected gaming regulators — the Malta Gambling Commission.
  • Connection speed. The company's products are integrated using a seamless API technology in a few minutes. In case of difficulties with the installation, the development team guarantees a prompt round-the-clock response and assistance in troubleshooting any problems.
  • Assortment of offers. There are two betting systems in the brand's catalogue at once — for offline and virtual business. It also has its gambling platform, along with the option to add elements from unrelated parties.
  • Corporate affiliate network. Developer partners receive an expanded list of tools for working with large affiliate companies and private webmasters.
  • Unique bonus program. More than 250 ways to encourage players are built in, from replenishing a deposit for a new client to a free session and access to private tournaments.

Hurry up to buy the equipment on the most favourable terms! Smart Money has competitive prices, a transparent transaction guarantee and a good discount program.

We take care of not only all organisational issues but also round-the-clock technical support.

A free test version of our gaming platform will help you evaluate the benefits of a purchase. Order connection now.

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist


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