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Buy Online Casino in Sweden: Launch a Lucrative Project

1. Sweden Gambling Laws: A Historical Overview

2. Online Gambling Business in Sweden: Peculiarities

3. Launch Turnkey Casino in Sweden

4. The Main Things about Swedish Gambling

Sweden has a prospering gambling sphere with a miscellaneous landscape that includes online entertainment, state lotteries, and various gaming activities.

It is worth comprehending the state restrictions to receive a profit-making Nordic licence. Explore the key points and nuances of Sweden gambling laws with Smart Money. The aggregator is constantly analysing the wagering niche and provides licensing assistance.

Sweden Gambling Laws: A Historical Overview

Gambling in Sweden: general info

The Swedes have an extended history of gambling dating back to the time of the Vikings when they settled land disputes with Norway through games of dice.

Fast forward to the present, the state continues to have a thriving entertainment industry, both in traditional and web formats.

As of recent data provided by Spelinspektionen, the web gambling business in Sweden grew by 6% compared to 2022 and reached SEK 1.7 billion in revenue.

This increase is indicative of the sector's resilience, even in the face of challenges like the Covid-19 pandemic and associated restrictions.

Wagering Restrictions

To follow the rules for certification and launch casino in Sweden, businessmen must adhere to several key conditions:


Entrepreneurs must either be citizens or appoint a local director to interact with authorities

Bank account

To open casino in Sweden, operators need to have assets in a local financial institution to handle player deposits

Monthly declarations

Entrepreneurs have to submit reports detailing income from games of chance to the Swedish Gambling Authority

Minimum share capital

Demands differ depending on the type of amusement offered


Entrepreneurs must adhere to restrictions concerning promotion and the permitted locations

In 2018, the gambling business in Sweden underwent a significant transformation in its regulations.

The new law passed on January 1, 2019, was driven by various factors, including pressure from Swedish entrepreneurs and the European Union's push for free trade. This document aimed to:

  • enhance game security;
  • improve player protection;
  • open the Swedish market to more competition.

Online Gambling Business in Sweden: Peculiarities

Gaming business in Sweden: key notions

The state boasts political stability and excellent telecommunications infrastructure.

Opening a wagering website is possible by following several essential steps. The most crucial stage is registering a company and acquiring gambling software in Sweden.

The next step is obtaining a permit, which allows for the conduct of various gaming-related activities.

Then, overview the country’s income taxes — Sweden boasts a low corporate tariff of only 18%. There are no fees on bets, making the country a favourable financial conditions for entrepreneurs.

Reasons to Buy Online Casino in Sweden

Let us explore the advantages of the local wagering sector:

  • The Sweden Gambling Licence holds international recognition, opening up access to a vast potential customer base worldwide.
  • A single permit covers all gaming operations, from casino amusements to sports bidding, eliminating the need for multiple certificates.
  • The SGA carefully assesses each applicant, considering financial stability and integrity.

Launch Turnkey Casino in Sweden

Turnkey casino in Sweden: benefits

Starting a gaming site from scratch can be tough for newcomers, and the best approach is to rely on a trusted aggregator.

Choosing the right supplier of casino software in Sweden is crucial, so choose dependable options like Microgaming, NetEnt, and Playtech. The developers offer a wide range of games while ensuring fairness and security.

Smart Money helps integrate entertainment solutions from well-known manufacturers and creates branded gambling software in Sweden. The other advantageous option is obtaining a ready-made wagering solution.

Our turnkey casino in Sweden offers vital elements like:

  • spectacular gaming software;
  • reliable payment instruments;
  • marketing resources;
  • customer assistance toolkit.

Whether you decide to buy casino in Sweden or opt for a turnkey solution, Smart Money is here to assist you.

This finished solution contains valuable content and regulatory compliance measures. Just like purchasing online casino software in Sweden, this process involves legal checks and approval from the authorities.

The Main Things about Swedish Gambling

Obtaining a local licence in the Nordic country is straightforward. However, the state has a strict evaluation process to ensure only reputable and solvent operators receive the licence. This helps maintain the country’s international reputation as a hub for online entertainment.

Entrepreneurs can open casino in Sweden with meticulous planning, legal guidance, and a dedication to responsible gambling practices.

Smart Money provides comprehensive support to launch casino in Sweden.

Our proprietary ready-made option is equipped with essential elements, namely:

Integrating turnkey casino in Sweden from Smart Money is a profitable decision for operators. Our specialists propose comprehensive support for any legal or technical issue.

Through thorough research and compliance with laws, you can open casino in Sweden and expect quick and high profits.

To learn more information or make an order, get in touch with our managers.

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