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Updated 30.06.2023

WorldMatch Casino Software: a Truly Unique Product

The company is famous for its innovative approach to the creation of games in the HD format and the creation of a system that is used for the integration of platforms via social networks.

WorldMatch casino software: unique product

To find out more about the developments of the brand and connect the gambling software by the decent WorldMatch provider, just file an application to Smart Money specialists.

We will contact you as soon as possible and offer the most beneficial cooperation conditions: the services of a personal manager, guarantees of a fair deal, and flexible discounts.

About the Italian Brand

Over the past 20 years, the manufacturer has managed to win the recognition of European gamblers and enter the markets of Asia and South America. The company’s head office is located in Italy.

The firm holds gambling licences issued in Malta, Italy, and Spain, thanks to which it has access to the .com domain zone.

Since 2011, the company has been releasing developments in HD format and 2 years later, it became focused on the mobile market and started selling content for Android and iOS OS.

Security certificates of the Italian supplier

The BMM Testlabs conclusion

One of the oldest independent laboratories review the product for the transparent operation of the RNG and the quality of game mechanics

The NMi Laboratories permit

The task of the research centre is to control the compliance of integration tools and data processing and assess the protection level of the platform

The GUINEL certificate

The regulator has international accreditation and specialises in testing information security systems

Why Investors Want to Buy the Gambling Software by WorldMatch

The manufacturer's goal is to generate dynamic, interactive content with maximum profitability. Its catalogue includes ready-made package solutions and separate components for already existing platforms.

Advantages of the offers of the Italian provider:

  1. Cross-platform environment. In 2016, the company completely finished modifying WorldMatch’s casino software and presented a line of content in the HTML5 format.
  2. Frequency of releases. The developer regularly presents new games and modernises the already existing solutions.
  3. Flexible settings. The brand’s developments please users with a good set of configurations: from basic interface settings to the adjustment of game limits and connection of any slot machine to the system of progressive jackpots.
  4. Mobile games. The first mobile software appeared on the European market in 2013. Today, the portfolio includes about 100 offers with support for Android and iOS operating systems. Gamblers can play in a browser window or via an application downloaded to their phones.
  5. Professional support. It consists of a built-in chatbot program and dedicated telephone lines (round-the-clock call-centre). Operators can interact with casino visitors through email.

The Product Range

Gambling software from the WorldMatch provider

The set of offers includes about 160 solutions:

  • thematic games;
  • fruit-themed entertainment;
  • emulators with a different number of reels;
  • slots with additional storylines.

The manufacturer also provides customers with video poker options and 30 desktop games.

There are several advantages of the offer:

  • picture in the HD format;
  • original background sound for each game;
  • monthly updates (2–3 new solutions);
  • a large selection of jackpots (fixed, progressive, combined, and group ones);
  • convenient navigation;
  • automatic saving of user settings;
  • a detailed history of sessions;
  • the ability to publish information on the results of the game on social networks.

Security Assurances

The protection of the WorldMatch’s turnkey casino is ensured thanks to such services as:

  • module for the creation of profiles with different access levels;
  • an automated anti-fraud system (the developer uses machine learning technology);
  • daily backup of server data;
  • the use of RNG technology for transparent and fair play.

The Bonus Program

There are several popular ways to attract and retain the target audience:

  • money reward for the registration;
  • personalised bonuses (payments for a birthday, extra playing time, etc.);
  • rewards for inviting friends (a multilevel system of referral links);
  • accruals for the first deposit.

The Back Office of the Italian Platform

WorldMatch gambling platform: back office

The decision to buy a multifunctional solution with flexible personalisation settings is a practical and effective way to establish your business without additional financial investments.

Entrepreneurs receive a well-thought-out service with the following features:

Customisation of the Platform

The system can be automatically adjusted to the wishes of gamblers. Casino visitors are segmented in accordance with behavioural analysis and divided by interest groups.

Thus, operators receive a functional model for personalised interaction with users and a guaranteed increase in customers.

Financial Module

Casino owners have created an interactive multicurrency environment that supports the most common payment methods. The system processes requests from banking institutions and works with international electronic services.

Entrepreneurs get up-to-date information summaries, options for setting limits, and reliable protection against fraud.

Analytics and Reporting

There are more than 50 reporting options available:

  • express tables;
  • graphics;
  • thesis lists;
  • layouts for business strategies;
  • financial statistics.

Promotional Materials

The module includes:

  • a platform for working with an affiliate network;
  • tools for creating PR content;
  • advertising campaign planning system.

Customer Service

The WorldMatch online casino provider guarantees round-the-clock feedback via a chatbot, hotline, and e-mail. The platform’s interface supports multiple languages.

How the Vendor Cares about Its Clients’ Safety

Let us consider what tools help the studio to protect its consumers:

  1. Encryption mechanisms. WorldMatch applies state-of-the-art instruments to secure private information and financial resources. All sensitive data, such as personal details and payment transactions, is encrypted using industry-standard protocols, ensuring that it remains secure during transmission and storage.
  2. Robust firewall systems. They act as a barrier between the internal network and external threats. The software is regularly updated and configured to detect and prevent unauthorised access attempts, safeguarding customer information from potential violations.
  3. Compliance with data protection regulations. WorldMatch strictly adheres to current norms, such as GDPR and other relevant laws. By complying with these regulations, the supplier ensures that user information is collected, processed, and stored lawfully and securely.
  4. Security audits. The vendor conducts regular examinations to detect any vulnerabilities in its systems and processes. These checkings are performed by independent professionals who assess the effectiveness of safety measures and recommend improvements if necessary.
  5. Reliable payment processing. WorldMatch partners with reputable settlement service providers to ensure secure work with monetary operations. These suppliers apply robust defence measures, such as encryption and fraud detection systems, to protect clients’ financial resources during transactions.
  6. Ongoing monitoring and incident response. WorldMatch maintains a dedicated team responsible for controlling the operation of its systems and networks continuously. Any suspicious activities or potential security violations are promptly identified and responded to.
  7. Data backup and disaster recovery. The supplier implements these comprehensive procedures to be sure that information is safe and can be restored in the event of unforeseen incidents or system failures.
  8. Transparent privacy policy. It clearly outlines how client information is collected, used, and defended. The guideline helps consumers understand the measures taken by the provider to safeguard their data.

The Main Things about the Offers of the Supplier

Advantages of working with the vendor:

  • Guarantees of fair play. All products were approved by the best independent agencies and can be sold under Spanish, Italian, and Maltese sublicenses.
  • Multilevel customisation. The platform has a large selection of personal modifications ― from setting limits to the creation of accounts with multiple access levels.
  • Wide range of products. It includes about 160 proprietary solutions. Moreover, investors can order desktop entertainment and a line of virtual poker.
  • Unique bonus program. A large number of interactive options are built into the platform: from personal birthday bonuses to several types of progressive jackpots.
A casino from WorldMatch can be launched in a couple of clicks ― just fill out the form on our official website and describe all your wishes. Our team of experts will contact you as soon as possible and offer the most favourable cooperation conditions.

We guarantee security, confidentiality, and comprehensive support at any stage of project implementation.

From us, you can buy gambling solutions for every taste ― from ready-made platforms (demo versions will help you to evaluate their quality and functionality) to equipment and software for offline locations.

Become the owner of a lucrative business with Smart Money!

Hans Adrian

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist

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