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Updated 13.02.2023

Bonobo Lottery Software: Connect Reliable Products

Connecting lotto software is a great way to diversify the functionality of a casino site and add interesting options to it to attract the target audience. You can also start a successful lottery business from scratch with the help of quality programs.

The Smart Money team offers Bonobo lottery software, a solution that can be easily adapted to target markets.

Bonobo Lottery Software Features

Bonobo lottery software: features

The developer creates a thoughtful and flexible product for a successful business. Software for online lotto Bonobo includes many advantages that guarantee the operator a good profit and a wider coverage of the target audience:

High-quality visualisation

Bonobo online lottery software provides:

  • attractive game design;
  • clear HTML5-interface that adapts to any device;
  • individual themes for each type of lottery;
  • the ability to play in portrait or landscape orientation

Powerful back office

Admin panel includes:

  • reliable reporting and management tools;
  • options for independent creation and launch of lotteries of any type;
  • the ability to control the system in real time;
  • multilinguality and multicurrency for quick adaptation to regulated markets

Easy connection

The product provides:

  • quick setup and activation;
  • several connection and payment options (purchase, rent, fixed rate for the number of tickets sold);
  • easy integration via API or standalone version;
  • a complete lottery package or a plug-in for an already running platform



  • guarantees access from all devices, including iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Mac;
  • allows you to play online without downloading and installing applications;
  • saves the login history, generates a line of preferred entertainment;
  • has a built-in Facebook plugin to access the product directly from social networks

Marketing support

Bonobo lottery software includes:

  • affiliate programs and advertising campaign management;
  • personal marketing manager;
  • improved referral system Player 2 Player (P2P);
  • product customisation services

The company's solutions are successfully applied both in land-based gambling halls with slot machine equipment and on virtual platforms. In stationary points, the emphasis is on self-service lottery terminals. Users buy tickets themselves and follow the progress of the drawing on huge Full HD screens.

A payment gateway is integrated into the network lotto programs. It supports bank card transfers, e-wallet transactions and digital currency payments.

Software for Online Lotteries Bonobo: Connection Options

Bonobo software for online lotteries: connection options

There are many ways to get the software for online lotteries Bonobo:

  1. Pay a fixed fee. This method provides for the calculation for each lottery ticket sold by the operator. The exact cost (a specific amount or percentage) is set individually for each contract. Tickets are sold in packs of 500 and remain in the customer's account until fully used.
  2. Rent software. This is a monthly subscription. Entrepreneurs themselves set the price of tickets, controlling costs. In addition to the software product, the businessman must pay for hosting and platform management services.
  3. Buy lottery software Bonobo. If desired, the client can additionally pay the cost of hosting the programs on the developer's server equipment or use another hosting.
  4. Use for non-commercial purposes. Bonobo lottery software is often used for charitable causes. At the same time, the operator pays half of the cost, and the software manufacturer compensates for the rest. The option is available to charities and non-profit organisations from all over the world.

Licensing in Prestigious Jurisdictions

Software for online lotto Bonobo is approved by:

These are respected regulators that give the right to work with a large solvent audience. Jurisdictional permits allow you to quickly enter the prestigious European market.

When they buy software for the Bonobo lottery, entrepreneurs can launch a virtual platform with a .com domain. Another important benefit is tax minimisation. The Isle of Man, for example, offers a reduced fiscal burden and a simplified business registration process.

Operators can buy Bonobo lottery software to launch a new project or improve an existing gambling site. Such variability makes the provider's lotto programs in demand in the industry.

Entertainment Library

The company implements three types of lotteries:

  • Traditional solutions. A scheduled game that accepts many entries and takes place at a specific time. Alternatively, an instant lottery is used. It starts as soon as the user logs in.
  • Prize draws. Various cash prizes and other rewards are provided — from sports cars to phone cards. This approach attracts a solvent audience well.
  • Lotto Race. An online betting game similar to keno and bingo. The solution includes customisable and guaranteed odds of winning, as well as a progressive jackpot. The system offers pools for 2–30 users, individual settings, prize exchange.

Creation of Draws According to Ready-Made Templates

Bonobo lottery: ready-made templates

The brand portfolio provides 4 pre-configured models. They can be used to recreate most common lotteries:

  1. Standard. Participants choose X numbers from the proposed Y range.
  2. Powerball. Users need to bet on numbers from the main and additional ranges.
  3. Bonus Ball. After the standard round, an additional bonus ball is drawn from the remaining numbers.
  4. Place Pays. Template for creating alternative pay tables. The built-in RNG supports any card size (6/49, 7/35, 5/25, etc.) and different winning combinations.

Entrepreneurs independently adjust the lottery margin (from 50% to 90%). Jackpots (progressive, temporary) and loyalty systems (points, bonuses for activity, money for the number of rounds played) can be implemented in software for online lotteries Bonobo. There is a special Prize Roll feature to increase the jackpot until someone hits the big win.

All lotteries use a random number generator that has been rigorously tested and certified.

The Main Things about Bonobo Software

Bonobo is a leader in the development of high-quality lotto programs for land-based terminals and online gambling platforms.

  • The producer's software is a cross-browser and easily scalable solution with a convenient backend and marketing support. The product integrates the Player 2 Player referral system, created to attract the target audience to the resource.
  • The provider offers several options for connecting the lottery platform. You can buy a solution or rent gaming software — with a fixed price or a fee for each sold ticket.
  • The entertainment portfolio includes traditional lotteries, raffles for prizes (cars, gadgets, trips) and online gambling and jackpot games.

Order Bonobo products at Smart Money at affordable prices. We also offer a wide range of proprietary solutions for a successful betting business, launching a turnkey casino. We implement projects under White Label and franchise agreements.

Take leading business positions with Smart Money.

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist


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