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How to Open a Casino in Asia

1. Legal Aspects of Casino Business

2. Characteristics of Asian Gambling Industry

3. Factors Affecting the Success of Gaming Projects

4. Conclusion

According to experts, Asia is one of the most promising regions for the development of the gaming industry. Residents of Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, and other countries are loyal to games of chance and follow the latest gambling trends.

Gambling business in Asia: advantages

The Smart Money team decided to learn the features of this market and highlight the main advantages of the Asian gambling business.

Legal Aspects of Casino Business

The gaming industry in the Asian region is developing in each country differently. In some states (for example, Japan, Thailand), ground-based gambling is partially allowed. In addition, the activities of offline establishments are prohibited at all in other countries. Despite this fact, a huge number of people are trying to monitor the development of the gaming industry.

The emergence of online gaming has become an excellent alternative to real casinos. According to the legislation of many Asian countries, entrepreneurs are forbidden from creating virtual projects in their territory. At the same time, the governments of many countries do not prohibit gamblers from using the services of foreign online casinos.

It follows that businessmen have a unique opportunity to enter the Asian gambling market by registering their companies in other jurisdictions. This method of doing business in the profitable gambling market in APAC is absolutely legal.

Characteristics of Asian Gambling Industry

Asian gambling market: characteristics

Residents of almost all Asian countries are big gambling enthusiasts. For this reason, many underground establishments are appearing in the territory of some states (for example, Singapore, Thailand). Support for legal virtual gambling projects is an excellent tool for combating illicit casinos.

Let us consider some interesting facts that characterize the Asian gambling industry:

  1. The average players from this region are mainly young people (25-45 years old). It is noteworthy that the ratio of the number of men and women is almost equal.
  2. Asian gamblers prefer classic card games and thematic slots. If you want to open a casino in Asia, pay attention to this fact.
  3. The use of cryptocurrencies has become one of the most popular trends of Asian gambling in recent years. The launch of the Bitcoin casino will bring good profits to novice businessmen.

Factors Affecting the Success of Gaming Projects

Based on the above trends of the gambling market, it can be concluded that in order to start a successful project and buy a casino in Asian countries with quick payback, it is necessary to take into account the following aspects.

The quality of the content

The themes of the slots must be interesting for the Asian audience. The quality of graphics and musical accompaniment should be high. Realistic image is appreciated by many gamblers from Asian countries

Live games

Live casino games are becoming increasingly popular among gamers. This unique entertainment allows players to experience the atmosphere of a real casino and play poker, blackjack or roulette without leaving their own homes

Cryptocurrency support

Bitcoin has become a common payment tool in many Asian states. Take full advantage of using this up-to-date payment method

Increased security

The safety of personal information of your customers should be your top priority. Make sure that the gambling providers you intend to collaborate with use reliable data protection mechanisms


Turnkey casino in Asia: key notions

The decision to open a casino in Asia can become the start of a really profitable business. However, the launch of your own project is a rather complicated and time-consuming process. Therefore, you need to enlist the support of experienced professionals to launch a lucrative casino or betting business in Asia.

Smart Money is a leader of the Asian gaming industry. Our best specialists are ready to propose lots of services for our customers:

  • creation of a website;
  • licensing of your project;
  • relevant content;
  • development of an advertising strategy.

Our turnkey casino business offers can help you save a lot of time and money. Entrust the development of your virtual project to real experts. If you want to buy a casino in Asia, contact our manager to get more useful information.

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