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Features of the Acquisition of a Casino License in Austria

Austria is a country with rather complex gambling legislation but the license of this jurisdiction opens up new opportunities for casino owners. The permit is issued for a period of 15 years, and operators can work in the European market and pay a minimum tax.

Casino license in Austria

Specialists of Smart Money offer you to learn more about the features of obtaining a casino license in Austria. With our help, you will be able to launch a profitable startup within the shortest possible time.

Features of the Austrian Gambling Business

The permit for the opening of a land-based casino was issued in 1922, so the Austrian regulator has vast experience in controlling the gambling business. The special Commission also grants permits for organizing this kind of entertainment on cruise liners (today, there are about 100 of such establishments).

The Most Popular Land-Based Locations

  • Casino in Baden, Austria: player reviews show that this is a classic gambling club with a dress code, which opens after 7 pm. Clients can enter the casino only in evening and cocktail dresses. The personal identification procedure is mandatory. To enter the casino, visitors have to pay 23 euros per person.
  • Entertainment clubs of the Velden resort: this is a large-scale complex that can accommodate 4 thousand guests at a time. There is everything you need for a good rest: restaurants, bars, a big outdoor terrace, and picturesque natural water bodies.
  • Casino Salzburg, Austria: this is an elite club, which is located in a luxurious old palace with interesting architecture. Owners of this casino often invite theatre actors and pop stars so that every evening leaves a good impression for visitors.

Virtual Gambling Business

Online gambling has several formats: sports betting, virtual poker, lotteries, and gaming sites with slot machines.

Among the software that is used by operators, the most in-demand ones are video slots and card and table games of such brands as Greentube and Amatic Industries. Lotteries are drawn in Win2Day systems, and bets on sports events are placed with the help of Tipp3 solutions.

License for a Casino in Austria: Advantages and Disadvantages

License for a casino in Austria: pros and cons

Legalization of the gambling business gives operators the following advantages:

  1. Good return on investment. To launch online casinos in Austria (and offline as well) is an excellent idea because this country has a stable political and economic environment, which makes it completely predictable. Operators can calculate costs and expected revenues in advance without fear of sudden changes in the legislation. It creates a favourable investment climate.
  2. Integration of business into the EU free trade zone. A company that opens online casinos in Austria will pay a minimum tax and be able to operate in all European countries where gambling is not prohibited.
  3. Simplified business arrangements with the world’s leading software vendors. The most famous providers of online casino software in Austria are Greentube and Amatic. By connecting the games and administrative programs of these developers, operators automatically increase the level of confidence of users and partners in their website.
  4. Residence permit. Registration of online casinos in the Austria legislation opens up new opportunities for owners of gambling startups: if they want, they will be able to live and conduct business in this country on legal grounds. If they will need a multiple entry visa, the procedure for obtaining it will be significantly simplified.

What Entrepreneurs Need to Consider

In 2010, amendments of the legislation were made, and as a result, everything became a bit more complicated.

When applying for a casino license in Austria, you need to take into account the following nuances:

  • you need a separate permit for each type of games;
  • a gambling company must be located at least 15 km away from the capital of the country;
  • land-based casinos in Austria are considered to be a priority, and gambling projects on the Internet — an additional business area.
  • However, there is good news: the new legislation allows the registration of casinos anywhere in the country. Previously, it was only possible to do it in 4 districts.

Regulatory Requirements for the Applicants

A casino license in Austria is granted if the company meets several conditions.



Submission of a complete package of documents by the applicant company

A legal entity must be registered within the country. The regulator requires the company's charter and documents confirming the purchase/lease of the office space

Bank account

Licenses for online casinos in the Austria legislation (or offline locations) can only be issued if the company has opened an account with a reserve fund in a local bank

Business plan for at least a trimester

The documents must indicate the sources of investment, the company's goals, and the development plan

Conformity certificates of the software

It will be necessary to provide the documentary evidence of quality, operability, and security of software that will be used to organize casino games

Complete list of games

It is necessary not only to indicate all the game programs but to describe all of them

Payments services

Operators need to name the financial modules that they are planning to connect to their casinos, describe them, and add information on payouts in the draws

Regardless of the jurisdiction where the license was obtained, Austria allows locals to enter land-based gambling establishments. At the same time, non-resident companies have not so many rights and powers as residents of the country (for example, a brand that has obtained a permit in another jurisdiction cannot freely advertise its casino in Austria).

The Main Things About the Austrian Jurisdiction

Online and land-based casinos in Austria

A license of this regulator is a profitable investment since the document is issued in a country that has lived without disturbances and serious political changes for decades. Predictability of the economic environment creates favourable conditions for business development:

  • A gambling permit is issued for 15 years, and entrepreneurs do not have to constantly worry about the legality of their work.
  • An online casino with the Austria license can operate in all European countries and pay minimum contributions.
  • Cooperation with the world’s leading providers is extremely easy because operators can conclude agreements with the best Austrian software vendors and integrate products from Greentube and Amatic.
  • If desired, casino owners can obtain a residence permit in Austria. Moreover, the receipt of a multiple entry visa will be much simpler.

The Smart Money team offers gambling operators comprehensive support and assistance in launching online projects and acquiring casino licenses in any country in Europe, CIS, and Asia. Just leave an application to our specialists, and we will do the rest.

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