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Alderney: online casino license
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Alderney Casino License: Completion of Documents

Legalization is an important issue that must be resolved by an entrepreneur who is launching an online gambling project. Acquisition of permits in a reputable jurisdiction prevents problems with the law and allows you to run a successful business on the Internet and enter the international market.

Smart Money employees recommend operators to pay attention to the Island of Alderney. The commission of this offshore jurisdiction issues permits for various types of activity in the gambling sphere — from the launch of slot machine websites to the provision of hosting to gaming resources.

Alderney online casino license

The Alderney casino license offers operators truly exciting possibilities. We have collected materials that will help you to decide what type of permits is suitable for your project. Contact our managers to find out the details and start the legalization of your business.

Features of the Alderney Gaming License

Alderney is one of the Channel Islands between Great Britain and France. The special features of this country are loyal legislation and taxation and the ability to work in the markets of Great Britain and other countries of Europe, as well as in the USA and Asia.

AGCC is responsible for the issuance of permits for gambling activities. The commission was created in 2000. It pays attention to consumer rights protection and is actively fighting against the fly-by-night gambling business.

The Alderney gambling license is considered reputable and is trusted by casino operators, software vendors, and players. The regulator is constantly improving the regulatory framework, and it is trying to achieve maximum compliance with international standards.

Spheres of Activity Regulated by AGCC

Casino owners can choose between 2 types of permits:

  1. B2B. The commission issues licenses to the providers of gambling software and hosting companies.
  2. B2C. The offshore jurisdiction regulates the activities of casinos, bookmakers, and organizers of lotteries.

The Alderney gambling license of any type guarantees that the permit holder adheres to all the rules and the legislation, operates honestly and transparently and prevents money laundering. When a businessman gets this document, his business becomes automatically included in the UK white list.

Types of Permits

Operators need to decide which Alderney casino license will be more profitable and suitable for their projects. There are several options:

Document title

Sphere of action

Category 1

The Alderney Gaming License that allows you to register and checking the information on the users, conclude agreements with clients, and manage the game funds

Category 2

The document is suitable for those casinos that operate under an approved hosting

Core Service Provider Associate Certificate

A license for the providers of the game content whose products comply with all the requirements of the regulator

Category 2 Associate Certificate

This permit is issued to companies that cooperate with the holders of the Alderney license under the Category 1

Hosting Certificate

It is received by the owners of areas where the land-based gambling establishment and equipment is located

Temporary eGambling Licence

The temporary gambling license is beneficial for those operators who work seasonally (no more than 60 days within 6 months)

Key Individual Certificate

A personal certificate that must be obtained by the company’s chief executive  who is launching a gambling project

Depending on the type of a license and paperwork, a gambling permit may cost from 17,500 to 400,000 pounds. The regulator considers applications up to 70 days.

5 Advantages of the Legalization of Business in Alderney

Legalization of business in Alderney

Holders of the Alderney casino license receive the following benefits:

  1. Exemption from a number of taxes (instead, there is a minimum fixed annual fee, the size of which depends on the company's turnover).
  2. Ability to legally work in the markets with the most solvent clients (European and Asian).
  3. The trust of providers of gambling software and financial institutions.
  4. The loyalty of experienced high-rollers.
  5. Ability to launch gambling projects of any kind (online casinos, poker rooms, lotteries, and betting shops).

Acquisition of the Alderney Gaming License

The regulator has several requirements for the applicants:

  • registration of a company in the country’s territory;
  • provision of a business plan;
  • exhaustive information on the software that is used by the company to organize gambling activities;
  • opening of a banking account of a legal entity;
  • detailed information on the leading personnel of a casino and its employees.

The entire procedure can be divided into 2 stages.

Alderney gaming license: process of obtaining

Stage 1. Preparation

First of all, it is necessary to register a legal entity on the territory of the isle. After that, you need to open an account with a local bank, prepare a detailed business plan, and make a list of software solutions that will be used in your casino.

When the package of documents is ready, it will be possible to apply for the legalization of the project. Entrepreneurs must take into account that all the provided information is carefully checked.

The regulator will issue a permit only if it has no doubts about the impeccable reputation of the company's top management, the legality of the origin of the initial capital, and reliability of the software.

Stage 2. Legalization and Control

AGCC checks and evaluates the documents of the applicant, involving independent experts, if necessary. If the commission comes to the conclusion that the company complies with all legislative norms, then it issues the requested permit and undertakes the control function of the activities of a license holder.

The regulator pays special attention to the rights of consumers, therefore, it carefully examines their complaints and ensures that the operator does not allow minors, as well as people with signs of ludomania, to gamble.

If a businessman adheres to the principle of fair play and works in accordance with the requirements, he will get the opportunity to develop his project on favourable terms.

The Main Things About the Alderney License

This permit gives operators the following advantages:

  • Entrepreneurs can work directly with consumers of gambling services (B2C) or create products for casino operators (B2B). The most important is to choose the right type of a license and run an honest business.
  • Holders of the Alderney permit are exempted from taxes and pay a fixed amount, which depends on the company's turnover and the type of activity.
  • After getting a license in this jurisdiction, the brand is included in the British white list, which makes it possible to enter new markets.
  • AGCC is a regulator that enjoys the confidence of software vendors, banks, and gamblers. The license holder automatically receives their loyalty, which allows him to work on the most favourable terms.

The Smart Money company is ready to help you with the creation of an online casino and legalization of the gambling business of any format.

For all questions, please contact our managers:

If you prefer to communicate by phone, leave an application for a callback!

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist


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