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Updated 13.02.2023

Casino Fraud Protection Arxan: Why It Is Worth Purchasing the Software

We present to your attention an innovative tool — the security system from Arxan that can guarantee the safety of the online gambling business. This is a well-designed solution with beneficial opportunities for operators.

Arxan fraud protection for online casinos

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The Goals of the Solution

Arxan Application Protection is the main product in the company's arsenal. The solution is used in many sectors of the economy, including e-commerce, retail, mobile payments, and healthcare. The software is often applied in the iGaming business because this area attracts attackers.

The security software performs such functions:

  • preserving the integrality of apps and the platform by strengthening the initial code;
  • preventing backwards engineering activities (illicit exploration of the script by a third party);
  • protecting private information during data transmission (account activation, transactions);
  • averting hacker attacks and the integration of dangerous programs;
  • combating multi-accounting and other manifestations of foul play;
  • protecting payment modules for mobile and web banking;
  • detecting and analysing dangerous code in the platform’s structure;
  • continuous processing of data about possible risks.

The Arxan ID verification for casinos can create a secure gambling environment. Users are not afraid to play games of chance and make substantial bets. Business owners are confident in the stability of their platforms, transparency of payments, and the safety of their establishments’ reputation.

The Essence of the System Operation

The multitasking casino protection software Arxan is aimed at ensuring comprehensive security of entertainment resources. This task is performed due to the use of advanced IT technologies and exclusive developments.

The developer's software is based on three key areas with different progressive technologies:

Code-level security

Consider the methods used:

  • Obfuscation — the processing of the base script, making it difficult to analyse and modify it by external sources. The functionality remains unchanged.

  • Honeypot — the integration of bait resources for attackers. The ID verification system will allow you to study the strategy of fraudsters to prevent unauthorised access in the future.

  • The integration of threat detection sensors into the CI/CD post-development cycle


Get acquainted with the measures taken:

  • the encoding of cryptographic keys and data contained within the script;

  • the protection of original information during transmission between servers and inside them;

  • the support for basic encryption algorithms (according to the US Federal Information Processing Standards)

Real-time threat analysis

Check out the operations performed:

  • the notification of attacks with the possibility of emergency blocking of a suspicious account or temporary interruption of money transfers;

  • end-to-end delivery of data about risks using a browser or through simplified integration with existing platforms of the SIEM and BI class;

  • the optimisation and adaptation of protection tools considering new fraudulent schemes

To provide casino security, Arxan uses innovative IT strategies and instruments. They protect online casinos from external and internal threats. 

Other Interesting Opportunities

Arxan casino security software: opportunities

It is worth connecting the verification for casinos from Arxan not only because of its well-conceived technological base. The software has lots of significant advantages, facilitating the control over the project.

The benefits of the software:

  1. Cross-platform support. The solution works on Android, iOS, WebOS, and all desktop operating systems.
  2. Demo version. Operators can install the verification system for free. The test period lasts approximately 30 days. This time is enough to evaluate the benefits of the software.
  3. Convenient administration. The system of ID verification is characterised by simple management and prompt updating of the software base. The service is automated and does not require serious intervention from the personnel.
  4. Scalability. This feature is the main reason to connect the Arxan software to protect the casino. The solution can be run on several gambling platforms at once and be controlled by a single command centre.
  5. Adaptability. To maintain casino security, Arxan is modernising and improving its products. A modern approach to the development of protection solutions ensures their high reliability.

The Platform Apperian App Management

The manufacturer is well-versed in the new iGaming trends. Therefore, it contributes to the growth of mobile traffic by releasing the appropriate software. The company has developed the platform Apperian App Management.

Here are the main goals of the product:

  • managing the creation of iGaming content for iOS and Android mobile projects;
  • improving the software (adding new functions and characteristics, accelerating the entry into a market);
  • secure distribution of beta entertainment content for pretesting;
  • researching mobile games and user preferences in this sector.

The system allows operators to create vivid and original slot machines. The platform is focused on improving the security of finished products.


The company's solutions have received many prestigious awards and international quality guarantees. They confirm the fact that the casino fraud protection Arxan makes every effort to combat fraud.

These documents prove the reliability of the software solutions:

  1. FIPS 140-2. This is a generally accepted standard for cryptographic encryption. It is used by federal and local government agencies, as well as many commercial fields, including the gambling industry. The Arxan casino security software ensures the privacy of users.
  2. ISO/IEC 27001. This is an international information security standard. Leading IT development companies adhered to it. The certificate regulates issues related to the creation, development, and support of software.

How to Install the Arxan ID Verification for Casinos?

Arxan ID verification for casinos

Operators can cooperate with the brand or with its official distributor Smart Money. The second option will let you connect the program components with additional benefits.

The customer obtains the possibility to get rid of complicated legal procedures and optimise his or her time costs. As a result, the client will have time to complete other large-scale tasks: develop a gambling resource or launch a new project.

The company applies an adaptive API toolkit for fast and secure software integration. New products can improve and protect the original script without deforming it.

The Main Things about the Security System

Arxan Technologies is a developer of powerful software for protecting gambling projects from threats.

  • The provider offers a good product with an emphasis on multi-factor protection of the internal code. To achieve this result, such methods as obfuscation, encryption, end-to-end information supply, and other modern technologies are used.
  • The solution can combat multi-accounting, piracy, back engineering, and other types of fraud.
  • The firm proposes a secure environment for creating and improving mobile casino gambling content.

Buy the software from Arxan from the Smart Money team.

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Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist


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