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Updated 13.02.2023

Casino Software Konami: Premium Online Slots and Gaming Systems

The vendor’s portfolio is a recognisable product in the industry. The releases feature impressive 3D graphics, well-thought-out mathematical algorithms, and a colossal coverage of various topics from classic fruit plots to large-scale historical installations.

Konami casino software: slots and gaming systems

At Smart Money, you can buy branded solutions at affordable prices. We offer licensed production and a huge selection of effective business tools.

Key Information about the Developer

Konami Holdings Corporation was founded in 1969 in Japan. Initially, the business was related to the rental and repair of jukeboxes, but in the mid-80s, it refocused on the launch of gaming cabinets for casinos and pachinko machines.

In 1997, the company opened a powerful representative office in the USA (in Las Vegas). The online casino provider Konami has begun producing collections of land-based slot machines with their connection to proprietary control systems. A little later, in the middle of the 2000s, the first online slots appeared in the developer's assortment.

Basic information about the manufacturer:

  • The Japanese meaning "Konami" translates to "shiny red wave". The brand name is often associated with a combination of the first two letters extracted from the names of the company's founders: Kagemasa Kozuki, Yoshinobu Nakaba and Tatsuo Miyasako.
  • The provider's headquarters is located in Tokyo. The manufacturer has opened 22 branches on four continents, and its staff employs 6.5+ thousand experienced programmers, architects, managers, web designers, technicians, marketers and other professionals.
  • Konami casino slots for sale are approved in 411 locations around the world. These are 47 American and 3 Canadian states, European and Asian jurisdictions, along with the territories of Australia and Oceania.
  • The business manages several esports tournaments in Asia (as an organiser and title sponsor): M. League, The Konami Arcade Championship, and Bemani PRO League.

Main Activities

Konami's key strengths are concentrated on four promising business niches:

Digital Entertainment Business

The enterprise presents a variety of new features for the internet sphere:

  • mobile video games (from the famous action series Winning Eleven to popular sports simulations Professional Baseball Spirits and J.LEAGUE Club Championship);
  • computer entertainment (PES, Jikkyou, Momotaro, Dentetsu, Metal Gear, Bomberman and other lines);
  • Konami casino software (including interactive slots, bingo and table games with built-in RNG);
  • cloud solutions (branded releases that are integrated into the Stadia Google platform).

Konami casino slots for sale can be found in four regions of the world

Gaming & Systems Business

This part means design, manufacture, sales and service for the worldwide markets.

Releases are delivered to prominent complexes (casinos, spaces, sports clubs, cruise ships), as well as integrated resorts (IR)

Amusement Business

Professional management in the industry offers the following services:

  • assistance in adapting production to regulatory requirements and entering promising markets;
  • integration, configuration and debugging of external game components;
  • introduction of the e-Amusement service with a huge selection of online arcades (for clients from Asia)

Sports Business

The operator owns a network of Japanese fitness clubs and sports classes (teaching swimming, gymnastics, dancing, tennis and golf), and also produces goods for outdoor activities.

The following sports brands operate under the auspices of the manufacturer: Konami Sports Club, Sports Spot, GranCise

Interesting Mechanics in the Developer's Asset

Konami gambling software: interesting mechanics

The enterprise constantly pleases fans with new bonus features. They make the gameplay brighter and more dynamic and also increase cash payouts at times.

Fade Away

The function was introduced in 2018 at the NIGA international exhibition.

The solution is activated randomly during the bonus spins. The program removes lower value symbols, leaving only high-value images and prize components. This continues until all spare spins are used (5–20 depending on the slot machine).

The most famous games with the Fade Away feature:

  • Chili Chili Fire;
  • Purrfect Pirates;
  • Purdy Pirates and other products.

Money Galaxy

The progressive mini-game is triggered when three or more bonus signs are seen on the fifth reel. They become fixed and the other four reels start extra spins.

Prize amounts, multipliers and high-ranking graphic icons appear on the slot reels. Gamers are to collect as many successful lines as possible during 5 spins.

You can launch a web casino by the Konami provider with such slots containing Money Galaxy:

  • Radiant Witch;
  • Dragon Return;
  • Pharaoh’s Power and others.

Magicians Charm

Mini-game with four levels of jackpots. Initially, the punter chooses the difficulty level and the minimum cost of the spin and then proceeds to the main round.

A velvet curtain opens in front of the user, behind which 12 magicians' hats are hidden. Gamers have three attempts to guess which of the hats can provide the fixed jackpot.

Xtra Reward

Online casino software Konami has a virtual counter. By spinning it, clients can increase the cost of the base spin by 50–100%.

By spinning the slot reels at increased limits, users get big payouts. Moreover, generous multipliers are applied to all prize money.

Code Konami

A popular cheat code system that made the provider famous all over the world. Users just need to enter a unique code of numbers and letters to get a hint in the game. This can be the distribution of bonuses, the transition to the next level, freebies, etc.

For the first time, the function was implemented in land equipment. Over time, in the company's online solutions.

Why It Is Worth It to Launch a Casino by the Konami Provider

Features of entertainment production that make titles recognisable in the market:

  1. Uniqueness. The vendor has decades of development experience that no other competitor has. The company manages to easily apply new mathematical models and cover topics that are not obvious at first glance. All this makes the products interesting and not similar to the suggestions of competitors.
  2. Huge range of options. Turnkey casino Konami has 400+ premium slots with different plots and attractive gameplay. The provider's track record also includes scratch cards, board rounds, and bingo.
  3. Specialisation in progressive jackpots. Mini-games and built-in jackpot sagas are now at the peak of popularity. There are many video slots in the developer's portfolio with a built-in Jackpot Streams feature.
  4. Thematic variety. There are choices for every taste in the turnkey casino Konami. The group owns exclusive rights to develop devices based on cult movies and popular video games for the PlayStation and Nintendo. The manufacturer's assets include adventure, mystical, futuristic and other types of slots. Particular attention is paid to the theme of animals and the culture of different countries.
  5. Nice visual range. Game products are distinguished by symbolism, active use of animation, and 3D modelling. Releases of new titles are accompanied by bright commercials for 30–45 seconds. The developer introduces the audience to the features of the product, its proprietary and bonus elements.

Popular Slots from the Manufacturer

Konami slot machines: popular games

You can launch a digital casino by the Konami top provider with such elements:

Golden Wolves

Gamers enjoy the beauty of wild winter nature and stunning snowy landscapes. Wilds appear on the slot reels: moose, bison, eagles and golden wolves.

Entertainment features exceptional 3D graphics, dynamic gameplay and solid payouts

Imperial Wealth

This is oriental-themed gambling software by Konami. The main symbols in the game are Chinese dragons. These mythical creatures are inextricably linked with Asian folklore, they represent traditions, power over the elements of nature, strength and good luck.

The playing field consists of five reels and contains 30 paylines. In addition to dragons, there are gold coins, magic amulets, and ancient jewellery boxes on slot reels.

Pharaoh's Power

This is a new provider with a proprietary Fade Away feature. Three or more powerful pharaohs (scatters) award 15 free spins.

During additional spins, the Fade Away option is activated, which removes low-value symbols in order to replace them with more expensive images

China Shores

It is the most prominent example of casino software Konami product, which has 9 releases. Different versions contain free spins, extra rounds, jackpot sessions, expanding reels and much more.

The device is dedicated to the oriental theme, and the images of yin and yang have enhanced features in all nine versions.

Roman Tribune

Gamers will have to immerse themselves in the history of the Roman Empire. The video slot tells about military tribunals, major victories and the exceptional role of the Romans in the formation and flourishing of a mighty civilisation.

Konami’s casino software contains 4 themed symbols (shield, helmet, necklace and Roman woman) that bring the highest payouts. The game uses card denominations from 10 to "A". There are several bonus rounds

Social Entertainment Collection My Konami Slots

The business is actively working to improve its branded product line. These are 40+ free picks with colourful graphics, bold gameplay and attractive features.

Key features of the solution:

  • a wide range of products, including such popular releases as Jumpin Jalapenos, Star Watch Magma, Adorned Peacock, Great Guardians and others;
  • continuous play on the company's official Facebook page;
  • availability of applications for installation on iOS, Android and Kindle operating systems (software for supporting ebooks manufactured by Amazon);
  • a flexible system for collecting loyalty points with their subsequent exchange for real prizes (from hotel rooms and show tickets to restaurants and Caribbean cruises);
  • exchange of virtual points for free chips for playing in real casino halls;
  • loyalty system with daily drawings and good starting deposits (chip bonuses are drawn every two hours);
  • several virtual rooms for high rollers to play at bigger limits.

The producer offers practical tools for social interaction. Members of the My Konami Slots club exchange gifts, publish the results of successful sessions in messengers and participate in multiplayer tournament series.

Proprietary Control System Synkros

The solution is installed in 400+ casinos and integrated resort areas. In addition, the software is actively used on the Internet, especially if the developer simultaneously owns online and offline outlets.

Gambling software by Konami is used to manage various types of data. These are payment transactions, internet traffic, gaming preferences, limit policies, marketing campaigns, financial information and operational analytics.

The product contains the following patented technologies:

  • Synk Connect (program for analysing accounts of mobile devices);
  • Synk Vision (high-tech biometric player tracking system);
  • Synk 31 (AML software).

The Main Things about the Supply of Branded Products

This corporation is a well-known name. The group has been operating since 1969 and creates many unique products to supply to its clients.

  • The provider's video slots are distinguished by a wide range of themes, innovative mathematical models, fascinating visualisation, mini-games and related rewards. With the original features of Fade Away, Money Galaxy and Xtra Reward, they are recognisable in the market.
  • The My Konami Slots are available across multiple sites. Gamers collect virtual points, which are then exchanged for chips, season tickets to sports clubs, shows and other valuable gifts.
  • You can set up a catalogue of slot machines together with the well-thought-out Synkros structure. It is legalised in leading jurisdictions, including the USA, Canada, and the European Union.

Smart Money offers to buy gaming products at a bargain price.

You can order content API integration or website development from scratch. We offer a convenient format of cooperation under a White Label agreement and provide a lot of useful business services. This is assistance in licensing and certification, brand promotion, the connection of partner services and much more.

Contact the Smart Money manager to place an order.

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist


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