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Curacao: online casino license
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Curacao Gaming Licence: Legal Support from Smart Money

One of the mandatory stages of launching an internet casino is buying a gambling licence. The modern iGaming market offers a lot of options. Offshore jurisdictions issuing gaming permits are located all over the world. They offer various conditions for applicants.

The Curacao Gaming Licence stands out from different business solutions. The jurisdiction proposes universal certification for all types of gambling sites and a minimum tax rate.

Curacao Gaming Licence — universal certification

You can find out more about the advantages of this permit and order a ready-made website with a Curacao gambling licence from Smart Money. Our team is ready to take responsibility for the implementation of a project of any complexity and provide professional support at all stages of work.

Curacao Online Casino Licence: About the Jurisdiction

Curacao is an island state that is part of the Lesser Antilles archipelago (Caribbean). Even though it is located off the coast of South America, the offshore zone is the territory of the Netherlands and has the status of an EU country. This characteristic allows local regulators to set loyal tax rates and develop all types of entrepreneurial activities (including gambling business).

Curacao casinos first entered the international market in 2001. From the moment of its foundation to the present day, the Curacao Internet Gaming Association is the only authorised body responsible for the legalisation of gambling projects.

Types of Curacao eGaming Licences

The first thing worth mentioning is that a Curacao eGaming licence can be issued for any type of gambling business (from slot machine clubs to poker rooms and sports betting establishments).

There are two types of this document:

  1. Master Licence. This is a basic permission document that will allow you to organise different formats of gambling projects and provide legalising documents to third-party companies.-
  2. Sublicence. It gives the right to organise full-fledged independent projects without permission from a third party. The Curacao sublicence allows the distribution of services is available in all corners of the world except for the Netherlands, France, USA, and on the territory of the offshore zone itself.

Requirements for Applicants

Casino with Curacao licence: requirements

The Curacao Casino Licence is issued only to persons who have opened a representative office on the offshore territory.

To register an enterprise, you need to collect the following documents:

  • police clearance certificate;
  • copies of identity documents;
  • bank account opening extract;
  • receipts for payment of utilities for the maintenance of a representative office.

After registering a legal address, the investor can apply for the purchase of a licence.

To ensure the legal launch of Curacao casino, the operator needs to provide the following documents to the local regulator:

  • confirmation of domain addresses ownership;
  • technical parameters of games available on the casino website;
  • a list of states in which the services will be provided;
  • the layout of enterprise server equipment;
  • a copy of the contract with software suppliers.

Besides, the operator must buy software for transit server equipment and provide its annual maintenance.

The Cost of the Permit

You need to know the cost of services to calculate the budget correctly.


Approximate price in USD

Registering a bank account (in a local institution or any European company)

from 1000

Registration of legal status


Annual maintenance of the local representation office


Applying to the regulatory authority


Maintenance of every third domain (cost per year)


Annual provision of the Curacao Gaming Licence


Equipment purchase

from 1500

Server hardware maintenance

6000 per year

Tax Policy of the Offshore Jurisdiction

  • The operator of the Curacao casino has to pay a fixed flat tax rate, which makes up 2% of the company's revenue.
  • Concluded transactions, sales and import duties of services are not subject to commission fees.
  • Value-added tax is not charged.
  • Unlimited withdrawal of dividends is available to entrepreneurs.

The Benefits for Operators

Curacao gambling licence: benefits

Registration of an offshore company attracts investors with the following advantages:

  1. Speed of the procedure. The process of legalising a gambling company takes 2 to 4 weeks.
  2. Stable economic and political environment. The offshore zone is a member of the European Union. It offers operators favourable tax conditions with the possibility to work in the largest gambling markets in the world within the framework of the law.
  3. Affordable cost. Curacao casino licences cost from $25,000 (depending on the set of basic services). Besides, a monthly $5600 surcharge is provided for the first two years of the firm’s activities.
  4. Unified Curacao Gaming Licence. The presence of this document will allow you to organise the operation of gambling websites of any format: bingo projects, poker rooms, slot machine portals, bookmaker and sweepstakes platforms, etc.
  5. Reliable partners. The availability of a gambling licence will let you enter into partnership agreements with leading software providers and major banks in Europe.
  6. Additional services. Curacao eGaming proposes a good selection of related solutions: technical support of business projects, private cloud servers, assistance in working with international financial institutions, etc.

Where to Order a Ready-Made Casino with a Curacao Licence?

Despite the simplified legalisation procedure and short terms for obtaining the necessary documents, the launch of your website can be simplified and accelerated, just contact Smart Money managers.

We are ready to undertake comprehensive project support and offer professional guidance for start-ups of any format.

Cooperation with Smart Money implies the following benefits:

  • consulting services;
  • assistance in collecting documents and registering a company;
  • control over the application and consideration procedures;
  • assistance in concluding agreements with banks and software suppliers;
  • development of a step-by-step business strategy considering possible risks;
  • professional customer support (working with clients in a round-the-clock mode).

The Main Things about Curacao Casino Licences

Obtaining a gambling licence from Curacao is one of the most convenient and fastest ways to enter the international market legally.

  • The Curacao Gambling Commission offers loyal conditions for applicants: low taxes, no hidden fees, favourable economic environment, and high speed of processing applications.
  • Sites with Curacao online casino licences can operate in the European market. The jurisdiction is part of the EU. It allows gambling operators to distribute their services on legitimate grounds.
  • Low cost. The licensing cost depends on the basic package of services. It starts from 20-25 thousand dollars.
  • Record time of legalisation. The permit can be obtained in 2–4 weeks.
  • Smart Money will help you simplify the procedure of getting a Curacao online casino licence. We propose professional counselling and legal support of your project on favourable terms.

The Smart Money catalogue presents the best solutions for the iGaming business: payment aggregators, casino slots from leading suppliers, bookmaker franchises, live content, mobile applications, and others.

A line of products for organising the work of land-based enterprises is available to our partners (from furniture to cash register software and self-service terminals).

Evaluate all the prospects of cooperation with our professional team right now:

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist


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