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According to the statistics, Brazil is the most profitable market in South America. Start your path to success, popularity and super-profits with Smart Money experts.

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Benefits of opening an online casino in Brazil

Large population of Brazil

Most gamblers from South America live in Brazil. Therefore, your potential audience will be very extensive

Evolution of crypto gaming

Crypto casinos are convenient and safe gambling platforms that guarantee complete privacy for Brazilian users

Loyalty of the audience

People of all ages like to spend their leisure time playing poker, blackjack, online slots and other games

High incomes of citizens

Most Brazilians live in big cities. Many of them have built successful careers. They receive decent incomes

Popularity of sports betting

Combine gaming and betting activities to attract a lot of customers and increase your chances of success

Work under foreign permits

The government of the state does not interfere with the activities of international online gaming projects

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Analyzing the Best Ways to Buy an Online Casino in Brazil from Smart Money

1. How Are Brazilian Gambling Laws Developing Today?

2. What are the Main Expectations of Online Gambling in Brazil?

3. Why is a Turnkey Online Casino in Brazil the Most Efficient Quick-Start Option?

4. What are the Main Things to Consider When Starting a Business in Brazil?

In order to buy an online casino in Brazil, a person must possess the necessary knowledge, a substantial budget, and determination to complete the organizational process. This Latin American country is a popular destination for gambling operators, so let's learn more about beneficial characteristics of the local casino market.

Our team of professionals at Smart Money decided to bring an understanding of the online gambling business in Brazil to prove the profitability of the sphere in this region.

How Are Brazilian Gambling Laws Developing Today?

Development of Brazilian gambling laws

The unexpected outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic made a severe impact on the gambling business in Brazil. The most popular casinos in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo had to pause their operation. At the same time, while the gamblers still were eager to enjoy their favourite entertainment, online casinos seemed to be flourishing.

Meanwhile, it is still essential to keep in mind a few notions about Brazilian gambling laws:

  • the only allowed internet activities in the country are lottery and fixed-odds sports betting that became legal after implementing the law №13,756/2018;
  • in order to start offering services on the territory of Brazil, an operator should receive a license in one of the available offshore jurisdictions;
  • Brazilian gambling laws are supposedly going to change, considering the modern demand and the amounts of taxes that are flown in foreign countries ($3.7 billion over the last year);
  • there have already been attempts to conclude agreements with local sports clubs to start promoting gambling services.

These grounds underline the main peculiarities of the online gambling business in Brazil. Moreover, the increased demand for this entertainment in the last year makes the local government overthink their attitude towards legalizing the industry in the nearest future.

Restricted Casino Providers in Brazil

The recent progress of the country in the international arena in terms of technological advancement and legal changes made the region more appealing for the gambling business. New creators of casino and betting content started entering the sector that has recently improved its sportsbook regulations and is expected to do the same for iGaming.

While Brazil tends to be quite favourable and welcoming for new market participants, not all suppliers of entertainment can comply with established requirements. Nolimit City is currently restricted from providing its services on the territory of the state.

Meanwhile, Smart Money offers relevant gambling products from dozens of other brands that have their possibilities fully legalised in Brazil. Our experts will help compose an assortment of entertainment that will suit the targeted audience.

Order up-to-date solutions from Smart Money and equip your platform with the latest high-quality games for casino players.

What are the Main Expectations of Online Gambling in Brazil?

Online gambling in Brazil: advantages of the market

When an operator wants to open a casino in Brazil, he must be into all peculiarities of the local gambling market. The advantages of running the business in this region are particularly important. They will define your profit, demand, and popularity in general. That is why the experts at Smart Money decided to gather the main benefits of starting an online gambling business in Brazil in a single statistic.

Brazilian market advantages


High demand for the entertainment

Although the country is related to a third-world division, there are a lot of middle-class people who are eager to enjoy their favourite gambling entertainment, accessible on their laptops, PCs, and even mobile phones

Immaculate market reputation

Providing that you buy an online casino in Brazil legally and have an official operational permit, your reputation will allow cooperating with the most popular banking affiliations and the best software providers available on the market

Popular international trends

People in Brazil are into modern trends, they have digitized lifestyles, and are fond of one of the most popular online entertainment currently available — gambling

Fast return of investments

With the thoroughly configured organizational process, it will be possible to pay off the entire capital spent on the business development in just 6 months at maximum

Healthy competition

The local government blocks all unlicensed gambling websites that appear on the territory of Brazil. It means that a self-respected operator will have no problems with unfaithful platforms that avoid taxes, and will have only legal competitors to create healthy rivalry

Pandemic influence

It is impossible to deny how profitable the conditions for the online gambling market have become, since a lot of people have to stay at home and seek for online entertainments

Nowadays, it is an excellent opportunity to start an online gambling business in this Latin American region. However, a lot of operators are faced with a huge obstacle in the form of insufficient experience. Good for them, there is an ideal solution to this problem.

Why is a Turnkey Online Casino in Brazil the Most Efficient Quick-Start Option?

Turnkey online casino in Brazil

A lot of entrepreneurs reject the possibility to open online betting in Brazil or start an internet gaming website in the country due to the lack of experience. Even though they have sufficient budget and look for a profitable project, they do not fully emerge into the possibilities of the sphere. Smart Money offers you to review a turnkey online casino in Brazil.

This business solution is an efficient quick-start option for a new casino operator for a number of reasons:

  1. Individual approach to the creation of the design for your online gambling platform. Our experts are aware of the latest trends in Brazil and are ready to adapt them to the audience of the website.
  2. The best online gambling software in Brazil to meet the expectation of the audience. Such pillars of the industry as Amatic, Greentube, Igrosoft, Microgaming, Aristocrat, and others cooperate only with the licensed service providers in the country.
  3. The most efficient promotional methods to acquire the desired audience. The marketing experts at Smart Money are into the Brazilian online gambling laws and know the best ways to advertise a gaming website.
  4. Top-rated payment casino software in Brazil for swift transactions. The most widely used transfer services on the territory of the country include Banco do Brasil, Bradesco, Itau, and, of course, Visa and MasterCard. Players love when they have a choice in how to manage their money.
  5. Technical and juridical assistance on the entire process of the development. Our experts will help you avoid any malfunctions as well as ensure you have no legal problems with the establishment of your website.

What are the Main Things to Consider When Starting a Business in Brazil?

The gambling market in Brazil is a profitable area of operation if you approach it correctly. The best mixture of the organizational process is high-quality assistance from professionals as well as a knowledgeable operator himself.

So, these are the most important facts to keep in mind about the Brazilian online gambling business:

  • it is possible to start offering services in the country if you have a foreign-based online gambling license;
  • the advantages of starting a gaming business in this region include high demand for the entertainment, possibility to get an immaculate market reputation, the popularity of international trends, fast return of investments, healthy competition, positive pandemic influence;
  • the most efficient manufacturers of casino software in Brazil are Amatic, Greentube, Igrosoft, Microgaming, and Aristocrat;
  • a turnkey online casino in Brazil is the most efficient way to launch a quick gambling career in the region.

Smart Money offers you a wide range of available services from licensing and software support to the development of a promotional campaign and acquisition of clients. Do not hesitate to order our turnkey online casino in Brazil. Our responsive customer relations team will be waiting for your queries.


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