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Malta: online casino license
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Updated 13.02.2023

Malta Casino Licence: Launch a Profitable Project With Smart Money

If you want to become a legal gambling market participant, it will be very important for you to obtain a special permit, develop a good reputation, and gain the confidence of customers. Malta is considered to be one of the most respected and popular jurisdictions that legalises the casino business.

To learn more about the regulation of gambling and order a legal turnkey solution, you can turn to the Smart Money studio. Our team will undertake the implementation of different kinds of projects and significantly speed up their launch.

Gambling Business in Malta: a Licence of the Jurisdiction

Gambling business in Malta: licences

Malta is a country that is situated on the island in the Mediterranean Sea. Previously, it was one of the Crown colonies and the first EU member to adopt legal regulations in the gambling field.

Malta casino permits were first issued back in 2000 by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority. A year later, the controlling body was restructured and named Malta Gaming Authority. The organisation exists to this very day.

Legal Provisions of the Malta Gambling Ordinance

Lotteries were the first official gambling activity in this offshore zone, which was legalised almost 3 centuries ago.

The casino industry in this country had several development stages:

  • In 1922, lottery draws became widely available and were granted the status of a monopoly enterprise.
  • In 1934, the sweepstakes appeared, as well as the acceptance of bets on dog racing.
  • In 1958, the first rules in the field of casino legalisation were adopted.
  • In 1998, a normative act on gambling was created, which regulated the work of land-based iGaming enterprises.
  • In 2001, the Lottery Law was adopted. New legal provisions of the Malta Gambling Ordinance have improved the dispositions that were adopted previously.
  • 16 years ago, the Remote Gambling Entrepreneurship Clause was enforced. The task of this legal act was to regulate the online market.

Malta Licensed Casinos: Types of Permits

Malta licensed casinos: types of permits

The authorised body issues 2 main types of licences:

  1. Gambling Service Licence ― is issued to the providers of gambling services.
  2. Critical Gambling Supply Licence ― can be obtained by software vendors.

For foreign investors who are planning to work remotely, there are special formats of a licence.

Malta licensed online casino: types of permits for the remote business

Class I permit

It is issued to the owners of gaming sites with video emulators and the game content that is based on the RNG

Class II permit

Holders of this licence are the owners of bookmaker’s offices (the betting business)

Class III permit

With this permit, applicants are getting the right to launch poker rooms and organise lottery draws and other types of games for money, which are based on the relationship between users

Class IV permit

It regulates the work with the B2B audience (it includes the sale of software and hardware equipment, provision of server and hosting services, etc.)

Requirements and Conditions for Launching the Malta Online Casino

For the competent authority to process an application, entrepreneurs must perform the following actions:

  • register a company on the country’s territory;
  • connect a dedicated telephone line in care of the address of the physical representative office;
  • provide information on the founders in English (scans of identity cards, certificates of no criminal record, CVs, and references of all interested parties);
  • draw up a detailed business strategy including financial plans and marketing decisions for the promotion of a brand;
  • provide detailed technical characteristics and certificates for the software and equipment.

The local regulator provides comprehensive support to future casino owners. Applicants must complete a procedure of a preliminary examination of the licence application in order to identify any inconsistencies. After the package of documents is checked, the Commission analyses the business plan and other information related to the financial and management departments.

After a successful passage of the verification procedure, an applicant who wants to own a Malta online casino can test his platform in a so-called natural technical environment (during the period of 60 days).

Licences of all classes are valid for 5 years.

Additional compliance tests are performed in the 1st and 3d year of operation.

Malta Licensed Online Casino: the Cost of Legalisation

It is important for all entrepreneurs to decide on a budget.


Approximate price in euros

Application for the purchase of a certificate (regardless of the class of the document)


Filing of an application for the renewal of a licence (any category of the certificate)


External audit of a gaming site


Monitoring of compliance with workloads and legal regulations


Annual maintenance

25,000 — maintenance of certificates of I, II, and III categories

10,000 — the maintenance fee for a licence of class IV

The tax rate for casinos with the Malta gambling permit:

  1. The rate for holders of the class I certificate is 4,600 euros monthly for the first 1.5 years and 7,000 euros each month in the time following.
  2. Commission fee for the licence of class II ― 0.5% of the transaction volume.
  3. Tax for casinos with the class III Malta licence ― 5% of the company’s annual income.
  4. Commission fees for enterprises with the class IV certificate are not paid for 18 months. In the next 2 quarters, the tax amount is 2,330 euros per month, and after that ― 4,600 euros.

What are the Positive Characteristics of Malta Licensed Casinos?

Malta licensed online casino: characteristics

The jurisdiction is famous for its loyal legislation and stable economic situation.

The decision to launch the gambling platform here is beneficial for several reasons:

  • the company automatically becomes international;
  • it is very easy to enter the EU market;
  • you can build brand awareness;
  • all types of gambling activity can be legalised;
  • you get an ability to work fairly and transparently;
  • reliable protection of all participants in the gameplay;
  • it is possible to get several licences simultaneously;
  • it is easier to obtain a residence permit;
  • there are no restrictions on the interaction with banks.

Besides, investors are also provided with legal support in the creation of affiliate networks, international trusts, and holdings.

Another feature is that foreign investors are allowed to open local land-based casinos.

The Main Things About the Malta Casino Licence

To own a casino with this permit is an excellent way to become the gambling market participant and develop an unblemished reputation for your project.

  • Malta became one of the first European offshore jurisdictions to regulate online gambling by adopting the law on the control of the activity of remote enterprises in 2004.
  • This country offers legalisation of all kinds of gambling projects. Operators can open offline locations and launch gaming sites, mobile services, betting shops, sweepstakes, and lotteries.
  • All Maltese licensed online casinos earn international status.
  • You can order a casino with the Malta licence from Smart Money. We suggest that you use our consultations and services to launch a gambling startup on the most beneficial terms.

Our catalogue contains ready-made casino slots and exclusive games, the best financial services, and turnkey projects. From us, you can also purchase furniture, equipment, and programs for setting up the land-based establishment.

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist


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