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Updated 13.02.2023

Adaptive Tools from the AcuityTec Casino Fraud Protection System

Let us get acquainted with a renowned provider of reliable web security products. The Canadian firm is famous as an international software manufacturer and distributor.

The developer’s solutions are used in many business areas related to e-commerce, payment processing, and online industries.

AcuityTec online casino security software

Order adaptive AcuityTec casino security software from the Smart Money team. Our studio is the official representative of the brand in Europe. We adhere to a loyal pricing policy and provide high-quality maintenance for gambling projects.

Fraud Prevention Module

This convenient AcuityTec casino security system for recognising and preventing fraudulent activities on the Internet keeps the safety of virtual portals at a high level. The company modifies and improves its software constantly, studying and blocking new hacker schemes promptly. Operators do not have to waste time and effort on updates. They are automated.

The AcuityTec casino security software can cope with such tasks:

  • preventing hacker attacks, the introduction of spyware or third-party code on the platform;
  • protecting websites against the exploration and theft of the program code by third parties;
  • combating piracy, intellectual property (unique developments of the operator) and information (database of gamers) theft;
  • revealing hidden associations between externally unrelated accounts (multi-accounting or traffic inflating with the help of bots);
  • automating and optimising the verification of gamers at the initial stage of registration;
  • detecting and studying cyber risks based on popular technologies;
  • protecting casino applications in cloud and hybrid networks.

Customer flow analysis takes place at all contact points of entry to the gambling resource. The system contains a filter for eliminating interference from random HTTP/DNS traffic, which may include phishing programs.

You can connect the AcuityTec software to protect the casino and perform overarching analysis of all procedures on your website. It will also provide partial verification of individual operations and data centres at the request of the operator.

Risk Management of Payments

It is hard to guarantee the reliability of an online casino without thorough research of financial operations. This part of businesses often suffers from theft, phishing programs, and data (bank details, personal information of clients) leakage.

To ensure enhanced casino security, AcuityTec has implemented a special module in the software structure.

The main tasks of the service are as follows:

  1. Thorough verification of payments before processing. Both financial details and personal data of the client making deposits and withdrawals are analysed.
  2. Configuring check levels. The AcuityTec casino protection software applies different analysis methods for checking transfers. For example, transactions within the country are verified according to a certain scheme. The movement of money between countries (if the website operates in the .com domain zone) is carried out according to another method.
  3. Checking the fair use of bonuses. Fraudsters often lure casino welcome prizes using mass registration of accounts for non-existent gamers.
  4. Comprehensive protection of payments. It is ensured thanks to SSL technology. The Secure Sockets Layer system is based on the creation of asymmetrically encrypted communications between the customer and the casino.
  5. Batch upload of money transfers. The AcuityTec casino fraud protection supports large-scale verification and processing of payments. This approach is convenient for large gambling platforms with a heavy server load.
  6. Automatic rejection of operations. The system blocks transfers if they do not comply with the legal regulations of specific jurisdictions.
  7. Detailed analytics. To monitor casino fraud protection, AcuityTec uses several levels of reporting. They display the general financial state of the business and analyse the situation in separate segments (sales, traffic, session time, etc.).

Certification from AcuityTec

In addition to the opportunity to connect the AcuityTec software to protect casinos, operators can order an official certificate from the supplier.

The company checks security services, integrates its software, and issues official compliance documents based on the analysis carried out. Businessmen can place special dynamic seals on their websites.

The certification from AcuityTec is characterised by the following benefits:

  • Compliance with regulations. The presence of a certificate from the manufacturer is a clear signal to regulatory bodies (commissions, departments, and other organizations) that the operator adheres to the principles of fair play. The document makes it easier to obtain a licence.
  • Trust of customers and partners. Gaming content providers are more likely to contract with certified operators. Gamblers are not afraid to play slot machines and make large deposits at such casinos.
  • Protection of processing channels. This aspect is important for cooperation with top payment service suppliers. The document assures providers that all transactional data has been cleared and verified by professionals.

AcuityTec Casino Verification System

AcuityTec online casino verification system

The manufacturer has developed a well-thought-out authentication solution with multiple levels of verification. It can detect reliable gamers and suspicious users.

Operators can connect the verification for casinos from AcuityTec in several formats:

SMS/Voice Verification

This good method is commonly used in the financial sector.

The system of ID verification for casinos from AcuityTec sends an SMS with a PIN code or makes a phone call automatically. The user must enter the numbers in a special line in the form to confirm the previously registered number

Global Photo ID Verification

The built-in utility requests documents with a photo: ID-cards or driving licences.

The system of ID verification for casinos from AcuityTec scans the image and verifies it. The analysis is carried based on the KYC method

Knowledge-Based Authentication

This type of identification requests code words and phrases from visitors. The instrument determines the authenticity of the user's identity based on the responses received

Device Authentication

You can connect the AcuityTec verification for casinos for both gamblers and their devices. This approach will allow you to cope with multi-accounting and bots more effectively.

This function uses tools aimed at recognising IP addresses. They can come round mask programs. That is why it is very difficult to deceive this feature

The entrepreneur can select a suitable system of ID verification for casinos from AcuityTec independently. Moreover, he or she can connect four methods at once. The lighter versions may be used for new players. At the same time, more sophisticated methods can be used for VIP users or gamblers conducting large transactions.

Additional Offers from the Company

The manufacturer recommends using services aimed at improving the web resource, attracting valuable user traffic, and increasing the level of customer service.

Familiarise yourself with the list of available services:

  1. Casino hosting. The casino security software AcuityTec and customers’ gambling systems can be located on the developer's server. The technical equipment is localised in Canada. The vendor is engaged in servicing casino operators’ remote servers.
  2. Promotion. The producer specialises in e-mail marketing campaigns. Experts consider this method of promotion to be the most effective one. It targets a specific internet audience and guarantees a good response. The team is working on the elimination of hard bounces and the decrease in spam complaints.
  3. Data management. The company provides a convenient administration console to its clients. It has a clear and attractive graphical interface. Besides, the feature includes report pages and practical tools for business expansion.

The Main Things about the AcuityTec Casino Protection Software

AcuityTec online casino protection software

Any project needs comprehensive patronage. The AcuityTec software can ensure a high level of business security without limiting its opportunities.

  • The developer is focused on such aspects as the protection against hacker attacks, the identification of risky payments, and the authentication of gamers.
  • Entrepreneurs who have purchased the software and passed testing are allowed to place the AcuityTec certification mark on their websites.
  • Operators can also buy hosting for their online projects or order marketing support.

Test the AcuityTec casino fraud protection from Smart Money.

Besides, pay attention to our offers: casino software, equipment and programs for land-based gambling clubs, turnkey solutions, etc.

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Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist


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