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Buy an Online Casino License: Launch a Legal Gambling Business

1. Advantages of an Online Casino With a Gambling License

2. A Casino License: Features of its Acquisition

3. Where is it Better to Buy a Casino License: Between-Countries Comparison

4. How Much is a Casino License in Different Jurisdictions?

5. The Main Things About the Legalisation

A gambling license is an important document that can determine the future of a gambling project. The level of trust of customers and partners, the company’s profit and development prospects depend on how responsibly an entrepreneur will solve legal problems.

Experts of Smart Money have prepared a review, thanks to which you will understand all the nuances of the registration of permits. We are also ready to help you with the legalization of your business in the best jurisdictions of the world.

Advantages of an Online Casino With a Gambling License

Online casino with a gambling license

Beginning entrepreneurs often wonder why they need an online casino license in the first place because it is no secret that the shadow sector of the gambling industry has always existed, exists now, and, possibly, it still will exist in the future.

Indeed, there are many illegal gaming sites, and they make good money. Nevertheless, casino licensing is a mandatory procedure. A casino operator that has a permit receives several undeniable advantages over the owners of illegal websites:

  1. Ability to work and be unafraid of the sanctions of public authorities. Many countries are trying to fight against the shadow segment of the gambling business, and they do it very successfully. Those owners of gaming sites who operate without a permit are able to bypass bans and blockings but these are unnecessary efforts, complexity, and expenses. It is much easier to pay for the paperwork and not risk your business.
  2. Customer confidence. Gamblers who place bets and use real money for it want to be sure that they will not be fooled. Visitors have the opportunity to check whether the gambling club has a casino license, and they do it. The preference is given to those websites that adhere to the principles of fair play and are able to ensure that prizes are paid on time.
  3. Cooperation with major banks and connection of reliable and honest payment services. Operators of gambling platforms should do everything possible to facilitate the withdrawal of funds for any player. One system outage is enough to irretrievably lose regular customers who bring the main profit to the casino location. Moreover, large banking institutions and providers of the payment software do not work with illegal websites. The conclusion here is obvious.
  4. Connection of the game content of the highest quality. Gambling software vendors pay attention to the reputation of partners and customers. They avoid cooperation with illegal casinos. If you want to integrate licensed games that will definitely generate profits on your gaming site, you will have to solve some legal issues.
  5. Development prospects. Even those operators who are not ready to enter the international market should launch a gambling establishment with a casino license. The Internet has no borders, and you can attract traffic to your website from different countries but it is very difficult to scale an illegal business. Possession of a license prevents many problems.

Employees of the Smart Money company recommends operators to run a legal business. Of course, a gambling license will cost a lot but the benefits that its holder will receive are also rather significant. This is a very profitable investment.

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A Casino License: Features of its Acquisition

Each jurisdiction has its own requirements for applicants but there is a general list of documents that are requested by most gambling regulators:

  • application for casino licensing;
  • registration documents of the company (copies);
  • passports of the founders (copies);
  • documents that confirm the purchase or rental of an office;
  • certificate from the bank that confirms the opening of an account.

There are regulators that issue gambling licenses only to the residents of the country but there are also more loyal jurisdictions. In any case, applicants must abide by the law of the state where their business is legalized.

Where is it Better to Buy a Casino License: Between-Countries Comparison

Cost of casino license

Prices of the permits can vary from 10 to 350 thousand dollars. Therefore, before you buy a casino license, it is necessary to clearly understand what specific activities you will need to carry out and how you are planning to develop the project in the future.

It can be difficult for beginning entrepreneurs to determine the prospects of a startup so it makes sense to turn to an experienced partner — Smart Money. We will provide our consultations and calculate the cost of launching an online casino with a license in different jurisdictions. Our staff will make sure that you launch your own business with minimum cost.

How Much is a Casino License in Different Jurisdictions?

Many entrepreneurs consider a Costa Rican online casino license to be the most profitable one. It costs 15 thousand dollars. Also, businessmen do not have to face bans and restrictions or pay fines. They get almost complete carte blanche.

However, the Costa Rican license has a significant disadvantage: with it, it is difficult to open a bank account of the gambling company. The document allows data processing but does not regulate the activities of casinos. For this reason, it is not suitable for all operators, which means that other options should be considered as well.


The price of a license (in thousands of dollars)

Annual license renewal (in thousands of dollars)

Antigua and Barbuda














To launch a licensed online casino with the correct documentation, entrepreneurs have to understand all the nuances of the legislation of each jurisdiction but even this does not guarantee that they will not make mistakes. So the consultation of an experienced gambling lawyer will be helpful.

Smart Money offers a simple and effective solution: we take orders for the creation of a turnkey online casino with a license. All you need to do is contact our manager and tell us how you see your future business.

We will develop a website with an attractive design, select the perfect content, and help you with all the necessary documentation.

The Main Things About the Legalisation

Legalisation of a gambling business

  • A properly obtained gambling license opens up new opportunities for entrepreneurs. You should definitely get it in order to increase the level of trust of your customers and provide them with the best games and payment tools.
  • It is necessary to carefully consider the choice of jurisdiction that will issue the online casino license. It is important that the permit expands the capabilities of businessmen and allow them to develop their projects.
  • The cost of legalization of a casino should be such as it would be more profitable for business owners to work with a permit than without it. Therefore, you should compare prices, the period of validity of a license, and the requirements of different regulators.

It is a very difficult task to choose the type of document and the jurisdiction. To perform it, we would recommend you to turn to those specialists who know the gambling legislation of different countries.

The Smart Money has been working in the gambling market for a long time, and we are ready to help you at all stages of the creation and launch of your casino and with the acquisition of a license.

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