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Updated 13.02.2023

Accertify Casino Fraud Protection Software: Buy a Reliable Solution

Accertify is a trusted vendor of security software for online gambling establishments. The company is focused on such industries as e-commerce, tourism, banking, and casino business. Higher standards are demanded of security systems for gambling projects since this is an extremely profitable sphere that attracts cybercriminals.

Accertify casino fraud protection software

To protect your business from illegal transactions and thefts, we recommend you to order the Accertify casino fraud protection software from Smart Money.

The Main Tasks of the Accertify Casino Security Software

Its primary aim is to detect and combat online fraud.

Accertify casino security software performs the following functions:

  • analysis of the level of protection on the gaming site, identification of weaknesses in the system;
  • fixation and blocking of schemes for capturing personal accounts;
  • prevention of hacker attacks, the introduction of dangerous codes with viruses, spam into the script or any type of slot machine of the website;
  • age screening of gamblers, the aim of which is to prevent minors from accessing the website;
  • identification of illegal actions of users (collusion of players, illegal cajolement of bonuses, and multi-accounting);
  • successful fight against bots that are used to get Artificially Inflated Traffic;
  • risk evaluation and decision-making in the real-time mode;
  • elimination of threats of reverse engineering, theft of copyright developments, and access to other data of gamblers.

The Fraud Management Working Principle

It is worth connecting the Accertify casino security software if you are looking for progressive multifunctional software. The Fraud Management system operates smoothly. It immediately responds to any illegal interference.

To tighten the security, Accertify has implemented the Gradient Boosting Machine statistical model. GBM is based on computer-aided learning and logistic regression techniques. This is a guarantee of instant interaction between command centres, detailed documentation of all suspicious actions, and projection of potential changes.

Mobile-Casino Protection

The company has created a special Device Intelligence Kit script to protect mobile casinos. The SDK can promptly detect malware.

The program analyzes the connected devices and fixes proxy applications for IP addresses and attempts to provide misinformation on the gambling location. Dangerous files are automatically deleted. The SDK is fully encrypted and protected from reverse engineering.

Advantages of the Accertify Casino Security Software

The Accertify casino protection software provides operators with the following benefits:

  1. Rapid deployment. The solution is easily scalable and can be used by several commercially independent projects at once. It is possible to use this product simultaneously for online casinos and land-based gambling halls. Integration and customization are carried out automatically.
  2. Good technical support. To tighten the security, the Accertify casino fraud protection software has provided competent support. The team of professionals speaks several languages, works 24/7, and guarantees an instant response. The service is available via e-mail, live chat, Skype, and other communication channels.
  3. Reliability. The Accertify software has achieved full PCI DSS certification that confirms that it supports risk-free payments. The solution was marked as ISO 27001 and has a high level of data security.
  4. Adaptability. Malevolent intruders are rapidly inventing new methods of stealing confidential data. Accertify casino fraud protection software can perfectly adapt itself to all the changes, including the use of progressive computer-aided learning tools. The software is updated automatically.

How to Connect Verification for the Casino from Accertify

ID verification for the casino from Accertify

By arranging the information leakage, fraudsters steal passwords, e-mail addresses, money, and accounts. As a result, the operator's reputation can be in the firing line.

To prevent this from happening, you should connect the Accertify id verification for casinos. The module provides a gambling business with complex protection. It analyzes not only users but also their personal devices.


Brief description

Digital Identity

Digital identification of devices takes place on all pages with which the visitor interacts.

The Accertify id verification for casinos performs the following functions:

  • evaluation of gadgets used by gamblers (as well as options for the connection and related attributes);

  • detection of the way to establish a connection with a gaming site (studying the IP address and metadata of the Internet provider);

  • accurate analysis of the location via GPS which is built into the device;

  • study of behavioural patterns (how do gamblers play, navigate a web resource, how much time do they spend on the website, etc.)

Intelligent Authentication

The Accertify id verification for casinos also includes the intelligent authentication for gamblers.

Key features of the software are:

  • simple identification of clients via the request of the e-mail address and password;

  • double-check with the introduction of a codeword;

  • multilevel control of the login with the analysis of biometrics and documents;

  • decision-making in real-time

The developer presented the well-thought-out software with a strong verification of clients of the gambling resource. The Accertify casino verification system meets SCA requirements. These are European strict authentication rules in accordance with the Payment Services Directive PSD2.

The Payment Gateway Financial Mechanism

The Accertify casino fraud protection software includes a customizable online payment service. It provides security and scalable performance and helps to easily manage large transaction volumes without posing risks to the savings of entrepreneurs.

Key features of Payment Gateway:

  1. Immunity to cybercrime. The routing processes and acceptance of transactions are being optimized. The manufacturer uses the PCI DSS Level encryption.
  2. Support for 120 currencies. Gamblers can use both popular (dollars, pounds sterling, euros) and more rare banknotes.
  3. Chargebacks management. The cost reduction (50% or more) that are necessary for responding and managing such transactions.
  4. Mass remittance. Automatic loading and implementation of packaged payments with the classification of their data. Safe export of money from other sources is possible.
  5. Simple installation. You can connect the Accertify software to protect a casino along with a payment gateway. The packaged installation takes less time than the introduction of different components separately.
  6. User-friendly interface. Intuitive administration panels with detailed transaction reporting.

The Main Things About the Accertify Provider

Accertify provider: gambling solutions

Accertify is a provider of comprehensive security gambling solutions.

  • The company has developed a powerful protection system — Fraud Management. It successfully fights against hacker attacks, gamblers’ manipulation, piracy, and other types of illegal behaviour.
  • The supplier offers to connect the Accertify software to protect a casino, which recognizes clients and devices through which they entered a gaming site.
  • The manufacturer proposes an alternative: to buy the Accertify payment gateway along with the main security product or as an independent service for the project that has already been launched.

All Accertify solutions can be ordered from Smart Money.

We offer cost-effective products and useful services that will help you to create and develop a casino: a turnkey casino, a franchise, and cooperation on the basis of the White Label scheme.

Let Smart Money take care of your projects! Contact us:

  • by e-mail:
  • on Skype:
  • in Telegram: @spinwin
  • via the feedback form.

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist


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