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  • Turnkey Online Casino: a Successful Creation of a Gambling Project of Your Dreams
Advantages of the service

Cost saving

You will not have to risk considerable amounts when making deals with unreliable software providers and little-known intermediaries

Time saving

We are working according to a time-tested scheme that excludes any delays. Get a profitable project in the shortest possible time

Reliability and safety

Our company cooperates only with reputable suppliers. The best developers of gaming software are our permanent partners

The best content

We are ready to propose vivid slot machines, exciting thematic games, as well as live, VR and AR-content to our regular customers

Promotion of your project

The use of modern marketing instruments and methods will help you attract the target audience and get the desired profit

Unique design

Choose a ready-made design for your gaming website or tell us about your requirements and wishes. We will realise them to the full potential

Creation of a turnkey casino

Individual project, quick start-up and payback


Turnkey Online Casino: a Successful Creation of a Gambling Project of Your Dreams

1. A Turnkey Online Casino Business: Capabilities of Solutions From Smart Money

2. How is it Better to Start a Business: With a Turnkey Option or Other Solutions?

3. The Cost of a Turnkey Online Casino and Future Earnings

4. Creation of a Turnkey Online Casino: What is Included in the Service?

5. A Turnkey Casino Website For Sale: the Best Platforms From Smart Money

6. The Game Content From Smart Money

7. Creation of a Turnkey Online Casino: the Mobile Version From Smart Money

8. Why is it a Good Idea to Purchase a Turnkey Casino Business From Smart Money?

Soon after the ban on the existence of offline gambling platforms, the business was moved to the Internet. To buy a ready-made online gaming club is a dream of all modern entrepreneurs.

Unlike land-based locations that are subject to strict rules and many restrictions, a turnkey casino business on the Internet not only is a promising source of income but also gives a chance to quickly enter the global online gambling market.

Smart Money is a diversified company, which offers a lot of services for the creation of successfully operating gambling projects of any format. Here, there is an opportunity to order a turnkey online casino, a White Label portal, integrate software into ready-made websites, use affiliate programs, and get competent legal and technical support.

A Turnkey Online Casino Business: Capabilities of Solutions From Smart Money

Turnkey online casino

By using the service “buy a licensed online casino on a turnkey basis”, you receive the following benefits:

  • Guaranteed security of gamblers.
  • Simple and reliable control system for all processes in the online gambling club.
  • Flexible adjustment of the payout rate.
  • Tools for sending messages to users and publishing news.
  • Ability to upgrade a platform (a casino from Smart Money is being developed with the open source code).
  • Fast payback (as a rule, the service “turnkey casino website for sale” fully repays for the invested capital within six months after the project was launched).
  • Ability to sell your product in the international market without being tied to a specific region or country.

How is it Better to Start a Business: With a Turnkey Option or Other Solutions?

In the modern online gambling industry, there are many ways to launch a startup. Each of the options has unique characteristics, as well as positive and negative aspects. An individual elaboration, the White Label scheme, and a turnkey online casino website are the 3 most widespread options.

Among the most popular solutions that are used to make your own casino, we can name:

Project Development From Scratch

It is a very high-cost option, which is very time-consuming and requires a significant amount of money but also a bundle of knowledge in various spheres. In comparison to an online casino turnkey solution, the creation of a gambling club from scratch requires the registration of a legal entity, acquisition of a license, development of a website, conclusion of agreements with a reliable provider of games and software vendors, integration of payment methods, as well as the advertising and marketing promotion.

The list of advantages of this solution includes a unique design and the engine that meets the requirements of clients. Yet, with a turnkey online casino provider, it is also possible to elaborate peculiar embellishment of the project.

The disadvantages are a high price (from one hundred thousand dollars, and this is only for purchasing the licensed content), huge time expenditures for the independent registration of a license, search for competent specialists, and the absence of the guarantee that your project will be successfully operating.

A Casino Script

This solution can be perfectly described by the phrase “Buy nice or buy twice”. Nevertheless, the method remains very popular exactly because of its cheapness (it is the only advantage of such a choice).

The disadvantages of the script: the product is not ready for immediate use and needs high-quality development. Also, you will still need to buy a license, create your own design, integrate the game content and payment methods, etc. In comparison, all this is included under turnkey casino integration and bears no extra risks.

The Purchase of a Franchise

This is an effective and convenient solution for beginning entrepreneurs. The purchase of a franchise allows you to use a ready-made brand and a casino platform. It is a mutually beneficial way of cooperation, in which an entrepreneur gets a business that is ready for launch and does not need promotion, and the franchisor expands the existing network of online gambling clubs under his own brand.

Advantages of this option are ― a good price, simplicity, and the speed of opening.

Disadvantages ― the franchisee has to obey the rules of a senior partner, and he has no right to independently customise the payout percentage or make any other changes to the set of content or software solutions. Moreover, a certain percentage of income for the right to use the brand and equipment has to be deducted.

A White Label Program

Such a scheme is the most convenient and promising option that can be compared to purchasing a licensed turnkey online casino. A parent company provides a full package of casino software and tools for the project management, and a future owner of the website can brand the product by himself.

The advantages of the White Label method are the absence of special financial costs for launching the gaming site and the ability to advertise your own brand.

The disadvantages of the system are the dependence on the parent company. For example, operators do not have the right to change the set of content or add payment methods and other languages to White Label sites. For any additional service, it will be necessary to pay extra money.

Specialists from Smart Money can tell you more about the features of an affiliate program, the white label scheme, and the most favourable terms of collaboration with the guarantee of technical and legal support of the project.

The Cost of a Turnkey Online Casino and Future Earnings

There is no fixed price for such gambling clubs. If you check different pages on the Internet, you will find only approximate calculations. The price of turnkey casino software is always calculated individually and on the basis of the requirements and wishes of customers.

The cost of the service depends on how the location is created. For example, if it is possible to find a script for two hundred dollars, then the price of a franchise will start from ten thousand dollars. And the launch of a project from scratch will cost you more than one hundred thousand dollars. This is because of the involvement level of a turnkey gaming provider that supplies the software.

And now, let us talk about the expected income. A private gambling club is a very promising source of income. With the right approach and competent management, a turnkey software solution for a casino, as a rule, pays off within six months, and the operator’s net profit starts with an amount of ten thousand dollars per month (it is the approximate data that is based on a statistical analysis of the global gambling market).

According to the consulting agency Juniper Research, by the end of 2017, the turnover of the global gambling market has reached six hundred twenty billion dollars. By the beginning of 2019, this amount of income has increased to seven hundred billion dollars. And by 2022, according to experts, the annual turnover of the online gaming industry will reach one trillion.

You can ask specialists from Smart Money your question “Where and how to buy a ready-made casino?” We will draw up a detailed business project and offer the most loyal terms of cooperation.

Creation of a Turnkey Online Casino: What is Included in the Service?

Taking into account that there are many turnkey gambling solutions on the market, beginning entrepreneurs can easily use the assistance of unfair developers. As a result, the attempt to save money will turn into a huge loss of money and time.

Turning to experts, you get everything you need for the implementation, launch, and subsequent promotion of a gambling project.

The turnkey gambling service from Smart Money includes the following set of solutions:

  • Generation of a step-by-step business strategy based on reliable statistical data.
  • Acquisition of a permit for gambling activities from one of the most popular foreign jurisdictions: Curacao, Belize, Estonia, Costa Rica, and the Isle of Man.
  • Development and implementation of software solutions of the highest quality into the platform. We offer system from the world’s leading manufacturers (more information you can find below).
  • Installation of the content. It is possible to purchase games and rent igaming software. We guarantee top-quality integration of turnkey gambling software according to the demand and user preferences.
  • Implementation of an analytical system, administrative turnkey online casino software, and tools for platform management.
  • An organisation of an advertising campaign and a comprehensive promotion with the use of the most effective marketing tools.
  • Comprehensive technical and legal support of casino software throughout the entire period of cooperation.

A Turnkey Casino Website For Sale: the Best Platforms From Smart Money

Gaming platforms by Smart Money

The company offers a turnkey casino solution with a different set of features, content, and management tools:

A Casino Based on the Gaminator System

The Gaminator platform is released in three versions with a different set of parameters. The solution includes a large selection of casino software: from slot machines with unusual storylines to classic card games. It is one of the leading turnkey casino providers that support many payment options and guarantee the presence of a multicurrency system.

A Licensed Turnkey Casino on the Win&Win Casino Platform

The gambling software from the Israeli developer impresses with its functionality and flawless visualisation of the casino solution. Products are always in demand in Russia and Ukraine, and they attract users with excellent mathematics and an impressive set of games.

Software From Superomatic

According to statistics, the creation of a turnkey online casino on the Superomatic platform is a profitable casino solution with a high payback speed. This system provides high security, compulsory backup of the received data, the simplicity of connection, and a rather loyal price. This is an amazing turnkey software solution for casino projects in terms of a quality-price ratio.

The Game Content From Smart Money

A casino on a turnkey basis means not only a high-quality platform, which guarantees reliable and uninterrupted operation of the resource but also the online gaming software from the world’s leading suppliers.

Smart Money offers you the best solutions from:


This company was founded in 1999 and now is an undisputed leader in the market. Its games have amazing graphics, interesting animation effects, a large number of user settings, and exciting storylines.

Particular attention should be given to the live casino software with live dealers, which was developed back in 2003. Playtech does not just follow the innovations of the gambling industry. It has taken on the role of a creator of trends and has gained an unblemished reputation of a casino solution supplier whose products are extremely in-demand with the world's leading gambling platforms.


Today, the Austrian corporation that was founded in 1980 is considered to be the largest supplier of the game content (the equipment of this brand is represented in more than seventy countries of the world).

To buy a turnkey online casino with Novomatic slot machines is the dream of every entrepreneur who wants to enter the international market. The developer is focused on video slots ― its portfolio consists of more than eighty browser games with different storylines. Also, there are card games, roulette, software for downloading products, and interesting mobile solutions.

A ready-made online casino with Novomatic games will instantly attract the attention of gamblers. The solution includes colourful, “live” visual effects, excellent animation, and wonderful design. A distinctive feature of the brand's products is the ease of operation (the design of slot machines remains intuitive and pleasant to use, regardless of the language, on which it was translated).


Established in 1994, this firm has contributed to the development of gambling and has introduced completely new standards for its organisation. Progressive jackpots are one of the special features of the brand. Slots of this type are incredibly popular with players. For example, the initial sum of the prize in Mega Moolah is one million dollars. You must admit that such an offer is very difficult to ignore.

Each Microgaming slot is a multilingual product. Every solution includes twenty-four languages, excellent graphics, a convenient navigation system, and a guarantee of the high level of protection of users.

Software From Net Entertainment

This brand was created in 1996, and today, it has managed to gain not only global recognition but also a reputation of the innovator in the field of the game content and software for online platforms.

The firm provides gaming platforms and a wide range of games with very attractive jackpots. To buy a ready-made casino with the software from NetEnt means to expand the audience and provide customers with locations that will give them unforgettable impressions.

Among products of this provider, there are not only slots and classic card games but also a casino solution set for live broadcasts.


The company began its activity in 1993, and today, it occupies one of the leading positions in the international market. Initially, the brand was making slots for land-based casinos. The first entry into the online market took place in 2010, and it already provided a mobile application for iTunes.

Nowadays, the firm’s portfolio consists of the widest range of online slots, table games, roulettes, and video poker. An interesting feature of the Amatic casino platform is that each game was created on the basis of its land-based analogue.

Creation of a Turnkey Online Casino: the Mobile Version From Smart Money

To purchase a ready-made online casino for mobile devices is a natural stage in the development of a gambling project. Smart Money offers two options for turnkey mobile gambling clubs:

  1. Sale of ready-made online casinos with a version of the website that is adapted to a mobile casino platform. The product is created on the basis of the existing location and it keeps the usual functionality and the range of games.
  2. Ability to buy a casino as a separate gaming application. The software does not require the use of a browser and is distributed as a separate program.

The specialists of Smart Money will help determine the optimal format of work and will undertake to develop a casino solution that allows you to enter the international mobile market and significantly expand the target audience of the online gaming resource.

Why is it a Good Idea to Purchase a Turnkey Casino Business From Smart Money?

Cooperation with Smart Money is the optimal decision that guarantees you the launch of a successful and profitable startup.

Having ordered our services, you get:

  • The unique name of the website (the domain will be located in the international zone).
  • Stylish design that meets all your requirements and preferences.
  • Large selection of the game content from trusted providers with a good reputation.
  • Individual customisation of turnkey casino control systems.
  • Integration of the most popular payment systems.
  • Integration of the most popular payment methods.
  • Marketing support and the advertising of a successfully operating project.
  • Consultations for free and round-the-clock technical support of a casino platform.

By using the “buy a ready-made casino” service, you significantly save both time and financial costs. Our experts will deal with the legal support of a startup. With us, you will not have to worry about the collection of documents, acquisition of a permit in foreign jurisdictions, and conclusion of contracts with providers of slots and payment systems.

The solution includes the introduction of a comprehensive marketing strategy and promotion of the portal. Our experts have many years of working experience and are ready to turn your casino into a recognisable and profitable brand of international fame and an unblemished reputation.

With a turnkey online casino business from Smart Money, you will need just to tell us about your wished and become the owner of a product that will bring you a huge income. Buy a turnkey casino website from our company to join the international online gaming market of successful operators.

For all questions, please contact us:


Check the information used to contact us carefully. It is necessary for your safety.

Fraudsters can use contacts that look like ours to scam customers. Therefore, we ask you to enter only the addresses that are indicated on our official website.

Be careful! Our team is not responsible for the activities of persons using similar contact details.

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist

Updated 11.08.2023
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Do not miss the opportunity to work under the auspices of respected iGaming jurisdictions. The White Label program is a great way to enter the market without spending time on licensing and developing a gaming platform.

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Start an online bookmaker’s platform with the most popular events, including eSports tournaments. The solution comprises a package of administrative tools, detailed overviews from top analysts, and the pre-match betting and live broadcasting sections.

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