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What is Superomatic casino?  

Superomatic system created for interactive gaming venues, is of high interest for players and partners, because its capabilities comply with the highest European technical functionality requirements, gaming platform quality and safety. 

Superomatic gaming system is: 

Simplicity of integration. No need to purchase expensive equipment, as this is not a gaming platform, and it supports most common operational systems Windows and  Linux. 

Secure data retention. Any game combination will be restored even after the Internet connection failure or computer equipment breakdown. 

Safety of operation. All information is transmitted from the protected server, sending data packages, making data transmission and storing completely secure. 

Fast installation of new games and updates of the existing ones – these procedures take place at each launch of Superomatic program. 

Constant player acquisition and keeping them interested using a unique math system, which has been specially developed for Superomatic. 

Company’s games library includes all new games, which prove to be popular among players and have beautiful vivid design and sound. 

Superomatic system players can install winning percentage on their own.

In addition, Superomatic gaming system is absolutely safe and accurate in its operation. 

Thus, compared to other similar products, its obvious advantage is the possibility to see a detailed report on every process taking place in the system. Moreover, all summaries and data gathering is automatic. Actions of players and personnel are documented, so the possibility of a fraud is absolutely eliminated. 

Guarantee of transparent operation within a payment system is of high importance, enabling seamless and smooth transactions and possibility of payment for mobile communications and various Internet services. 

If any issues arise, it’s possible to address a technical support service, active 24/7. 

So, to sum it up, what are the benefits of Superomatic system? 

  • No need of heavy or global investments 
  • Absence of problems typical for gambling business 
  • Automatic and simple process of funds deposit/withdrawal 
  • Reduced expenses on personnel wages 
  • Vast list of the most innovative and popular games

Keep in mind, that according to the marketing statistics, Superomatic casino takes only two to three month to return investment. 


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