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Updated 13.02.2023

Dream Gaming Casinos Software: Exotic Offers of the Asian Firm

A young and ambitious developer provides the widest range of live solutions in the Eastern market. The assortment contains a large selection of in-demand products (cards, arcades, roulettes) and a series of exotic Asian entertainment.

Dream Gaming casino software: exotic offers of the Asian firm

Today, we will tell you about the most interesting iGaming services of the vendor and how to purchase them.

History of the Thai Brand

It was established 5 years ago and, despite the lack of experience, has quickly attracted the attention of players and operators in Asia and is now actively trying to conquer the markets of Europe.

The developer's client base includes about a thousand online casino owners from all over the world.

Even being one of the most recognisable brands in Malaysian, Taiwanese, and Cambodian regions, the Dream Gaming online casinos top provider still does not own a broadcasting studio. All sessions are conducted in a real location in Bangkok.

The supplier bought an entire floor with 25+ tables and has more than a hundred professional croupiers, directors, video and sound engineers, and a team of mobile developers.

All dealers speak several languages and do everything necessary to make everyone at the table feel comfortable.

Each gambling area has:

  • special card readers that display each combo that appears on the user's screen;
  • powerful video cameras with a 360-degree view and support for Full HD quality;
  • subwoofers that create the most voluminous sound;
  • an interactive lighting system that provides good brightness and image clarity.

The product is certified by several major regulators, which makes it possible for the vendor to promote it not only in the East but also in Europe, the CIS countries, and South Africa.

The Line of Live Content

Dream Gaming software for live casinos

The firm is famous for its unique approach to the development of games and is constantly expanding its product range. The assortment includes not only recognisable card games and roulette but also quite exotic solutions created for the Asian segment.

Live offers include:


It is an exciting game with very simple rules, one deck of cards, and a limited number of participants. The table is designed for 14 users, whose task is to collect a combo with 9 points.

Dream Gaming’s web casinos software is available in 4 modifications:

  • traditional version;
  • broadcast in an accelerated mode;
  • mode with additional betting options;
  • baccarat punto versione.

Sessions at the gaming table are broadcasted round-the-clock with a break between each distribution of cards for no more than 20 seconds.

Dragon Tiger

A simplified version of baccarat where users can place bets:

  • on a player;
  • on a dealer;
  • on the draw.

Thanks to the elementary rules, the game is played very quickly and keeps the participants interested. Moreover, the provider has modified the standard mechanics and offered several additional betting options. It is possible to place bets on a dozen secondary options, including the same combinations for the player and the bank (in the latter case, the winning bet has the odds of 11 to 1).

Sic Bo

The main game component is 3 six-sided dice. The croupier mixes them under a special glass jar, and the task of users is to guess the winning combination.

In addition to the placement of bets on a specific number, you can use the menu with side bets:

  • even/odd;
  • double/triple (2 or 3 identical numbers);
  • specific numbers for each die, etc.


Since the vendor’s offers were created mostly for the Asian audience, the design of the roulette table may seem a bit old-fashioned to European users.

The fact is that the vendor does not use the location, which is typical for offline establishments: the wheel and the table with tokens are made in the virtual projection format, and the croupier simply has a casual conversation with the participants and tells, which combos have fallen out.

There are 2 versions of the game:

  • traditional European one with 37 sectors and one “zero”;
  • the American version with 38 cells and 2 “zeros”.

Wheel of Fortune

It is an interesting hybrid of roulette and lottery. The audience is offered a multi-coloured wheel with 34 cells. The winning position is the one where the ball stops. Moreover, there are several winning options:

  • payments according to the established coefficient;
  • additional free spins;
  • prizes with a multiplier;
  • jackpot.

Due to the absence of additional bets, users are given only 20 seconds to make a deposit. The game is very dynamic and exciting and provides gamblers with very high odds.


The gambling software by the Dream Gaming decent vendor will appeal to the fans of classic entertainment. All users need to do is to collect a combination equal to 21 points.

The provider decided to recapture the atmosphere of the classic game. As for the innovations, only a few side bets have been added (for example, on a bonus game or on “perfect pairs”) and a multiplayer chat to talk to the host and other participants.


It is the Chinese version of poker with only 2 main bets. Users do not need to calculate winning combinations, change cards after each deal or unite against the croupier. It is enough just to indicate a potential winner: a red or a black bull.

The range of side bets includes:

  • even/odd;
  • more/less;
  • a specific combination of cards in the hands of the dealer/player.

Slots from the Vendor

The Thai supplier specialises in the creation of live content but also works with such reputable brands as:

Thanks to an extensive affiliate network, Dream Gaming turnkey casinos include an extensive set of video slots (about 1 thousand titles).

Slots have the following features:

  1. Interesting mechanics. There are versions with traditional mathematics, non-linear ways of forming combinations, cascading symbols, etc.
  2. High-quality picture. There are games with cartoon-like animation, products with various motion effects, and content with 3D visualisation.
  3. Wide variety of plots. The provider offers slots on such topics as history and myths, adventures, oriental traditions, fruits, and much more.
  4. In-game bonuses. The target audience retention program includes standard bonuses (free spins, multipliers, etc.), multi-level jackpots, multiplayer competitions, and thematic promos.

Advantages of Thai iGaming Content

Dream Gaming gambling software: advantages

The decision to buy the brand’s offers is a profitable investment that has a great response in the Asian sector and can kindle the interest of European consumers.

Entrepreneurs can launch lucrative casinos by the Dream Gaming top provider for several reasons:

Sales Markets

The firm plans to grow in the Asian sector, especially in the large provinces of China, and strengthen its influence in Europe.

For this segment, the studio has developed a turnkey version in English.

Cross-Platform Interface

All games can boast of the HD quality and are compatible with any operating system. The developer uses the advanced HTML5 format and is focused mostly on the mobile audience.

This approach contributes to a significant increase in customers.

Intuitive Interface

It pleases gamblers with an excellent lobby. Moreover, a single interface is provided for all products, which greatly facilitates switching between games and getting to know each new solution.

The main components and features of the control panel in vendor’s offers

The layout of the window

The panel is divided into 3 sectors. The central part is the main area with the croupier and an additional close-up window.

On the sidebars, statistics, chat, and user settings are displayed


The platform has a simultaneous game option: users can take part in 4 sessions at once, regardless of the type of solutions (cards, roulette, dice, etc.)

Session management

Users are provided with a number of settings for the most comfortable game:

  • multi-level statistics with the detailed calculation of up to 50 previous drawings;
  • the function of tracking of the bets placed by other participants at the gaming table;
  • the system for calculating the chances of winnings;
  • the manual selection of odds, and much more

Real-time statistics

Casino visitors have access to in-game use ratings and lists of the most popular offers at the moment.

A separate section of the analytical module is the evaluation of games with the largest prize pools and chances of winning

Customer’s profile page

There is a large selection of settings of the game account that makes it possible to automate both participation at the table and the overall functionality of the website (from simplified login to automatic filing of applications for participation in promotions and the replenishment of the deposit).

The system will automatically generate a list of the best offer based on the players’ preferences

Payment Solutions

The gaming platform has a powerful financial module with various personalisation settings.

The system supports the most popular payment methods, many different currencies, and can be used for:

  • the issuance of credits to casino visitors;
  • settings for quick payments using QR codes;
  • payouts of winnings with coupons, game tokens, and other in-game products without the possibility of withdrawing real money.

Promotion and Customer Retention

Products of the Thai provider are sold along with a multi-level bonus program. Moreover, the service comes in addition to the already built-in bonus options and various side bets.

Loyalty programs include:

  • welcome bonuses (100% of the sum);
  • discounts (10–50% for paid sessions);
  • special offers (themed holiday promos);
  • cashbacks (up to 20% of the average daily check);
  • weekly events (promotions and discounts);
  • a referral program (financial rewards and in-game bonuses for the attraction of other users);
  • drawings of material prizes (cruises, mobile gadgets, etc.).

Advertising and Branding

Having decided to connect the vendor’s casino, you can choose a standard interface in red, gold, and white colours or use the branding service of gaming zones.

The supplier offers a range of tools for customising any active location:

  • placement of the provider's logo on the clothes of dealers;
  • printing of the logo on cards;
  • placement of the logo on the table layout;
  • advertising broadcasts close-up (instead of the standard background image behind the dealer).

Ways to Launch Casinos by the Dream Gaming Provider

Casinos from the Dream Gaming provider: how to launch

There are several ways of cooperating with the firm:

  1. Turnkey scheme. An autonomous website with a powerful administrative module, brand’s offers, and products from partner studios. The service includes project adaptation to local markets and language interface management functions.
  2. Mobile agent. The studio's range of services includes working with a mobile audience. The supplier provides partners with a downloadable product that supports the most popular operating systems. There are such personalisation settings, including financial modules, as well as promotional and risk management programs.
  3. Content with an open-source system. The offer is created for owners of already existing iGaming resources. This is a batch API integration program that is used for adding individual categories of products to the partner's platform. The developer guarantees high speed of the installation and complete security.

The Main Things about Developments of the Studio

  • The firm creates live content. It rents about 25 gaming tables and maintains a staff of 100 croupiers who speak many languages.
  • The turnkey casino includes slot games. Even though the vendor does not release proprietary slot machines, he offers more than 1 thousand titles from partner studios, such as eBET, SA Gaming, and AE Group.
  • The brand provides several market-oriented offers. Their list includes the acquisition of separate gaming services on a turnkey basis with the possibility of ordering a personal website design, downloadable agents for the mobile market, and the integration of programs for customisation of already established projects.

For more information, please turn to Smart Money specialists. We have vast experience in local markets and are ready to help you to develop a personal strategy for specific tasks.

From us, you can buy the most in-demand offers in the industry:

Contact our managers, and we will help you to develop a project taking into account the most interesting market trends!

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist


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