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Updated 13.02.2023

How to Open a Bookmaker’s Office in a Month: the Bet Boom (Bingo Boom) Franchise 

Bet Boom (Bingo Boom) is a betting company, one of the representatives of the younger generation of bookmakers. Bingo Boom was founded only in 2011 and has entered the Russian market already in 2016. Favourable game conditions and the reputation of a reliable operator that has been created with the passing of the years are its main key to success.

Today, there are lottery clubs and bookmaker’s offices in one hundred thirty regions of Russia operating under the name Bingo Bum. Among them, twenty-five work on the right of ownership and another four hundred fifty – by a franchise.

The Smart Money company offers you to join this successful and rapidly growing network as a franchisee. We can take lead on negotiations, the completion of paperwork, and other related services. You will have to watch the process and get ready to launch your own business.

A Private Gambling Business is Easy to Set Up with Bingo Boom

Beginning entrepreneurs are firmly convinced that to set up a business in a betting market means huge expenses. The truth is that mostly you will have to spend money on the purchase of a license that will allow you to conduct a gambling business. It is really expensive and difficult. But what if you can do without it?

Here we come very close to the idea of ​​the bookmaker franchise. Bet Boom (Bingo Boom) allows any company or a sole proprietor to start making money without a license. For being able to do it, you will need to become a franchisee, that is, the owner of the Bingo Boom franchise.

The Bingo Boom Franchise

The Bingo Boom bookmaker franchise

An important question: how much money do you need for your bookmaker’s office to be opened and start bringing profit? A ready-made business, launched under the Bingo Boom brand, will cost three and a half million rubles – this is an approximate figure among franchisees in Russia. It is worth noting that here we are speaking about the creation of a land-based gambling establishment. The biggest part of this amount of money is spent, of course, on the bookmaker software and the space lease. You also need to be ready to pay the Bingo Boom company a certain sum each month.

Monthly payment for the use of the Bingo Boom bookmaker franchise:

  • the royalty rate – 15% of revenues;
  • the license servicing – about thirty thousand rubles.

The pay-off period of each new bookmaker’s office depends mostly on the location and the amount of the initial investment. But on average, it takes from three to six months.

What do Partners of Bingo Boom Get?

You get not only the sports betting software, on the basis of which a lottery can be held or the acceptance of bets can be organised.

Bingo Boom sports betting software

Of course, even with this minimum, you can set up an online business. But you also become a real partner, and Bingo Boom provides you with comprehensive support and helps with the development.

The Bingo Boom franchise package includes:

  • Opportunity to work under the recognizable brand Bingo Boom in every major city of Russia. You will officially earn money without the risk of your business to be closed by law enforcement agencies. And also, working under the well-known brand means greater loyalty and trust of customers.
  • Support for business, consulting, and legal support during the whole period of the validity of a partnership agreement with Bingo Boom.
  • Assistance in writing or analysing an already prepared business plan, calculations of the payback, and forecasting.
  • All the necessary materials for the creation of a branded Bet Boom (Bingo Boom) gaming club.
  • Consultations in matters related to the purchase and the selection of the equipment, the connection of slot machines, and much more.
  • Free staff training.
  • Advertising support, the finished artwork, and recommendations for the promotion of your gambling establishment under the Bingo Boom brand.

I do not want a franchise

Bingo Boom bookmaker software

Even if you are not interested in opening a land-based gaming club under the bookmaker franchise, it may be useful for you to buy or rent the sports betting software from Bingo Boom.

Bet Boom (Bingo Boom) — a Reliable Partner

Fortunately, we can come right out and say that we are an official partner of Bingo Boom. Therefore, we offer our customers not only to purchase or rent the bookmaker software but also to install a demo version that you will be able to test on your website, and we will wait for your reviews. Take a closer look and make sure that the game is worth the candle.

Contact a specialist from Smart Money right now and test the Bingo Boom sports betting software in practice!

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist


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