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Directing traffic to the gambling platform, which should result in new registrations (leads) and first-time depositors

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Шукаєте надійний софт для вашого онлайн-бізнесу або хочете запустити власний ігровий проєкт з нуля? Зверніть увагу на платформу Win&Win Casino.

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Що ви отримаєте, якщо підключите онлайн-систему Win&Win Casino?

Ігровий контент від найкращих провайдерів: Gaminator, Igrosoft, Gaminator, Playtech, Duomatic та інших

Ексклюзивна система Home Play, здатна розширити вашу потенційну аудиторію

Консультації з усіх питань, пов'язаних із запуском проєкту, функціонуванням ПЗ та інших

Цілодобова підтримка та оперативне вирішення будь-яких технічних проблем

Висока якість продуктів: бездоганна графіка, актуальний музичний супровід

Проста у використанні CMS-система для зручного управління ігровим онлайн-ресурсом

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Win&Win Casino є однією з найбільш популярних ігрових систем завдяки чудовій якості та стабільності функціонування

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Affiliate marketing

A performance-based advertising model where an operator pays compensation to third-party publishers for referring qualified users


A service supplier that provides access to the content of other providers through a single agreement

Anti-money laundering

Prevention of money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism by installing the necessary security systems and educating the casino stuff to notice suspicious behaviour

Authentication system

The process of identifying an individual based on a username and password.

In gambling, authentication is distinct from authorization, which is the process of giving individuals access to system services based on a player’s identity

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Bet limit

A gambling tool that allows a player to set up a maximum amount they may gamble regardless of the outcome

Bonus engine

A system that defines the way how to treat bonus money gifted by an operator in comparison to real funds deposited by a player

Bonus expected value (Ev)

The effectiveness of the offered bonus that determines whether the free funds will be beneficial to clients or an operator

Bonus money

An in-game currency that is gifted to players to boost acquisition and retention and can be converted to real cash on certain conditions

Cashback bonus

A type of bonus that offers players a return on their losses

Compliance officer

An employee that is personally responsible for any fraudulent activity and is punished if it wasn’t stopped


A digital financial unit that is used as a medium of exchange between player and operators without third parties on an anonymous basis

Customer due diligence

A process of reporting any suspicious activity to the regulators with an intention to replenish the general database


Money that is spent by the platform users in exchange for the gambling entertaining services

Deposit limit

A gambling tool that allows a player to set up a particular depositing ceiling for a certain period

Electronic wallet

An online service or software program that allows a player to make electronic transactions with an operator featuring digital currency units for gambling services

Employees training programs

A process of ensuring that your personnel knows what money laundering is and how to detect suspicious activity on the platform

Expected bonus consumption (E(bc))

The money that is needed to wager in order to clear out the bonus funds

First-time depositors (FTD)

Players who have successfully registered on a gambling platform and made their first deposit

Fixed bonus

A type of bonus that is used to offer a player a set amount based on a required minimum deposit.

For example, players can offer a $10 bonus if they deposit a minimum of $20

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Free spins

A type of bonus that implies no-cost-required spins on a particular game.

Winnings derived from free spins may carry additional conditions applied

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Gambling addiction

An urge to gamble continuously despite harmful negative consequences or a desire to seize

Gambling jurisdiction

A country that offers entrepreneurs licensing services on a legal basis according to the local laws

Gambling liability

Operator’s obligation to ensure the gaming process is organized fairly according to the local standards

Gambling license

Permission to conduct gambling activities issued by the selected gambling committee as a valid proof of legitimate operation

Gambling operator

An owner of the online gambling establishment that is responsible for the organization of secure and convenient entertainment for the visitors

Gambling scam

The process of abusing one or several features of an online casino to receive the unfair benefit that results in extra profit for a scammer

Gambling software provider

A manufacturer of gambling content solutions that is responsible for its further distribution to the operators

Game weight

A type of bonus restriction that is implied in the gambling process when bets are placed on lower margin games to limit the operator’s liability

Genuine RTP

A percentage of a payout to clients that is oriented on real results within a specific timeframe

Gross gaming revenue (GGR)

An essential indicator that shows the distinction between the sum that clients bet minus the sum received


The distinction between total wagers and total win that is kept by the gaming platform for itself


The gambling operator or a gambling organization that is in charge of providing services to players on the platform

House edge (Margin)

A term to show the mathematical advantage that the gaming platform has over a player over a specific time

Identity fraud

The use by one person of another person’s data, without authorization, to commit a crime, to deceive, or defraud a gambling platform or an operator


The biggest possible winning sum of money that a client can get by receiving the right combination during the course of a gambling activity

Key performance indicator (KPI)

An industry-specific metric that indicates the performance of an online gambling platform over a given time

Know your customer (KYC)

A notion used to show the measures undertaken by an operator to increase its confidence that a client is a genuine identity of himself


Individuals who are interested in the offered gambling services and proceed from viewing to registration

Live card games

A variation of poker that uses a real person as a dealer being streamed online to provide the atmosphere of a land-based gaming establishment

Loss limit

A gambling tool that allows a player to set up a maximum amount of money they can lose regardless of the outcome

Marketing channels

Different means of popularizing your online gambling platform on the market

Match bonus

A type of bonus used with a deposit as an incentive to encourage customers to deposit more to the casino.

For example, if you deposit $100, you get 100% bonus

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Merged balance

A bonus engine that functions as a single balance system by merging the bonus awarded with real money funds.

The operator does not have the flexibility to liberate real money funds from the bonus conditions should they desire to do so, nor can they track converted marketing costs derived from the awarded bonus

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Money laundering

The process of making illegally-gained proceeds (dirty money) appear legal.

In the online gambling industry, the most frequent experience for that is depositing large sums, wagering with them without losing much, and withdrawing as winnings

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Net gaming revenue (NGR)

A term that reflects an operator’s revenue after a deduction of expenses

No deposit bonus

A type of bonus that is given to a player with no deposit required.

For example, a player receives $5 for registering

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Non-regulated (black) market

A market over which local authorities have taken complete, concrete actions to forbid the online gambling industry or have issued official statements that the sphere is not legal in the country

Online bingo

An online game of chance where players match numbers placed in different arrangements with the numbers randomly drawn, matching the chosen numbers with tiles

Online gambling

Any type of gambling activity on the Internet that includes casinos, poker, sports betting, and derivatives

Online poker

An online card game in which players wager over which hand is best according to that specific rules

Payment processor

A legal entity (often a third party) that is appointed by an operator to deal with transactions from different channels (for example, credit cards)

Payment system

The financial environment used to settle transactions through the money-transferring processes

Play through requirements (PTR)

A set of restrictions for players that are set in order to guarantee that the casino margin is given appropriate time to take effect and to protect from abuse


A person who deposits personal funds to a gambling platform with a desire to spend high-quality time and/or earn money

Playing network

The online environment that connects different operators into a single system that allows joining their players together for better gambling experience and/or in case of insufficient independent clients

Progressive jackpot

The biggest gambling prize or payout that grows every time the game is played and the jackpot is not taken

Reality check notice

A gambling tool that allows a player to keep track of how long they have gambled and how much they have won or lost

Regulated (white) market

A market over which government bodies exert a level of oversight and control, determining who can enter the market and the prices of the provided services (taxes, regular fees, licensing, etc.)

Responsible gambling

The set of social responsibility initiatives by an operator to ensure the integrity and fairness of the gambling process, awareness of harms associated with gambling addiction


Ensuring existing users return to the gambling platform, perform repeated deposits, and increase gameplay time, engagement, and wagering

Return to player (RTP)

A percentage of wager that a game will payout to players over time

Revenue share

The distribution of the total amount of income generated by the players’ losses minus all deductions between the stakeholders or contributors

Risk assessment

A process of evaluating how exposed your platform is to money laundering, what type of insurance you have, whether your platform has fraud alerts, etc

Segregated balance

A bonus engine that allows an operator to control real money and bonus, dividing them into two separate niches.

The main benefit is the ability to control the release of real money balance easily, while a bonus is in play. An operator retains complete control of the funds transfers from bonus money to real money as well as conditioning the bonus itself

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Semi-regulated (grey) market

A market over which the law allows gambling services but have no explicitly authorized regulations and their underlying legality may be subject to debate

Sports betting

An activity of predicting the results of various sports events and placing wagers on the outcome as well as certain passing occurrences.

Can also include eSports, political, and other sports unrelated events

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Targeting parameters

Focusing data that allows you to distinguish what audience you will attract to your online gambling platform.

It includes geographic, technographic, behavioural, site-specific, contextual, and language criteria

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Theoretical RTP

A percentage of a payout to players that is indicated as a preferably average

Time limit

A gambling tool that allows a player to set up a maximum amount of time they can spend gambling

Total win

The amount returned to players during the course of a specific game

Transaction monitoring

Anti-scamming process of checking whether the same people make large amounts of deposits then play a bit and try to withdraw their money.

It allows preventing money-laundering on early stages if suspicious behaviour was spotted timely

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Virtual sports betting

Placing wagers on the computer-driven sports events that are generated randomly, based on virtual skills of the participants


A process of betting money on the possible outcome

Wagering requirements

The number of times a player must play the bonus money before being allowed to make a cash withdrawal


Money that is cashed out from the gambling platform as a result of the successful gaming process for a player

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