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Updated 13.02.2023

ASAP Secured Casino Fraud Protection: Connect a Professional Security System

The Canadian developer has gained the trust of enterprisers from many industries, including iGaming field. The company is engaged in providing premium services. The brand managed to achieve recognition in three areas at once. It released a powerful system of casino security ASAP Secured, mining software and modules for simplifying the work of land-based commercial enterprises.

ASAP Secured fraud protection for casinos

The Smart Money team will help you learn how the system works and connect the verification for casinos ASAP Secured.

We care about the prosperity of your start-up and offer a convenient format for mutually beneficial cooperation.

Relevant Information about the Provider

The company was opened in 2000. The founders set themselves the goal of achieving maximum results in the field of protecting commercial assets and private property. They achieved it quite successfully. Within a couple of years, the firm became the leading security service in issues related to fires and natural disasters.

The headquarters of the organisation is located in Milton (Ontario, Canada). The staff consists of over 1000 employees with good experience in the fields of IT, risk management, information security, and jurisprudence.

The brand is developing intensively. It proposes the following services for land-based casinos:

  • debugging and control of checkpoints;
  • the selection and training of staff;
  • security guards in uniform and civilian clothes;
  • the protection of the object in the absence of the owner;
  • security escort of goods in transit.

The system of ID verification for casinos ASAP Secured implies the analysis of all data — from identity check when logging into resources to the organisation of video surveillance and processing of information from tracking sensors and other equipment.

Important moment: contracts for servicing land-based establishments are concluded only with Canadian enterprises.

From 2010 to the present day, the company has been actively operating in the online market. The casino security software from ASAP Secured has gained positive recommendations from many enterprises and clients working in banking, investment, logistics, insurance and e-commerce areas.

In 2015, the firm began developing software for the digital currency market. The manufacturer offers a large assortment of solutions for companies engaged in mining.

Eight Reasons to Connect the Verification for Casinos from ASAP Secured

Verification for casinos from ASAP Secured

The Canadian brand’s software is a multi-purpose solution designed to protect an investor's commercial and personal property, information, and his or her corporate image.

The ID verification for casinos ASAP Secured is a multifunctional product:

  1. Protection against malware. The script detects and prevents attempts to enter the system using virus codes and blocks spam attacks instantly.
  2. Control over the work of the staff. Operators are protected from data leakage, internal fraud, and other illegal actions by staff members.
  3. Prevention of technical failures. The purpose of the module is to detect intentional or accidental actions of employees that can affect the performance of the platform.
  4. Fight against piracy. The software identifies and prevents reverse engineering and intellectual property theft.
  5. Informational security. The service forms a secure encrypted channel for data exchange within the enterprise.
  6. Identification of gamblers. The ID verification for casinos from ASAP Secured implies protocols for checking credit history based on the assessment of the history of a player's gadget.
  7. Control of geolocation parameters. This tool generates algorithms for creating a client base following legal and licensing regulations (such options as preventing minors from playing real money games and blocking access for clients from countries prohibiting gambling activities are available to operators).
  8. Withdrawal of funds. The script averts attempts of financial transfers until the user's reputation is officially confirmed.

Additional services

Training materials

The manufacturer offers courses and seminars on the following topics:

  • audit and information security;

  • administration of online projects;

  • financial management;

  • risk prediction and work with a VIP-audience

eTime Xpress

The module automates the processes of planning work schedules, monitoring the work of staff and remote employees

Technical support

The support service team works 24/7. It can help you connect the ASAP Secured software to protect the casino in a few minutes after receiving a request

Services for the iGaming Business

The producer presents a set of services for remote commercial activities.

Risk Management

The ASAP Secured casino security performs the following tasks:

  • the assessment of weaknesses in a working system;
  • the analysis of the current protection level of the gambling platform;
  • website testing for protecting the resource against unauthorised entry;
  • external website scanning;
  • monitoring the platform backend to identify vulnerabilities.

Security Watch

The module is responsible for protecting information channels and predicting risks. The product includes two original developments — Veritas and Score.

Insurance Services

The ASAP Secured casino fraud protection contains online business insurance protocols for such cases as:

  • the leakage of commercial and personal information;
  • stealing users’ money;
  • violating the slot machine website’s security policy.

Business Process Planning

The manufacturer's portfolio includes a set of template modules for debugging internal workflows and interacting with the target audience.

The platform generates reports on the following parameters:

  • the recording and classification of illegal incidents;
  • game parameters (the frequency, the duration of sessions, the use of bonus options, the compliance with limits);
  • the number of disputes with visitors.

Virtual Operator

The ASAP Secured casino fraud protection includes a unique component developed using machine learning technology. This is a patented software algorithm designed to minimise the time for solving similar requests.

The product interface can be compared to a typical customer chat.

Parameters and Functionality of the Security Watch Program

Security Watch program: parameters and functionality

The ASAP Secured casino security software is built on two complementary systems that can prevent any external threat.


The purpose of the module is to manage information channels and payment risks, identify and classify external threats.

The ASAP Secured casino security software includes the following services:

  1. Risk assessment. The system detects and prevents attempts to play games from multiple accounts simultaneously, hacker attacks, and unauthorised entry automatically.
  2. Control of transactions. The casino protection software ASAP Secured analyses cash flows for compliance with legal regulations. The instrument averts money laundering, bonus abuse, and other means of stealing financial resources of the enterprise.
  3. Document flow. The system classifies and remembers attempts of unauthorised access to the gaming platform automatically, generates multi-level reports and detailed analytical documentation.
  4. Customisation. A large selection of template interfaces and personalised settings is available to operators. The developer has created optimal conditions for improving the quality of interaction with its product.


This program component ensures an assessment of website performance.

The main functions of the service:

  • monitoring of the platform performance;
  • adjusting the quality of the system;
  • controlling the audience loyalty indicators;
  • customer rewarding.

Specifics of the Security Software Integration

The casino fraud protection ASAP Secured detects the unfavourable audience instantly and prevents minors and people with gambling addiction from playing casino games.

You can connect the ASAP Secured software to protect the casino in the following modes:

  • activation of modules during the initial registration of a new client;
  • launch of the system at the moment of a money transfer request.

The integration of software components is carried out using API protocols.

The Main Things about the Protection Services

The software from A.S.A.P. Secured Inc. is a multicomponent product capable of detecting and suppressing cyber threats.

  • The company offers universal services for virtual and land-based businesses. The developer's portfolio includes several patented IT technologies and many products for offline enterprises (from the organisation of checkpoints to the control of objects during off-hours).
  • The software of the Canadian brand synchronises work with typical queries. The firm has patented the Virtual Operator system. It can minimise manual intervention in the processes of performing routine tasks.
  • The developer's catalogue contains an impressive set of training materials. The manufacturer proposes courses and training materials for business owners and the personnel of their establishments.
  • The security software controls all participants in gaming projects. In addition to identifying unauthorised interference by third parties, the modules prevent illegal actions on the part of the staff.
  • You can connect the ASAP Secured verification for casinos from Smart Money after a free trial period. The use of the iGaming start-up’s demo version will save you from buying a pig in a poke. 

Our team will take responsibility for organisational issues, legal nuances, and technical support.

Hurry up to buy ready-made products at a competitive price or order exclusive developments. We offer live casinos, stock terminals, bookmaker franchises, cash registers, and other solutions for land-based projects.

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B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist


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