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Dominican Republic: online casino license
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The Dominican Republic Online Casino Licence: Quick and Successful Start

The Dominican Republic is an island state that attracts people not only with its warm climate but also with a favourable environment for gambling business development.

The Smart Money team is ready to provide detailed information on the tax system and requirements for applicants planning to launch an online casino in the Dominican Republic. Besides, we can take responsibility for the legal control of the project and provide professional support at all stages of the legalisation process.

The Dominican Republic Gambling: Features of the Jurisdiction

Dominican Republic gambling: features

The country is located on the island of Hispaniola (in the Caribbean) and is considered one of the most popular tourist areas. Thanks to the warm climate, stable political and financial situation, the republic attracts more than 5 million travellers annually.

Land-Based Casinos in the Dominican Republic: Reviews and Brief Information

Initially, the gambling industry in the republic was represented only by land-based gaming halls aimed at attracting a tourist flow. The first law on the regulation of the industry came into force in 1964.

According to reviews about casinos in the Dominican Republic, about 60 establishments are located in resort cities today. The most visited and famous one is the Dominican Republic Punta Cana Casino. It is the largest gaming location in the Caribbean that offers visitors 24 tables for card and board games, a billiards room, as well as surfing tours.

The Dominican Republic Licence: Online Business

The registration and control over virtual enterprises have been carried out since 2006.

The licensing procedure for remote companies is under the jurisdiction of three instances at once:

  1. Ministry of Finance (Casino Department). This government agency is responsible for issuing permits for opening land-based establishments and virtual gaming clubs. The permit also implies the legal regulations for online poker tournaments.
  2. Ministry of Sports. The agency controls the betting business (land-based establishments, virtual platforms, all forms of sweepstakes and horse racing bets).
  3. The legal structure Loteria Nacional. This office controls the distribution of lottery tickets in online and offline formats.

Requirements for Foreign Investors

Dominican Republic online casino licence

The virtual Dominican Republic gambling business requires the presence of land-based representative offices from foreign entrepreneurs. This is a distinctive feature of the legal system of this state.

To obtain permission to work in the gambling industry, the applicant must fulfil the following conditions:

  1. Owned or leased property. Local regulators require investors to have first-class hotel complexes located in tourist areas.
  2. The legal status of the object. The Dominican Republic online casino licence is issued to applicants with the legal status of a private enterprise (LLC) or a corporation.
  3. The availability of permission for conducting land-based gambling activities. You can open a website only after launching an offline object. 
  4. Solvency. The applicant must prove his or her financial viability by providing the local authorities with the bank's recommendations, as well as the documents of the company’s founders and shareholders. 
  5. A licensed certificate allows an operator to delegate the authority to manage a business to third parties (the work under a sublicence is implied). In this case, the responsibility for the project falls on a third-party company, and the holder of the main licence receives a percentage of its turnover.

Package of the Necessary Documents

The entrepreneur must send the following documents to the supervisory authority together with the application:

  • the company charter (copy);
  • the certificate of opening a bank account;
  • information about the founders of the project (copies of passports, police clearance certificates, recommendations, resumes, etc.);
  • the certificate confirming the absence of debts;
  • business strategy for the next 2 years of work with a description of investment sources, projected income, and volume of loans;
  • technical characteristics of the gaming platform (from certificates for each slot machine to descriptions of bonuses, financial aggregators, and financial restrictions).

Exactable Prospects for Online Operators

Here are the benefits of licensing in this offshore jurisdiction:

Positive reputation

The presence of the Dominican Republic licence will let you enter into agreements with leading software providers and receive borrowed funds from the largest banks

Business expanding

The legalisation of your project in the offshore zone is a convenient and economical tool for entering the international market.

The Dominican Republic gambling business allows operators to attract the audience from Latin America, Europe, and the Caribbean

The simplicity of the procedure

The application processing period is 2-3 weeks. Besides, the project certification procedure takes place without the mandatory presence of the applicant.

Here is an additional advantage: the Dominican Republic online casino licence is issued without providing detailed financial statements of the enterprise and external audit as well as without a personal interview with the representatives of an authorised agency

Tax system

The only mandatory contribution is an annual deduction (25% of the company's revenue).

The legislation does not charge value-added tax, commission fees for the withdrawal of dividends and penalties for real estate ownership

Technological effectiveness

The gaming business is one of the main sources of investment in the state treasury. The local government has created a powerful infrastructure with telecommunications networks and 4G coverage.

Dozens of brands specialising in the provision of server equipment and the development of iGaming content are registered on the territory of the republic

Registration of the Dominican Republic Gaming Licence with Smart Money

Dominican Republic gaming licence: registration

Despite the simplified certification system, a novice investor may face some difficulties when obtaining a permit. The Smart Money team will simplify and speed up this procedure as much as possible.

We will help you prepare a package of documents and take responsibility for the legal control of the project.

You can order individual solutions or buy comprehensive turnkey projects from Smart Money. In any case, you will get qualified support, detailed consultations in a round-the-clock mode, significant discounts, and free software updates.

The Main Things about the Dominican Republic Permits

The licence for a casino in the Dominican Republic is the most convenient and fastest way to start your own business with minimal investments.

  • The Dominican Republic attracts investors with loyal legislation and tax policy. The gambling business is one of the key sources of replenishing the state treasury. Therefore, the government of the jurisdiction does everything possible to optimise relations with local and foreign entrepreneurs.
  • Obtaining the Dominican Republic online casino licence is a great tool for expanding your business. The presence of a local gambling certificate will allow you to distribute your services in Europe, the Caribbean, and Latin America.
  • The offshore jurisdiction provides a simplified procedure for legalising gambling projects. Operators can get an international certificate in 2-3 weeks after applying. The candidate does not need to go through an interview and be present when the application is considered.
  • You can buy a turnkey casino in the Dominican Republic from Smart Money. We offer support at all stages of legalisation and assistance in controlling the internal business processes of your website.

Cooperation with Smart Money implies access to the best novelties of the iGaming market, constant updates of the assortment, a guarantee of absolute quality, and attractive prices.

We offer solutions for gambling start-ups of any format: from live casinos and traditional websites with slot machines to land-based lottery and stock exchange terminals, bookmaker software and unique HTML5 games created based on your sketches.

We are waiting for your request right now:

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