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Updated 13.02.2023

Betgenius Casino Software: an Innovative Offer for Sale

The brand was founded in 2020. Thanks to its vast experience, the company has created several innovations with a decent cost-benefit ratio. Its proprietary solutions do not require extra investments and guarantee high profitability.

Betgenius casino software: innovative offer

Smart Money will help operators to connect products from the Betgenius online casino provider as quickly as possible.

We offer a fair deal, legal support, prompt failure recovery, resolution of organisational issues, and competitive prices.

About the Achievements of the Brand

The manufacturer creates effective business solutions for virtual betting and gaming sites.

For 20 years of work, the firm has created a large-scale network of partners and its distribution program includes more than 150 international bookmakers.

The brand has more than 1 thousand employees who work in 16 representative offices, which are located in the US, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Estonia, Switzerland, Italy, Australia, and Singapore. The headquarters is in the UK.

The developer sells content under a British gambling licence and works closely with such structures as NBA and FIBA.

The Catalogue of Offers

Betgenius turnkey casino: catalogue of offers

The Betgenius turnkey casino can be launched without additional investment. Moreover, the supplier has provided a set of tools for the integration of third-party services.

Advantages of buying the product:

The Range of Entertainment

It includes:

  • desktop emulators (baccarat and roulette);
  • card games;
  • video poker;
  • multiplayer arcades;
  • skill games for real money;
  • fruit-themed slots and products with interesting plots and different numbers of reels.

Cross-Platform Environment

All games were developed in the HTML5 format. They are compatible with desktop and mobile OS, can load quickly regardless of the speed of the Internet connection, and do not require the installation of other components (it is possible to play directly in a browser).

Another advantage of the technology is that the picture remains clear on screens of any size.

Wide Range of Settings

The project manager can control the activity of gamblers and set internal game limits. The platform also contains elements that are used to adapt business processes to the requirements of local regulators.

Retention of the Target Audience

The manufacturer guarantees that customers will get high profits and the maximum payback rate thanks to a multi-level bonus program template.

The system is equipped with the following options:

  • the organisation of multiplayer competitions;
  • payment of welcome bonuses;
  • formation of internal activity ratings;
  • drawings of progressive jackpots;
  • customisation of special offers for the VIP sector.

Sportsbook Software from the British Vendor

The product range includes the software itself and flexible systems for the establishment of bookmaker’s offices.

The basic configuration of the Sportsbook platform

Pre-event manager

The program supports the formation of pre-match bets on different types of events.

The platform has a built-in module for the acceptance of bets on physical poker competitions and events from the eSports sector

In-game system

This Betgenius casinos software is distinguished by the highest speed of updates: the platform broadcasts events and processes hundreds of simultaneous requests in real-time without any technical failures

Bonus system

Operators are offered a scalable loyalty program model with support for:

  • progressive jackpots;
  • internal awards and ratings for the number of placed bets;
  • welcome bonuses;
  • good rewards for new users

Software for the betting sector can be used as an independent business project or an effective addition to the development of an already existing startup. More than 150 bookmakers have already chosen the service.

Advantages of the platform:

  • more than 100 events (these are real and artificially generated events and eSports);
  • more than 500 leagues (the brand’s affiliate network);
  • European and American sales markets.

Marketing Support

The aim of the PR module is to attract and retain customers.

Betgenius online casino provider: marketing services

The functionality of the program:

  1. Strategic planning. The program analyses current indicators and forms an up-to-date business strategy that takes into account the operator's preferences, the global market situation, the activity of users, and local regulations.
  2. Classification of customers. The product automatically generates algorithms for working with target audiences based on the analysis of game requests and the history of sessions.
  3. Spot television advertising. The module automates the work with such external services as social networks, thematic publics, and video blogs.
  4. Multimedia materials. The provider offers a series of branded advertising solutions for the publication on thematic external resources.
  5. Interaction with traffic vendors. Entrepreneurs can use ready-made templates and organise proprietary distribution networks. There is a wide range of services for working with partners, banks, commercial enterprises, and private webmasters.
  6. Promotion in social networks. The system generates relevant materials for working with blogs and personal social pages.
  7. Reporting module. The system predicts optimal development options and generates summaries in real-time.

How to Buy the Gambling Software by Betgenius

It is possible to contact the supplier directly or turn to a qualified intermediary. Advantages of the second option include:

  1. System testing. Smart Money offers entrepreneurs to evaluate the demo version of the platform. This is how we protect customers from buying the “pig in a poke” and give them an opportunity to personally evaluate all the benefits of the solution.
  2. Legal support. Our team of specialists is ready to assess the legal compliance of the project and provide comprehensive support during the conclusion of the contract with the supplier.
  3. Customisation of the system. Smart Money experts will help you with the initial setup of the platform and, if necessary, connect additional components.
  4. Client service. We are in touch round-the-clock and guarantee prompt failure recovery, consultations, and resolution of disputes with casino visitors.

The Main Things about Offers of the Brand

Gambling software from the Betgenius provider

Operators appreciate the gambling software by Betgenius for the following reasons:

  • The largest sales markets. The firm holds the UK iGaming permit and can distribute its services in Europe and the USA.
  • Extensive set of options. The ability to choose between package solutions for casinos and betting platforms.
  • The product range. Users can enjoy their favourite slot machines, arcades, multiplayer entertainment, and several versions of video poker.

From Smart Money, you can buy ready-made gaming systems or order individual components.

We regularly update our assortment and offer HTML5 content, exchange terminals, betting software, proven financial aggregators, multifunctional security systems, as well as mobile and social casinos.

Just file an application, and start implementing a successful project already today!

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist


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