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Connect touch-control terminals for multicurrency secure payments to simplify depositing for customers.

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Smart Money Payment Terminals: Practical Solutions for Your Business

A settlement terminal is a key part of a successful and profitable gambling project. Such equipment is necessary for land-based clubs and gambling establishments. You cannot do without it in the online casino segment.

Settlement Terminal: Basic Features

Payment Terminal is a touch terminal designed for making instant payments and conversion of client’s cash into electronic units of the system.

Payment terminals are unique and universal complexes consisting of monitor, system unit, keyboard, bank cards reader, printers, fiscal devices and other elements that make it possible to realize payments.

The owner is obliged to register each similar set in the State Register of cash registers, and he cannot change anything in it after registration.

Besides that, through POS-terminal it is possible to make a transaction, he can form a fiscal cost, calculate the change, complete the report.

It also contains data not only about the transaction, but also about the presence of the product and its characteristics. For example, the terminal contains information on commodity prices, expiration dates, and more.

Types of Payment Terminals

A settlement terminal can perform various functions:

  • A machine for acquiring ― special equipment through which clients can pay by credit cards. Such a payment terminal automatically reads the bank-card data, transfers data about the electronic transaction to the bank, and prints the check. The payment is received to the account of the owner of a gambling business within 1-2 banking days. By using this type of equipment, operators get rid of a necessity to collect cash.
  • Stationary hardware system with the advanced features. Such terminals are distinguished by its large size and complicated configuration. The settlement terminal consists of an all-in-one machine, a key-driven and touch keyboard, and a customer display. Availability of a card reader, a cash acceptor, and check printer is mandatory since, without them, the reception of money is impossible. The devices are often integrated with computer servers and back-offices of online casinos.

Mobile units (mPOS) occupy a separate niche. This is a payment terminal for paying for the services of a bookmaker or online casino via the Internet. Transactions are carried out through a card reader on the user's device, and the confirmation of the transaction comes in the form of an online check to the player’s e-mail.

The mobile payment terminal can be integrated perfectly into all operating systems: both iOS and Android are suitable.

How to Choose a Settlement Terminal?

There are several important parameters that will have to focus on if you want to buy a payment terminal:

  • Ergonomics. For small gambling establishments, it will be enough to have one or two POS-terminals. Large casinos and gambling platforms will need several large hardware systems, which provide users with an opportunity to make cash payments and carry out electronic transactions.
  • Integration with the gambling software. This is an important thing, due to which the whole gambling process functions seamlessly. Data within the system is transmitted instantly; multilingual and multicurrency products are also provided.
  • Communication with the manufacturer or provider. It is important not only to buy a payment terminal but also to guarantee technical support from the seller, which includes timely updates of the software for the device, high-quality technical support, assistance in setting up and adapting to the already existing gambling platform.

Where is it Better to Install a Settlement Terminal?

It is better to do this in places with a large flow of people. In this way it would be easier to find a payment terminal, and more customers would be able to use it. It is not enough to buy a payment terminal, it is also important that the payment terminal is always in sight, and even better — under guard: after all, this is equipment that is associated with financial transactions. To install a payment terminal, you need uninterrupted access to the network.

Payment Terminal SD-09

Payment terminal SD-09

The method of painting

Powder coating


555х1650х490 (WхHхD), mm

Case material

steel 2 mm thick


LG TFT 17 inch

Touch screen

Master Touch

Hard drive



Intel Celeron D-430 Socket 775 2800MHz


MSI G31TM-P21 S775? iG31 PCI-E, Vid, SATA mATX




400 W ATX Espada



Receipt printer

Custom TG 2480 +  power-unit 24 W

Cash acceptor

CashCode SM (with cassette for 1000 bills)

Dispenser of bills

Puloon LDCM 2000

Magnetic Card Reader

Posiflex MR-2000

Active Loudspeaker enclosure


Payment Terminal Purchase: Flawless solutions From Smart Money

You can buy a payment terminal with good characteristics at the Smart Money studio. The company specializes in providing services for the gambling business. We have everything: casino equipment as well as furniture and special software. If you need advice on how to buy a payment terminal or other gaming equipment, contact the company's managers.

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist


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