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Updated 13.02.2023

Open Sportbet Business: Launch a Successful Betting Project

The brand entered the market in 1997. Today, it is part of a big holding ― 5Dimes ― and one of the few manufacturers that distribute their services in the US.

Bookmaker business from the Sportbet provider

To learn more about the developer, please turn to the managers of Smart Money. We will take care of all organisational issues and help you to open Sportbet establishment in record time. We also guarantee a secure transaction, competitive prices, and good discounts.

Unique Features of the American Bookmaker

The manufacturer works only in the online format.

The Sportbet software is distinguished by the following characteristics:

  1. Wide audience. The provider received a Costa Rican gambling licence and actively cooperates with European and Asian players. However, the main emphasis is made on North American users (more than 40% of visitors of the website).
  2. Sports line. There are many American matches that are available to customers, including junior games and regional college tournaments. In the American Football section, you can find a comprehensive list of offers.
  3. Game odds. The Sportbet software is developed in the American format, so the value of quotes looks unusual for the European audience. Only registered customers can convert indicators to standard decimal form.
  4. Live bets. Despite its high popularity, the bookmaker cannot boast of a wide variety of live events. The section contains only the best competitions that are available to registered players.
  5. Interface of the platform. The Sportbet franchise is perfect for the fastest promotion with affiliate advertising: marketing materials will be placed in the central area on the website. The website header and side panels remain for internal sections, statistics, and accounts.
  6. Access to the system. Only registered customers get access to the sports line, quotes, and other services. Other visitors can only see advertising and current special offers. Visual parameters also change: the black and blue colour gamma turns into a laconic interface in light colours.

Sportbet Software: Additional Offers

Despite the unusual interface which is focused on the North American players, Sportbet attracts attention with a wide range of branded services.

Casino Games

Just like the sports betting software, traditional slots, as well as table and card entertainment are available only to the registered gamblers.

The platform includes:

  • poker tournaments;
  • fruit-themed slots;
  • multiplayer arcades;
  • desktop emulators;
  • bingo draws.

The poker room is the gem of the website. The bookmaker's audience likes to play this type of games for money.

Internal Affiliate Network

The Sportbet franchise allows you to interact with players as with members of the affiliate network. Visitors to the website get 20% of the deposit made by a new authorised user. The maximum size of a prize is 200 dollars.

Payment Module

Sportbet software: payment module

You can use several types of transfers:

  • bank and credit cards;
  • Skrill and Neteller electronic systems;
  • bitcoin payments.

It is possible to deposit from 1 to 5 thousand dollars. The maximum size of the one-time withdrawal reaches 250 thousand dollars. When replenishing the balance, the company does not charge a commission, and the amount of the penalty for the withdrawn funds depends on the chosen system and can reach 40 dollars.

It takes up to 7 days to register and send the winnings to the user account. In some disputable situations, money can be credited 60 days after an enquiry was made.

Customer Service

Having decided to open Sportbet under a franchise, operators receive professional 24/7 support.

You can use several communication channels to interact with partners and users of the system:

  • e-mail (response in 2 hours or earlier);
  • chat on the official website (reply within 5 minutes);
  • telephone line (period of waiting for a call ― maximum 5 minutes);
  • fax machine.

The Sportbet franchise provides customer services only in English.


The audience incentive scheme looks extraordinary against the background of other systems used by European bookmakers.

Options of loyalty programs

Brief description

Money for the first deposit

The operation scheme of the system:

  • 50% of the first deposit for the following replenishments of 50–520 dollars;

  • 320 dollars for the deposit of 1 thousand dollars or more;

  • 520 dollars for the deposit of 2 thousand dollars or more.

Wagering is set at a fixed tenfold

Interest repayment

Features of the cashback program:

  • 5% of the burned bet — daily return;

  • 10% — withdrawal once in every week;

  • 15% — monthly cashback;

  • 20% — refund no more than twice a year (during NFL matches)

Transfers without a commission

Users can request a withdrawal of funds without interest (the service is provided once in every month)

The eighth deposit

If a gambler has 7 previously burned deposits, and there are no requests for the withdrawal of money, the operator should replenish the user’s balance at his own expense

Rewards for the express betting

The more events there are in the player's express bet, the larger is the amount of the bonus reward (the maximum indicator is 30% of the size of a bet)

What are the Advantages of the Sportbet Franchise

By concluding a franchise agreement with the American bookmaker, operators receive the following privileges:

  • access to European and North American sales markets;
  • legal work under the sublicence of Costa Rica;
  • a wide range of products (from an interesting sports line to the casino platform);
  • an innovative bonus program (the Sportbet franchise allows you to cut corners on the development of your promotional strategy);
  • prompt customer support (the developer guarantees a high speed of response: up to 5 minutes in chat and by phone and up to 2 hours by e-mail);
  • a wide range of payment channels (including the support for transactions with the use of cryptocurrency);
  • cross-platform interface (the bookmaker's gaming site can be launched on both desktop and mobile platforms).

The Main Things About the Sportbet Software

Sportbet betting franchise

Advantages of concluding a franchise agreement with Sportbet:

  • Brand recognition. The manufacturer is under the sway of the big gambling holding: 5Dimes. Working under the name of a well-promoted brand with an impeccable reputation guarantees stable traffic from the first days of launch.
  • Legal status. When buying a franchise, operators are provided with a sublicence issued in Costa Rica.
  • Market coverage. The bookmaker is well-known in Europe and legally distributes his services in the US.
  • Prompt customer support. The provider offers several round-the-clock communication channels with fast response.
  • Attraction and retention of the target audience. Gamblers receive bonuses for the attraction of new players, cashbacks, rewards for the first deposit, and the ability to withdraw their winnings with no fee charged.
  • Catalogue of solutions. The developer provides a diverse sports line and a wide range of casino games.

To purchase the Sportbet software, please contact Smart Money managers. We guarantee a flexible system of discounts and a fair deal. Our experts offer organisational and legal support. You just have to describe all your wishes, go through the product range, and sign a tripartite agreement.

We also offer turnkey casinos, exclusive content, and a free test version of the platform.

Contact for details:

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist


Check the information used to contact us carefully. It is necessary for your safety.

Fraudsters can use contacts that look like ours to scam customers. Therefore, we ask you to enter only the addresses that are indicated on our official website.

Be careful! Our team is not responsible for the activities of persons using similar contact details.

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