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Updated 24.07.2023

Casino Software GammaStack: Buy a Gaming System of Impeccable Quality

GammaStack gaming software is a modern production that has obtained reputable licensing in the UK and Malta.

Casino software from the GammaStack provider

The headquarters of this enterprise are based in London. It also operates several branches in Delaware, Madrid, and New Delhi. The developer plans to broaden its influence in Europe and actively expand betting rates in North America.

Contact a Smart Money representative and order the producer's original products.

Development of Original Games to Order

You can launch a casino by the GammaStack provider along with copyrighted content. The business group creates bespoke entertainment using the industry's best IT practices, original themes, and out-of-the-box gameplay.

Features of the released software:

Genre diversity

The developer brings to life puzzles, multiplayer fishing, strategy, action, and social solutions.

Great attention is paid to the release of slot machines

Transparent pricing policy

The customer pays only once when they buy the finished product and become its sole owner.

No program fees, royalties, leases or other hidden fees in the pricing chain

Current technological base

GammaStack online casino software is created using JavaScript, Unity, Java, Photon, Phaser and others.

Ready-made entertainment offers a flexible environment, multi-platform design and a high level of security

Well-made backend

The provider maintains an uninterrupted session even on devices with an unstable internet connection.

The user lobby contains options to change currency and language, purchase additional goods, go to the next level, and interact socially

Absolute legality

GammaStack casino slots for sale comply with standards and regulations in selected countries.

The provider takes into account parameters such as age, verification, availability of automatic spins, percentage of bonuses and much more

Modern gameplay

The casino software GammaStack contains up-to-date mathematical algorithms, innovative features, pay tables that are easy to interact with, and an exciting bonus program.

All entertainment components are tested by an independent GLI certification authority

Financial Management and Payment Processing Services

You can order a turnkey casino GammaStack and other products from a multitasking financial aggregator.

Benefits of purchasing a payment module:

  1. Support for popular payment methods. You can replenish game accounts and withdraw funds using bank debit and credit cards, electronic money, mobile operations, and storage vouchers.
  2. Installation of international financial routers. Casino software GammaStack integrates branded programs from companies like Skrill.
  3. Operations with online currencies. The product works well with major cryptocurrencies, including Ripples, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and more. Blockchain transfers are characterised by high speed, anonymity and minimal fees.
  4. Impeccable security. Confidential information is transmitted over secure SSL channels. The financial aggregator has a built-in risk module, which is responsible for additional identification of gamers and their IP addresses, verification of transactions, minimisation of age payments, and security of confidential information.
  5. Comfortable management. The admin panel includes a huge selection of various settings. This is a component with tools for monitoring financial operations in real time, options for controlling transparent accrual and timely cashing out of bonuses.

Development of iGaming Products on the Blockchain

GammaStack Bitcoin casino: development

The enterprise actively uses distributed ledger technology to create proprietary solutions.

Blockchain is a peer-to-peer chain of billions of blocks that store information about already completed and planned transactions. Users can view the data, but they can't change or delete it. Information is protected using cryptographic encryption algorithms, which makes Blockchain the dominant technology in the world.

Let's consider how gambling software by GammaStack is related to distributed registries:

Turnkey Bitcoin Casino

The main feature of the gambling site is transferring crypto money support and a diverse catalogue of Blockchain slots. The base currency is Bitcoin, but transactions can also be made in fiat units, such as US dollars or euros.

Key advantages of the solution:

  1. Easy market entry. The software does not require a licence. Blockchain is a decentralised environment that does not depend on the work of the government, tax authorities, interdepartmental structures, or international banking organisations. The entrepreneur does not need to obtain permits, which significantly reduces the time to market.
  2. Reference safety. The use of Bitcoin provides increased protection against hacking and theft of confidential information. Operators do not need to integrate additional risk control products, identification services and other components.
  3. Support for Fair Play principles. Gamblers trust iGaming projects on the Blockchain since the results of sessions cannot be manipulated. The results of each round are automatically recorded in a peer-to-peer network, and based on the processed data, the program itself calculates the real RTP level. All information is in the public domain.

TON Blockchain

The Telegram Open Network (TON) solution is a universal support system built using the Blockchain. A virtual assistant can be integrated into social media, thus increasing the amount of internet traffic.


  1. Support for popular payment systems. You can make transactions using fiat services (Stripe, Rave from Flutterwave, Yandex.Money, Tranzzo, Payme) and cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Throne, Ether).
  2. Legal advertising. Gambling targeting in Telegram is officially allowed, so the entrepreneur will have no problems attracting a solvent audience from this social network. With the introduction of a virtual assistant, the number of active platforms is increasing: you can bet money in a chat environment and on a gambling resource.
  3. High performance. The program operates terabytes of information to provide a momentary answer to any question. The casino software GammaStack does not contain databases, so it can be stored on international platforms such as Cloud, VPS or Web IDE.

Blockchain Games

The group creates custom entertainment content using modern technologies.

Why it is worth it to launch a casino by the GammaStack provider with Bitcoin goods:

  1. Positive response from gamers. Clients prefer such content due to the transparency of bonuses and prizes. The results of the rounds are pre-encrypted (before the start of the sessions), so it is even theoretically impossible to fake or delete them. All products are based on CPRNG (cryptographic random number generator).
  2. Improved mechanics. The use of Blockchain allows you to move away from traditional 5-reel slots and offer the audience more diverse content. These are action and multiplayer games, puzzles, and arcades. Operators can have branded content on the Blockchain.
  3. Various payment methods. Gamblers can make instant bets in digital currency and also quickly withdraw earned funds. The use of cryptocurrency exempts from high commissions and multi-level identity verification.
  4. Accelerated process. GammaStack casino slots for sale on the Blockchain are a profitable offer for operators. It is not a necessity for the entrepreneur to issue a licence and receive compliance certificates. This speeds up the market entry and first profit.

Ensuring Client Safety: How the Supplier Cares About Its Users

User security takes precedence for the vendor’s team. The specialists ensure it through:

  1. Cutting-edge encryption. State-of-the-art algorithms keep sensitive client data safe, shielding it from unauthorised access and cyber threats.
  2. Secure payment gateways. Trusted settlement partners ensure industry-standard compliance, reducing fraud risks and data breaches.
  3. Strict identity verification. GammaStack’s stringent ID checks deter dishonest activities and underage gaming, promoting a fair and secure approach to entertainment.
  4. Deliberate gambling measures. Replenishment restrictions and self-exclusion options empower users to maintain control, fostering a safe and healthy gaming experience.
  5. Fair play practices. Certified RNGs guarantee unbiased outcomes, providing equal opportunities for all participants.
  6. Robust account defence. Advanced measures like secure login protocols and regular software updates prevent unauthorised access.
  7. Privacy policies. Strict anonymity rules protect client data, adhering to relevant data safety regulations.
  8. Experienced customer support specialists. A dedicated team handles security concerns 24/7, offering prompt and efficient assistance.

By implementing these efficient measures, GammaStack assures unwavering commitment to client protection, allowing punters to enjoy its entertainment titles with peace of mind.

How to Quickly and Inexpensively Launch a Casino by the GammaStack Provider

GammaStack casino: launch options

The developer of branded iGaming solutions suggests profitable collaboration options:

Content API Integration

Online casino provider GammaStack collects author's entertainment from B2B partners and delivers them along with a well-thought-out back office.

An entrepreneur does not need to sign dozens of agreements with software manufacturers, as well as integrate and adapt a gambling resource to new legislative norms. By cooperating with GammaStack, a businessperson saves a lot of time while getting the best gaming solutions.

The GAP platform provides access to products from 50+ manufacturers:

The solution includes a diverse lineup, including slots, arcades, and video poker. The digital product offers personalised settings. These are rotation modes, denomination, volatility, soundtrack, hint system, leaderboards and much more.

You can install the software in just one API session. Data exchange between the operator's site and the manufacturer's server system is based on the secure international HTTP protocol.

White Label Solution

The developer supplies the technical part of the iGaming project, including the catalogue, backend, payment components, and marketing programs. A businessperson can legally operate under a Maltese sublicence, which was previously obtained (first-class master permit) by the company.

When buying gambling software by GammaStack under a White Label agreement, the operator should think about how to brand the gaming portal. It is necessary to work on the design of your site, use your imagination for an attractive name, and buy or rent a domain.

High-Quality Turnkey Software

This is the best pick for a quick start in the gambling industry. Administrators who have chosen the turnkey casino GammaStack will receive a completely ready-to-launch solution.

The product consists of multiple parts:

  • a lineup of digital entertainment;
  • UX interface including gamification elements;
  • back office with multiple functions;
  • money aggregator.

The administrator needs to select the jurisdiction in which it plans to operate and obtain the appropriate permission.

The Main Things about the Supply of the Vendor’s Original iGaming-Products

At Smart Money, you can order premium solutions from the UK-based creator.

Cooperating with us, you get:

  • a variety of gambling goods for online establishments from traditional slot machines to exclusive live games broadcast from land-based complexes;
  • technological software from high-precision financial gateways to multi-level referral services;
  • different interaction models from fast API integration to creating products with gamification elements.

We will help promote the platform and attract a solvent audience.

  • You can consider ready-made casinos, White Label projects, and GAP platforms for game aggregation. They are approved by UK and Malta regulators.
  • The company is known for high-quality custom entertainment development. Everything is adapted to legal regulations, and the users can find a rich selection of in-system settings.
  • The enterprise occupies a leading position in Blockchain product development. This is a ready-made casino with the option of paying in cryptocurrency, a proprietary TON Blockchain chatbot, Bitcoin slots and much more.

Get in touch with us to clarify the details and place an order.

Hans Adrian

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist

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